Seperate or unseperate micronesia

Do you think kosrae,chuuk,pohnpei and yap should be better off seperated?? Not like seperated but like how palau and marshall island are not part of micronesia branch!! Because i really believe that the marshall island and palau have better economy then the four useless micronesian states!!



  • Useless ???? Really ??? What makes yhu say useless states ???? Tell me !! I really sure do wanna knw !!!
  • microaxen, you should not say four useless states. We tried, but it did not work as we thought it would. So perhaps this time we'll try something different. Each state will independently handle all of its affairs without going through another step. Our resources may be limited to each one of the states. Chuuk and Kosrae may have been a burden to Pohnpei, as always been the claim. While on the other hand, Kosrae, with its small population may rise up quickly with whatever meager financial resource they may lay their hands on (per capita).

    Pohnpei, as we can all see, has all its basic infrastructure, and perhaps, the revenue base to sustain its economy. Its population is just right to share that. And Yap is in the process of hosting one of the largest resort in this area, which could overwhelm their island with WEALTH?

    And finally, Chuuk can be left alone and from there we can start digging into the grounds either for our own graves or for survival.

    I go for four different autonomous entities, entirely independent off each other.
  • Micronesia has done nothing to make the economy better but to depend on uncle sam!! The reason why i say this is because its like they dont trust each other!!
  • No, FSM would be so much better if all the four states gets together and Work
  • First of all If you have the right Leaders to do their job right from the beginning then maybe all four different Islands won't have a problem to begin with.Some Islands may depend on Uncle Sam for help which they do..but for the right cause.and then we not trusting eachother of course that happens cause with what's going on with the Government and the Senate and the so called Leaders who's suppose to be helping their Islands are pocketing the money instead of doing right. so maybe when it comes to voting season then maybe everyone should look back and see the diference of which Governorment, Senator, and Chiefs, or Leaders for the past years the went by did right for their Islands. cause no matter what you all say or what you post it will repeat itself over and over let's move on to the next important topic shall we..try reading some news regarding How Palau's President is taking care of his own people.. just saying..God Bless... O:-)
  • Im pretty sure yhur saying this becuz yhur island is a damn metropolis ??? Am i right ??? First of all we dnt talk if we dnt have all la dat !! So im guessin yhu nd yhur island where ever yhu is from has high rising buildings nd the latest car model yeh ?? Lol
  • Folueisomw,

    Sigh i wish what u have said became true but its really a poor man in the street(not teasing).
  • Ohkayyyy !!! Our islands are just all the same !! We all have the same thing, the same struggle nd same suffering.... So what basically is it yhu trying to say ?? Sorrii if am not gettin to where ever yhu are......
  • I think he wants people of the other 3 states(kosrae,yap,chuuk) to acknowledge that without pohnpei they will be nothing. But without the three states will pohnpei be something?
  • Why not all Micro isands unite and become the United Islands of Microesia... Just an
  • We had better thing to do with the monies we were receiving like building our infrastructure, and making our economy better....
    It's been like 40 years now... What have yall gained as so much with the money yall received?
  • ...and both are doing better than FSM, socially and economically!
  • Hi friends! lemme say something that we all wanted but it has been the obsticle ever since the born of FSM entity. If all the FSM leaders down to each individual of each states do the right thing I mean spent uncle Sam's money as it supposed to, surely would not necessiate the hinge to even consider separation of the states 
  • Never gonna happened...well it did happened it was called TTPI,but the Money creedy Marshallese decided that it was best to keep all the money that was going into kwajelien and money from the bombs to them self and went their own way,then the copycats in Palau copied them.
       Labwebwe the TTPI broke off cuz each district decided for what its better for district and their people, and so the marshallese knew that it will be better for them be off from the rest of the district and that we believe that we can seth the course for our destiny...Second, We  are the ones that generate more money into the TTPI trust fund and that our the marshall islands put more money in and the rest just put contribute little of it and when they every district took their shares everyone as the same amount..Which is not fare at all and is just like we rent a apartment and I pay the rent while you guys pay the small bills which is not fair..Our leaders proposed a bill that we could get little more of the share then the other district cuz we put more then the others,and the resolution was veto by all the districts in TTPI...So, our leaders felt that it wasn't fair and decided that it will be  better if that Marshallese broke off form the rest of the TTPI...Same with the Palauan they felt and did the same we did....Look at FSM right now, and how they always have alots of differences and uncommon situation within their government.. its because of every states wants better for their states and people. If look at it FSM has the better potential then the Marshall Islands and Palau in economically and inferstruture...Why..? They had every potential such as marine resources and agriculture's and tourism and more.... But the question is why their not better of from what their now.? In my own opinion I think is because of their problem of their example is I heard alot with the pohnpeian that they the one that generate revenue into the trust fund and I heard they say how chuuk get more money out of th trust fund but put into it... Or I also heard how other states says that the trust fund revenue is swallowed up in pohnpei and all these little things..Well, this is probably how the Marshall islands and Palau think during the TTP but is just my own opinion though..
  • why cant we all just be peacefull ?


  • separation will lead to can our tiny islands survive by themselves?image
  • I agree, Bull02.  Separation would lead to disaster. Since 1986, the brave attempt by Palau and the RMi and the FSM to develop as viable sovereign nations has been an interesting experiment. But without massive financial support from large countries like the U.S., most of it ending in 2023, do these three countries really have a viable future? Maintaining national, state, and local governments is expensive. Employees expect to be paid.  Providing health care and education and infrastructure is even more expensive. Will local revenues and trust fund monies be enough?  Or should we look at other options?
  • Given the general perception on Palau and MRI, without Chuuk however, the two nations may not function well given Chuuk is the most populated state in Micro and by that it generate more revenue than other states. You need Chuuk whether you know it or not, and u be dumb if you doubt Chuuk!!  Chuuk will survive without you, Mark my word.
  • microexaen,

    my comments may not qualify to answer your question. I think all answers would not satisify you. On the other part of your question, I may say no. And on the other side of it is yes. This would totaly depend on many is the total area of the states, which will include the land and its water. available resources in its states will be another factor. and who and how to run the government is another factor.

    Looking back at the report from the Trust Territory Government to the  UN Trusteeship council. It was clearly indicated that Micronesia possessed lots of undevelop resources.

    Two of the fastest develop resources are, one is the use of Kuwaj. Atoll,  and the other one was the proposed use of Palau, by one of the oil rich nation in Europe. These were clearly known during the negotiation of the proposed Micronesian government. These may be lead to the separation of RMI and RPI.

    I think the RMI is better of now cause of Kuwaj. Paulau is better of cause they shook up all of the remaining money for infrastructure during the TT, and the term of their compact was with secured funding is another factor of the progress in Palau.

    The main problem in FSM is that we deviate the proposed use of the compact funding with infrastructure projects that are not in the scope of our development plans.

    To make it short, who's benefited of not developing  the undeveloped  recources for FSM? To developed the marine resources, don't you think that it may attract outside company to come in and do it for us, to start with? If it's US, that ok. But should it be other nation, I t.hink it may altar the exclusive access use of the water way by US. How about give US the exclusive use and management of the undeveloped marine resources with the concurrence of the affected government. All other users have to be dealt with both FSM and US government to protect the security pact.
  • Without Uncle Sam and donations/grants from other countries, all of us (RMI, Palau & FSM) will be fishing in canoes and doing subsistence farming, and wearing grass skirts...eheheheh.

    For FSM, I said let's beg (negotiate with) Uncle Sam to give us 20 more years of Compact, but this time we'll go our separate ways, like RMI and Palau. We have tried staying together for the last 27 years and it does not work. Let's try something different...I'm for working and living together in peace....but this experiment (FSM) is not two cents.  
  • microxaen.

    Appreciates you starting this thread as the discussion of it would intensified as we approach the 2023 Compact 2 completion. I am sure with all our experiences of our status quo, there won't be any question that the answer would eventully surfaced and help in our preparations of what to do.


  • We don't need another 20 years of Compact, we need to develop not only our economies but also courage and faith in ourselves in order to reap the bounty of our seas.  The EEZ is our only hope and future and we should seriously start planning around it. It is our only safety net after the Trust Fund, there is simply nothing else that is as viable as fishing our EEZ. 

    In addition to fishing our own EEZ, we should seperate all four states into individual State Republics and enter into treaty with each other similar to PNA arrangment so we can criss cross back and forth into each other's EEZs to fish the most abundant and lucrative tuna species - Skipjack. 

    Each seperate State Republic will be free to focus on its own local economies and government which will create a less BUREAUCRATIC hurdles creating a more streamlined and efficient government and society. As a region, we can continue to be united just as we've always been, but as Republics, our differences will be our strengths not weaknesses.

    We should not put all our bets on the Trust Fund because after it, there is no safety net. Seriously fishing our EEZ is our only safety net but the problem is that we have not yet put this safety net in place.  Rather than waiting until we deplete the Trust Fund, we should start reinvesting part of the fishing licensing fee into fishing our EEZ. 

    Absolutely no more Compact of Free Association.  It would be in our national interest to be free and independent republics because right now, we're not really free, we're still subservient and beholden to JEMCO and the US Government's whims.
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  • If Palau can do it why can't other Micronesian islands do the same. In fact, look at what Palau is doing to their EEZ (small ocean) srrounds it? It seems that they have thought of something that I see is very wise to do.

    First, they banned foreigners to do commercial fishing within its EEZ jurisdiction.  

    Second, they still allow locally owned home based and citizens to enjoy the fish that roam into their water.

    Third, this thought opens the eyes of the ocean species lovers luring them to the world's largest sea creatures sanctuary.

    Fourth, they have sought and believe that with little EEZ it has compare to FSM or RMI, they rather enjoy what they have and most importantly get more greens from having to give the developed and much much more advance in harvesting fish from its EEZ.

    I do not know how long will it take this idea to come to full blown revenue or what it believes to provide, but one thing for sure that they know that continue to get a piece of the pie (VDS) vessel day scheme thing will never get them where they want to be.

    So, yes, separation of FSM states will surely cause unease at first step but without sacrifice and forcus on the future outcome is necessary in order to achieve each nation's goal ultimately. Only thinking this way. Cheers.. 

    :)>- :)>-
  • micsemer...I agree with you but we need the Compact, like Marshal and Palau. Each State or Country (Confederated States of Chuuk, The Democratic Republic of Senyavin Islands, Peoples Republic of the Sleeping Lady, and the Western Empire of Waab) maintain it's own compact with Uncle Sam for another 20 years, we need his money.

    Like you guys, I see Palau and Marshals as good examples....When separate we can not blame anyone else for squandering our resources. If Pohnpei goes down we'll go down on our own, we won't drag anybody down with us...same with the other states.  
  • Sound nice in black and white but in reality?
  • Kalahngan en komwi maing Puller. That is exactly what I have in mind and thanks again for vouching on that perception. All we need to do is convince our other sister states people from top to bottom that if we want to try something else try considering dismantalation of the federation in a positive thinking by understanding the sacrifices and pain and above all the heavy burdon of work and effort will be needed to reach what each states like to see. Like one ethic or native one major language one custom one fate without causing our friendly sister states to bear the consequences that is a result of other state's actions and stuborness.

    Reaper my friend, I believe you are a smart person and should know that withou laying the plan action is unlikely to be successful. I know you know that the wake of reality only comes after well and united minds of nation's plan put in action. In other words, REALITY comes after action or after something is come or not. But, we can not force nature to fast foward future actual thiings into present because it is designed to be future only. But, again future does not work itself it's the past and present made us to see the reality that we aim to achieve or not.

    So, unless we are willing and believe that we can endure the obsticle in our way to the future goals and prosperity, we have only choice, kehdi takai karakar. apwe ia riei ohl kaidehng men mwamwahl tantal ko. Lol!

  • I think Palau did well as they run their own show. commerce is mostly run by Palauan. They don't let non Palauan to run their Financial management in their business. They mostly use foriginer in the labor force only. They manage their own business from the begining. There is not much money funnel through the tube to send outside of their bank.
  • Puller,

    I agree that the four FSM States need some form of self-autonomy in running their internal affairs and perhaps maybe even the FSM National Government will also need to be streamlined and trimmed of excess fat especially post 2023.  Maybe this is already in the pipeline as a contingency plan. In any event, whatever happens post 2023 will most likely involve more streamlined governments at both the State and National levels.
  • :(|) >:P :-L :-t :-w
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