Welcome to the New MicSem Forum Discussion

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Welcome to the new MicSem forum discussion, temporarily located at: It will eventually be loacted at http://micsem.org/forum, once we fully migrate to our new server.

We're in the process of getting used to the new format, but there are some clear advantages to it that are worth mentioning:

(1) Archived Discussions. Through this forum we will have the ability to permanently archive discussions. The discussions can be organized by theme, and won't need to be deleted to save space.

(2) Indexed Searched. As discussions grow visitors have the ability to search discussions by keywords. Searches can also be made according to user (all posts by user 'micsem', for example), as well as within individual discussion categories.

(3) Categories. We can organize discussions by category (education, elections, etc.), so that not all discussions take place within one string.

(4) User Names. By asking people to register we can prevent the spam postings we couldn't keep up with on the old forum. Registration is mandatory in order to post messages, but messages can be viewed by any visitor, without registration. We aren't using real names for registration, and have the ability (if needed) to confirm users via e-mail authentification. In other words, NO MORE SPAM!

We'd love to get your feedback as we continue to migrate to this new discussion format, so please feel free to respond with thoughts and suggestions.

The MicSem Team


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