so is it either because our economy is poor :-S or are we just lazy I-) ?


  • Migration is a perfectly natural thing. Except today there are so many rules and regulations and boundaries on traveling, and settling. The ultimate reason we migrate is to ensure Survival. This has been the same ever since the dawn of time....
    Why would laziness have anything to do with why we migrate?...I think being lazy and being poor is only relative. 
  • Migration has been nd still been part of peoples life everysince mankind evolved..
    We've been traveling nd settling new places for numerous reasons only today we have diferent reasons nd means to be moving (migrating) though some reasons for migration today are still the same as to why some people back then mograte.
  • There are those who are lazy and wasting time and there are those who've made a lot of sacrifices and hard working. There's nothing wrong with migration, as LIbertytoDeath have said, migration is natural and microxean pay no attention to those people. Maybe now we are still fitting in, I believe that the near future the next generation will produce businessman/woman, doctors, lawyers, and maybe Hollywood stars... ;)
  • or Hollywood porn stars....
  • As long as our government will be facing the financial crises, people will be migrating to the US. Another thing is that most of us Micronesian are too lazy to stand up on our own two feet. They heard about the well fare and other opportunities from Uncle Sam that's why they are taking advantage of that too.
  • Well said pekalong, that's the ugly truth for a lot of Micronesian's abroad, I applause those who made contribution to the State's they're reciting. I've been through some other forums, and it's not only us Micronesian's but there other Pacific islanders doing the same thing, living off well fare and foot stamps. Come think of it, we really take it for granted afterall for us we don't need visa to go to America. We can stay there and leave at anytime we like, but we chose to be lazy and insanely dependent. No wonder we are listed as subhumans. I mean look at the Mexicans, they don't have the privileges  that we are granted, and yet when they go to America they're more hardworking than any other ethnicity. If we can just have the same mind set, but nothing I say can change anything. Anyways they should know that this world is NOT paradise. You can't just sit down relax, lay low and enjoy. You have to work your butt off, sweat in order to gain..NO PAIN NO GAIN..."What you reap is what you sow." but looks like most are not abiding by this or doesn't care as long as they eat and shit. Too bad what happen's when you come back to the islands?? People just think about the present and forget about the future, but oh well, just hope the future generation doesn't live this way. I agree with you pekalong, as long as our government are in financial crisis then there'll be a lot of our people migrating to Guam, Hawaii, and the Mainland. All in all everyone wants to find happiness, decency and for the good of their family, we can't blame that, only  problem is when we chose to be lazy, useless ethnic group that makes those working their ass off pissed at us.
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    I agree with LibertytoDeath- migrating is only natural.  

    If you are interested in seeing why the outward trickle has turned into a full fledged diaspora, re-elect the individuals who have been sitting in power again, watch the same mistakes repeat themselves, watch the economy continue to sink to new depths, and the hopes of a prosperous future fade into the distance and then... then ask yourself that question again.

    Einstein's definition of insanity is in full affect in Micronesia.
  • oh really, xectms

    bein madness - lunacy - craziness - derangement - dementia you can have them all.
  • Really, signin.  :-)
  • ???

    You either don't know Einstein's definition of insanity or you are just out there.
  • the truth is that most of the people they care about life for their kids in the future are seeking education for their kids abroad and because of our gov't coruption in this economy crisis. i don't care if i died but my daughter at least she can able to survive by herself finding job or can stand on her own tomorrow. likewise today i can be able to support my family back home sending what ever blessing i got from abroad. other than that i still love my sweet home but that's how i contributes to family and to the people as well.


    God bless
  • Agree and no comments needed from this end. Thanks.
  • Thank you menkanaka, its true what your saying but this thread is about us Micronesians that's why I posted such insight so those who think migrating to the US is just for the benefit of it to start getting on their feet and do something like those who have worked hard and live successfully in the US. 
  • Thank you mr. brother,

    I agree with you. In additions, I would say that the tide will evrentually change very soon. I am very positive that there were a few of the kids returned and work with the government. Couple years from now there will be a lot of them graduated from school, make money and returned to either work in the government, in the private sector or establish their own. I am really positive that as soon as a lot of them are educated and earn a lot of experience in many of the trades, that they will be back and work at their own home. No place like home.
  • The Englishmen migrated to America, displaced the Indians and took control of the land as though the land is theirs. There are millions of British descents who are homeless as well, much worse than the Micronesians.

    Why migrate? Opportunity, of course!
  • Exactly sinbad, I believe you, that's why them Micronesians are copying their bad attitudes, isn't it? Them Micronesians also migrate to the USA and thought uncle Sam is theirs, isn't it? 
  • Unfortunately, that is the
    most racially or ethnically racist suggested to our own natives
    people.   Is he/she from Bagledash? he/she might jealous of your freedom, too.  BTW,  Learn to be civilized, learn to respect the laws &
    policy with respect on both side of US & United Nation.
         Blessfully, as FSM/Chuuk
    natives we have enjoy the opportunity under the guarantee policy (1.)
    first to respect of the US Constitution protection through the FSM
    Compact of Free Association on the (1.) Freedom to live or travel
    anywhere between authorized under US policy, (2.) Freedom to work at
    any job for which we/YOU can qualify and Freedom to receive a free
    education in good public schools, and Freedom to marry and raise a
    healthy and happy family ( ie., whether you are straight or gay).
         You are entitle for the
    protection under “ THE RIGHT TO ENJOY MANY OTHER FREEDOMS”  and that including religion, free speech, human right...   You have legal right, have
    legitimate Constitution and know your right before someone stole
    those right away from you, and you would left in Gizmo/terrorism Camp
    forever without no land and no legal system.  Learn Democracy and Speak
    up!!   Respectfully.

  • It is always blessing to
    have two's home. One simple home in FSM & one City home in
    US.   There is nothing
    wrong with that.   Be educated, be common sense, be islanders and be
    united with democracy in both home, the USA and the FSMA.    PS. Don't
    try to trick away your freedom & opportunity to Bagledash dude.
    Build opportunity on both sides, Guam, CNMI, HI and US Mainland.   Be
    educated on policy in FSM, too. Vote in those they do good and
    shaping good policy for the betterment of our natives people and
    future. Kick the 'ass' out from FSM Govt don't do their job, because
    they are the lazy one, I tell you.  Thank you to those young FSM they served in US military and their family and parents for sacrifices, too.  Our nation and our native people owed greatness to your services.   God bless's FSM and USA.

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  • looking for luck!image
  • aengichy, no one is doing what you think. us, we just comparing the lives in USA and the lives in Micronesia. We don't humiliate now criticized fellow Micronesian. Many that  are successful and many that are not in the USA. Not only Micronesian that are having difficulties in the USA. Like what sinbad have share that there are others that came from the eastern atmosphere and settled in the USA that also at the same time chase the real American (Indians) from their land and control the land as though it was theirs. 

  • Pek it sound as though your humiliating those MICROS who have emigrated. Better school,better living,better opportunities,better medical facilities and brighter future for their kids not only to pick up bad habits like you said. Think positive not negative.
  • The thing Whoami is that I don't mentioned those who are successful cause they already are going in a right way to a good future but the thing is that those who leave in the parks or even on the streets. People are looking at them and wondered why going into the USA? Why not just stay back at their home land and live the easy simple live that they use to have? It is very important that we considered these fellow  people of ours cause from all aspects of life their going through, we all will be blamed as well. "MICRONESIANS" that means you and I my friend. 

  • Who knows may be these kids are the one who will make the better fsm in the future. this is how we love them, we don't just give them fish to eat cause they can just eat'em for one or two days and gone what's better show or teach them how to do fishing, that exactly what we do to our kids.


    God bless.
  • And what about all the FAS'ers who get in trouble with the law in America and are deported back to their home islands?  What happens to their wives and kids who are left behind in America?
  • That is exactly the fact that we all may put our inputs to it. I believe in the USA there are local organizations in all the states that there is Micronesian residing. If these organization would have put their helping hands to these fsmers that are having difficulties not financially only but mentality as well. Probably they would've degrees the deportation and homeless that some of the fsmers are facing today. Really nothing that we can do to solved the problem but we really need to try to at least try something that could help those fellow fsmers who are facing such inconveniences. 
  • Migration is part of human nature...the curious state of man's mind urges him to seek what is on the beyond. Just to satisfy his inquisitive mind. Innately, he owns the world; if what is pertinent to his existence is exhausted or insufficient in his current environment, he will seek beyond the horizon to fullfill his quest for survival.
  • Exactly Outcaste but does that mean one is urge to seek difficulties nor destruction to his family? Migration is good for those who migrate to seek good opportunities but for those who migrate just to benefit uncle Sam? I don't know about that.  Survival is when one is working his bud out for a living but it's not for one to sit on his bud and thinks that everything will be okay. 
  • Your recommending that if these micros are homeless then they should be deported?
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