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  • Mogethin. Like any typical Yapese, I'm here to read, while I chew...if I happen to say something, don't mind me.
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  • Death to all whites! The great revolution is upon us!.
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  • why?
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  • errr
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  • Cali life boii I'm feeling the burn lol.
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  • Pohnpien guy shot Ngtrikese woman and her brother in California minutes ago.
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  • In climate debate there is no mention of our planet's declining ability to support photosynthesis; THE primary process that moderates our planet’s chemistry. The belief that problems associated with human caused changes in our planet’s chemistry can be addressed by monetizing carbon dioxide without addressing our planet's declining ability to sequester carbon and produce free oxygen is delusional. (Carbon Credits)

    A two percent reduction in ocean dissolved oxygen * is a significant and foreboding revelation of how Homo Sapiens is impacting planetary chemistry. We are affecting the temperature and pH of our oceans and this in turn affects a lynch pin family of life called phytoplankton. It is this lifeform most responsible for sequestering carbon and producing free oxygen. This family of life is made up of a variety of photosynthesizing species and is the largest source of photosynthesis on our planet, by far; and the rate of photosynthesis defines the rate of both carbon sequestration and O2 production.

    Prior to the Anthropocene photosynthetic production of O2 was in near equilibrium with weathering and biological consumption. I will suggest that O2 consumption and CO2 production is now much higher than photosynthetic O2 production and CO2 sequestration. This has resulted in a 2 percent decrease in ocean dissolved oxygen; in just 50 years?

    The ocean and atmosphere are chemically interdependent and move towards thermal and chemical equilibrium.

    Pressure plays an important role in both the rate of gas exchange and equilibrium concentration between a gas and a liquid. When looking at our planet, we could impact the ocean – atmosphere gas exchange rate and gas equilibrium concentrations without changing the gas species ratio of the envelope. This caused by the gas to liquid/solid mass exchange that occurs when O2 and N2 are taken out of the atmosphere and incorporated into a heavier than air compounds. If we have converted large quantities of O2 and N2 into heavier than air compounds then we would also be changing the partial pressures of the constituent gasses by changing the pressure component as well as the mass fraction. The question here is again scale; hopefully it won’t look as bleak as a 2 percent decrease in ocean dissolved O2.

    Reference to two percent reduction * --

    “Phytoplankton Population Drops 40 Percent Since 1950”

    The most concerning thing about this is that most people have no idea what this means. Well here it is plain and simple. Unless these trends are reversed; it means the extinction of our species.

    A 40 percent reduction in the population of an organism that produces 50 percent of the oxygen extrapolates to a 20 percent reduction in oxygen production and proportional decrease in carbon sequestration.

    Unless we find a way to regenerate the fundamental natural processes that support our planet’s biome there is no future for our progeny. It is that simple.
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  • MrNobody905

    The crazy lunatic who spews garbage.A pseudo historian/scientist that claims to know things about Origins or Micronesian culture and history.

    Lol gtfoh.
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  • ok bos
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  • Iamsorry
    George deserved it.
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  • Fsm scholarships

    Anyone know how I could apply for any fsm scholarships?
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  • Reaper
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    the constitution doesn't prevent any religion from establishing in our islands. but this is destroying our lovely families. very soon we will have people killing each other just like what is happening in the middle east between palestines and Israelites.
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  • Northern Namoneas Candidates to House of Rep.2019.
    Ra fakkun busy onokowe incumbent me Minafon Candidate non ei fansoun ach fitu ran me mwen ewe fansoun utut.

    Non ach sia kokoton me asusu fetanin ekkei chon sa, iwe iei met sia kuna.

    Nouch kewe Incumbent:

    1. Amafen Rep. Bernie Killion
    2. Amafen Rep. Wisney Nakayama
    3. Amafen Rep. Sephet William
    4. Amafen Rep. Petewon Jesse William
    5. Amafen Rep. Keswick Matus

    1. Rev. Junior Nomau
    2. Pwipwi seni Fono( Amusana use chemeni itom)
    3. Mr. Johnny Robert
    4. Mr. Larry Fiti
    5. Mr. Ia Ueda.
    6. Fumy Jr. Shirai
    Iwe sia pun mi wor chon tutungor ren Write-In Vote ren Mr. Daniel Suda.Jr. me Mr. Peter Simao Sangaw.

    Sia nuku pwe meinisin ekkei Candidates pochokun, usun chok ekkewe incumbent. Nge susun pun emon minafo epwe tonong nge emon minen nom epwe tou.. Ren foufoun aramas sisap pwan fonguni itan nge iei usun , emon seni Kokumi epwe tonong nge emon seni Nikumi epwe tou.

    Kepwan efich
    Kepwan oput.
    January 2019 Comment
  • Rastaman
    Go Facebook and enter micsem forum and you will find Alfred sru. He is either Redsnapper or err or visafree. He is a old man yet he talks like a he is in pre teens.
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  • yamunaloans joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
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  • Standford university student finally!!!
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  • Till next time Micronesian forum Mr.Nobody signing off.Bal lo yok.

    (I'll return.One day).
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  • kap
  • North West islands are desperate for a fair service of our ships.

    Just the beginning of this month, Navigator was scheduled to service to our islands in the North West, announcement has been made and people were already booked their goods and purchased their tickets. The ship was at the dock ready for a good weather to load, but then the order came from the National Government that ,on that very day the ship will immediately leave for Yap to house the athletes for the Micro Game. The ship surely left and the poor people were staring from the dock. They have spent all their money, thinking next day they will be on their islands and eat free food.

    Sadly, transco department is making an announcement to charge their goods if it's exit the days. To me, it should not be them to pay. They have already purchased ticket and pill of lading . Therefore, transco should charge national government.

    Now voyager is at the dock and is only schedule to Onou to drop off medicine n to pni
    August 2018 Comment
  • Christianity was a mistake.
    July 2018 Comment
  • caicai2017
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  • MrNobody905
    You're assumption that Navigation died out in Micronesia is completely flawed by a hundred miles. They're still around. The Yapese(Grandmaster Mau Pialiug) broke the ancient code of secrecy to the world and helped the Polynesians regain their dead tradition that was lost by colonialism/Christianity. Today almost all of Polynesian wayfinding is heavily based off the Yapese star compass. The people of Lollelaplap(Modern RMI) on the other hand still have theirs as well. But you will find articles of our stick charts that intrigues the science community. That's just one of many techniques we possess as the others are highly safeguarded. There are group of youths who are going to preserve it (With the permission of the Rimeto (ocean people)clan.) so that it wouldn't be lost. Same goes for other cultural traditions not just in Marshall but throughout Micronesia.

    July 2018 Comment
    • MrNobody905
      From what I went through on your discussions&comments it's clear to everyone that you're not an expert on either Archaeology or Anthropology. You're more into the conspiracy and false information side of things. Sorry to have said that but it's true.
    • MrNobody905
      And you're a book writer I see.Saw one of your reply on this discussion.Good luck rewriting history with your fictional lies.

      I too am a fellow author currently writing several books myself on the actual History&culture of Microensia.I'll race you to it :).Best of luck Mr/Mrs History rewriter.
    • MrNobody905
      Another thing.For the love the dwindling greatness of this planet.Stop buying into that "Lumeria(MU)" nonsense.Scientifically impossible to prove its existence.Micronesians&Polynesians decended from Southeast Asia.Culturally and genetically.PERIOD.
    • MrNobody905
      Lol the more I read into your comments I'm starting to think that you're a delusional individual.Your remarks towards my ancestors however have pulled more than one nerve.Marshallese culture maybe ignored but there are people like me taking action to preserve it.Which is working.I'm already preserving the navigation.You know...the one where you said my ancestors weren't "professed" in.Only a jealous ignorant nobody would say this.Don't continue to make your kinsmen look dumb on here.Chuuks aren't much compared to the Marshallese.Countless discussions and comments others have proved you wrong such as my fellow countrymen.So why continue to bash us?.Our history&culture is far older.Either accept that or continue to spew bs.Marshallese ways isn't dying as you've said.We're beginning to preserve them all.We're the best navigators but I'm not going to boast of such accmplishments.

      And don't compare us I the Polys because there aren't shit to us as well.Most of their society doesn't succeed above a thousand years of culture and history.
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