Latest Updates on Yap/Kosrae elections

edited November 2006 in General
I am very disappointed that for those of us living abroad, we have yet to learn of the latest results of the Kosare and Yap elections. The FSM Gov't web page or the FSMPIO is not putting up any updates. What is causing this lack of insensitivity to our needs? Perhaps, it is high time for the President to look into the work of his Information office, which I understand is headed by a female. There is definitely lack of productivity which may be hurting the President himself as he tries to explain the accomplishments that his administration has done during the past 3 and half years.

Public information is critical considering that a lot of us living abroad and still wish to know the daily developments of our islands. If some people in the gov't can't do their jobs, my god, what's the difficulty in replacing these people. It has been almost two weeks since the last published unofficial and partial results of these elections were posted in this forum and not the President's web page which is paid by the people. At least you folks should be more discreet in your abuse of public funds. You have a publically financed web page that containts too much old news and garbage.
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