the end of Pohnpei Island Central School?.

what's this talk of the closing down of the legendary PICS High School in POHNPEI,FSM???


  • Consider that a rumor without no legitimate support, legal or otherwise, whatsoever. What is true is that from FY 2014 and onward, there will be no more funding for the lunch program.  Only boarding students will be provided meals.
  • The very reason why, the Elementary School Lunch program was debated upon when the Governor of Pohnpei met decided to extend it to the elemerary schools without conforming to the established Law for the school lunch program. Now, if what Nahnihd posted is true school lunch program would be saionara!

  • Yes, my info comes directly from OIA Recommendations for FY 2014. Why such a drastic step without prior notice, it's anyone's guess. The looming question is, how will the Governor continue the lunch program he promised to the voters given that the source of funding (Secondary & Early Childhood Funds) will no longer be available for this unlawful use?
  • Nahnihd;

    Appreciate the information you shared. If you have access to the OIA, please do keep us posted. I do not know about you but I see a huge storm looming ahead. We should all be prepared.

  • I was aware that soon the PICS will have no more funding for lunch. That was what I tried to tell the parents of the students at the market but they insisted on this shutting down of PICS why i can hardly believe. Nett district is currently planning on building their own high school, if that is true. What's going to happen to the other students from UH,Sokehs,Kolonia and the outer islands? It'd be better if it's just a rumor..
  • it would be a wrong move to close down pics high, why not do forlough on some dept. you know education is very important for today and tomorrow for our wow
  • don't know about the funding of lunch program. The reason why they are closing down PICS of BOHS is because of the teachers poor performances. So they set up a one week workshop. PICS is one of the top notch school around the FSM. Correct me if i'm wrong. Neways, back to the point: The workshop is to help the teachers that are having hard-times creating their lesson plans that will accordingly match to their standards and benchmarks. What i mean is that, if you are a teacher, you should balance all the formations of your main subject based upon the standards and benchmarks that will help you guide through the subject you are teaching. I believe that the school will not close down until further notices from the board and the director of Education. I may not know all the board members but, i believe that they are trying their best to keep the high school from shutting down. Kaselehlie maingko
  • teachers yes, that's one of the reasons they think pics should be closed downso i heard, i say change the teachers,as there won't be any locals to sub, get the cheap Filipinos temporarily..juz joking..but really i hope something can be done to avoid this. i am a pics alumni and it would be really sad to see it disappear like PATS
  • i agree Buttercup, the teachers don't care about students. For now if a student goes to class then good for him/her and if a student don't go to class that's their fault/choice. My mom says that back in her high school days in PIC'S the teachers were caring and make sure NO students cut class or fail. I don't think the school should close down, The government should hire teachers who cares for the future and well being of the students. Most of them just teach for the sake of getting paid. I've seen a lot of PICS students cutting class nowadays, this never happened even my high school days. Hope our government take this into consideration because education is very important and not all parents can afford to get their kids to private schools. Some parents have more than 2 children, lets 5,7 or maybe more. So PICs which is " free" closes down, then only private schools are left. It's sad PATS has gone, but now PICs?? So if it closes and image those maybe hundreds of students not going to school. This will turn out chaotic these kids might become thiefs or probably worst. Education enlightenes and help keep kids away from these kinds of things, help them to be better people, citizens...
  • Gentlemen, aren't we moving away from the main point of the thread? Initially, it was about PICS not being able to feed the students which linked with the outlaw elementary school lunch program. I am surprised that we have reached the teachers and that Nett is building their own high school. The Teahers are appropriate for the cirricullum provided them. And if Nett is building its own high school that will help lift the governments burden of accommodating all the student from U, Kolonia and Sokehs. I don't know about you but this is positive for all of us.
  • Oaloang, no need to get all smart and sarcastic now in here, My thread was never about elementary school lunch programs. You yourself brought that to the table. As for the PICS lunch budget cuts, Nahnihd mentioned it as the real truth to PICS issue. Lakirduz mentioned the problem with the teachers at PICS which relates to the thread. So my friend, there is nothing wrong with members of this forum to voice their ideas even if it does not relate to my thread but at least it relates to PICS not elementary school lunches.
    THANK YOU!:)
  • and Nett building schools? perhaps there's some postiveness in it, but that's more government expenses right there. let's say it's true that Education don't have budget for PICS lunches, then where will the budget for building a new high school comes from?
  • Exactly, so your point in the rumor of having PICS close down is absolutely false. There is not a single mention of it at the higher echelons of the government.
  • And yes, there weren't any classes for the entire week (last week) due to teachers' workshop... This may be the source of the rumor. With respect to Nett having a secondary school, consider it a rumor as well. 
  • Fully agree with you all especially our friend Nanihd for sharing the truth about this very event. Anyways, I do believe we shouldn't compare PICS to PATS because they both have seperate anglers or backbones. For instance, PATS was a private High School not as PICs who is a government property. Like others have said, it will be a serious issue that will strap the neck of our leaders to must do something about it. All I heard from the Director of Education is that the break was necessary to do some internal upgrades among PICS staff and administration and think this is very good if that is to fix the loopholes they saw needed immediate attention by the department of education watchers and keepers. Thhis is from one of the graduate of only high school in this life time. So, let's all try to see where we can help to make this legendary school stands still in these difficult times. Cheers! 
  • Say all want about PICS but PICs stay as is, no matter what. The closing of PICS as some of you were alluded to will never, never, become a reality. I just checked the info background and all posts regarding the aforementioned turn out to be unsubstantiated. As a matter of fact PICS high school in Pohpei FSM made the President's list of one of the prestiges Academic Learning Institution in the Federation. Kalangan, from Key West FL.
  • Say all want about PICS but PICs stay as is, no matter what. The closing of PICS as some of you were alluded to will never, never, become a reality. I just checked the info background and all posts regarding the aforementioned turn out to be unsubstantiated. As a matter of fact PICS high school in Pohpei FSM made the President's list of one of the prestiges Academic Learning Institution in the Federation. Kalangan, from Key West FL.
  • sure did Aisek...tell em!...PICS all da way! unfortunately, em teachers MUST shape up...proof that PICS is worthy high school...come on Teachers, be breezy!..hahahh
  • PICS high is back on norm business so this case is closed. comprende?

  • Buttercup.

    Getting smart in here is never my intention. i just wanted to point out since you touched on  the PICS lunch program that should this be the case, it is linked with the Elementary School Lunch program. Now that what you threaded has proven to be a rumor, we should just drop it and address other important issues that are not rumor based. And If I were you I would be a little  more open and accommodating to responses. After all you brought about the RUMOR!


  • Oalong,
    you are indeed perhaps by intention talking smart in here. I know it is a rumor and i just want to clarify it with my fellow micsem members. Little do i know that you're going to judge so lightly. i did not brought the lunch issue. one of the members did and i don't see anything wrong with it. you somehow is trying to dig a hole on purpose maybe, i don't know what. don't you see me trying to respond to comments? OMG, i rest my case! please i beg you, don't drag this away from what the purpose of what the thread is.Have a good day my friend:)
  • This is water under the bridge so no need to dwell and argue over minor misunderstandings...The State is currently facing major shortfall on scholarship funds. It appears that our Department of Education had somehow over awarded grants to students, thus many students abroad may be financially apwalada. Ih peidek, dah me kak elehda ohpis wo en kak wia mwekid kopwuriamwei wet?

  • Well, Buttercup, I will not rebut what you said about me and let's be  in good terms. I reciprocate your sentiments.

  • Nahnihd,
    ire kopwuriamwei iou men pwa oh pwung rehmw dahme elehda soangen komwokid wo? ahpw sto pahn kapweipwei...wasa koaros mehkot me pid mwohni sapwsapwung ansou koaros ah ia mwomwen dih en mwuhr ka mehlel neitail serih ka?
  • Me pwung rehmwi pwah e Buttercup, wewehki kitail sohsohpai ih apwal nan rahn pwukat? A ia inou kan me irail weliepetail kan kin wia ni ansou me re kin kampeinki ni ansou me re kin run ohpis lapakan? Most of the times they said they will build a good future for our future generations but where is that? Are we really doing things for our state or nationals futures generations or are we benefiting our own futures generations. Which one are we? 




  • Being a gradute of PICS, I am deeply concerned about such rumors. What is misleading is the fact that during all the Governor's press conferences, he is always talking about his ability to sustain our operations in spite of  the fact that Compact funding is being decreased. The public would never believe anyone else until things actually happen. Let's revisit the statment "Pohnpei Met". Literally, it means right now and there is never a later or tomorrow. I am afaid that when things really fall out of place or comes the end of this Administration, the excuse would be  "Pohnpei Met". Meaning Now and not Tomorrow.

  • Y'all can shut up now.  PICS is back to normal and school has now resumed.
  • Led Zeppelin.

    Good that are sarcastic about this this PICS rumor indicating your position in all that is going on within Pohnpei met. If I may, I would suggest that you carefully evaluate our status quo because we have never experienced the things that are going on in Pohnpei. First, the Governor's non stop off-island travels, the World Part project, the Five Star Hotel project, the Micro-Glory that never got its dry docking reguirements, the School Lunch program that continue to burdens the government, the reversed Emergency Orders, the lost case with Luen Dai, the Airline from Korea that the PPA invested a chunck of our monies as advised by the Governor, PUC EIG issues, Ousting of the PUC General Manager that had done significant improvements to the PUC, the New General Manager of the PUC that had a lot to do with what happened to the PUC's financial woes, the lost learning hours the students at PICS missed and the rumor that comes October 2013, PICS would stop providing lunches for days students but only the boarding students, non stop payroll advances not to mention the pounched government payroll checks that happened last year.

    I will swallow you shutting us off but would wait whatever else your side throw at our people of Pohnpei.

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