Congratulations to FSM Olympic Team

The following was reported on the FSM website this morning:

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSMNOC): July 12, 2012 -
The Federated
States of Micronesia will be sending six athletes to this year's Olympic
Games competing in Weightlifting, Swimming, Athletics (track and field)
and, just announced, in Wrestling. The 2012 Olympic Games are from July
27 to August 12, 2012 in London, England. The FSM National Olympic
Committee and FSM Wrestling Association were notified by the
International Olympic Committee (IOC) and International Wrestling
Association (FILA) that Keitani Graham, FSM male Greco-Roman Wrestler
from Chuuk State received a late Tripartite Commission invitation to
compete in the London 2012 Olympic Games. This is outstanding news for
the development of Wrestling in the FSM and is a great honor for Graham.
He has now returned to Hawaii to train and will arrive to London on
July 24. His coach is Larry Uwelar from Yap State.

Over 10,000 athletes from 205 countries will participate in 28 sports
in the London 2012 Olympic Games. The FSM sports delegation will
include 6 athletes (Manuel Minginfel, Debra Daniel, Kerson Hadley, John
Howard, Mihter Wendolin and Keitani Graham), 6 coaches (Ron Etshceit,
Sweeter Daniel, Rendy Germinaro, George Steven, Lestly Ashby and Larry
Uwelar), 1 Chef de Mission (Ted Rutun), 1 doctor (Dr. Felix Yomai), 1
Press Attaché (Marcellus Akapito), and FSM National Olympic Committee
(FSMNOC) President and Secretary General (Berney Martin and Jim Tobin).

The FSM athletes will be competing on the following dates and times (London time):

Manuel MINGINFEL - male - Weightlifting - 62kg men's - 2.30pm 30 July;

Kerson HADLEY - male - Swimming - 50m free style prelim - 10.00am 02 August;

Debra DANIEL - female - Swimming - 50m free style preliminary - 10.00am 03 August;

Mihter WENDOLIN - female - Athletics - 100m women's preliminary - 10.45am 03 Aug;

John HOWARD - male - Athletics - 100m men's preliminary - 10.00am 04 August; and

Keitani GRAHAM - male - Greco-Roman Wrestling - 84kg division qualifications - 1.00pm 06 August.

For the first time ever, the FSM National Olympic Committee has sent
the 2 FSM swimmers (Daniel and Hadley) and 2 FSM runners (Wendolin and
Howard) and one coach (Germinaro) to a pre-Olympic Games training camp.
The FSM group arrived to Liverpool, England on June 11 and will remain
at the camp for 6 weeks prior to moving into the Olympic Games Village
in London on July 23. The FSM swimmers and runners will be trained by
world-class English coaches from the NW England region. This should
greatly improve their results in the 50-meter free style and 100-meter
dash at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The FSM National Olympic
Committee applied and received a 25,000 pound pre-games training camp
grant from the London Olympic Games Organizing Committee (LOCOG) to fund
the majority of the costs of the FSM training camp. The International
Olympic Committee (IOC) funded the airfare costs.

Minginfel has been training full-time since February at the Oceania
Weightlifting Institute in New Caledonia. In June, he qualified on his
own merit for the London 2012 Olympic Games by winning the men's 62kg
category at the 2012 Oceania Weightlifting Championships in Samoa. He
was the only lifter at the Championships who qualified on his own merit
and was awarded the Best Overall Lifter trophy. Minginfel will be
traveling with Paul Coffa, his institute coach and mentor, along with
other Pacific island lifters from New Caledonia to London on July 24.

The FSMNOC also supported Keitani Graham, FSM male wrestler from
Chuuk State, in his bid to qualify for the Olympic Games in Wrestling.
For over one year, Graham trained full time in Honolulu with some of the
best USA wrestlers. He competed in numerous continental and world
Olympic wrestling qualifiers in Australia, Morocco, China and Finland.
On June 23, Graham received a last minute Tripartite Commission
invitation to compete in the Olympic Games. For the past three Olympic
Games (Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Athens 2004 Olympic Games and Beijing
2008 Olympic Games) the FSM had sent only 5 athletes to compete in
Weightlifting, Swimming and Athletics. The London 2012 Olympic Games
will be the first time the FSM has sent 6 athletes, and the first
Olympic Games the FSM has competed in Wrestling. Daniel and Minginfel
all received 2-year $28,000 London Olympic Games Athlete scholarships,
more than another National Olympic Committee received in the region.

The FSMNOC, with funding support from the IOC, is working with FSM
Telecommunications Corporation to live television broadcast the London
Olympic Games on Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae, from a feed from SkyTV
of New Zealand.

Congratulations to all participants!


  • thanks for posting, good luck to your olympians....hope u all endure success and bring us  medals.
  • It should be noted that this will be Minginfel's 4th Olympic Game...Great!

    And congrats to the rest of the team.

  • Cant wait to see them during the opening ceremony :)image
  • So wonderful. excited to watch. get the children to watch and be excited about sport. go team!!!!
  • Good luck everyone 
  • Pray and hope that they will bring something back from London. 
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    The 50m Freestyle men's swimming will be on Aug.2. Kerson Hadley from Pohnpei FSM and Harris Giordan from the Marshall Islands will represent our region. There appears to be 55 swimmers in this event and according to my own tabulation of each athlete's qualifying time, Kerson is ranked 42 of 55 and Harris, 45 of 55. Both are swimming in the 25-second range. The World Record and Olympic Record are 20.91s and 21.30s respectively. 
  • Good to know that. Are somewhere in London WaJm? Please keep reporting.
  • What you want to say WaJm?
  • edited July 2012

    I was going to say that I am not in London. I Just like to complie stats, one of my favorite hobbies.

    Anyway, our weightlifter, Mingifel should be up soon (8:00 P.M. 30July, Pohnpei time). He and Palau weightlifter Stevick Patris are among 15 competitors in thier weight class. They are placed in B group (7 of them). The 8 in A group are currently ranking higher. China and North Korea are the favorites. Their top guys are lifting (combined total of snatch and clean & jerk) about 80 pounds heavier than Minginfel. Our guy should place in the 7th to 10th place...but hope for better placement.

  • "their" typo

  • Awesome, keep up.

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    Out of 15, our guys from FSM & Palau came in 10th and 14th respectively. Manuel lifted 127kg in the snatch and 158kg in the C&J, a total of 285kg, better than his qualifying lift of 280kg. Hey that's not bad for a guy weighing only 137 pounds to lift a combined weight of 628 pounds (280lb snatch & 348 C&J). Just for comaprison (to Manuel) in the C&J, if you weigh 180 pounds try and lift 9 sacks of 50-pound rice. 

  • Thanks WaJm for the updates...i like the comparison...makes it easier for lazy minds like
  • God knows How i feeel right now

    i cant not explain how proud i feel right now!

    thank you for doing this for fsm. my pray& bless will be with you guys all time..

    OMG im speechless ....and i can not stop praking about you guys. ..i have faith that you guys can do it..

    to the girls the queen of FSM GOOD luck out there. enjoy yall time and know watching over you guys.

    Kaitani ENnnet Ennet Ai tong NGonuk! lol..


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