What is wrong with www.fsmlaw.org?

I have tried to access the FSM law website, fsmlaw.org, for a few weeks, and get a message that I am not entitled to access (FORBIDDEN!, or something like that.

Does anybody know what is going on?  Has the Supreme Court stopped paying for the server access?


  • Very unfortunate news, the site is no longer available, according to one source at the court. I'm not sure of the reason, but this is tragic to the legal community.
  • About time to shut down the FSM Consulate office in Guam and use its budget to fund important things for the people of FSM.
  • http://fsmsupremecourt.org/WebSite/fsm/index.htm

    Check those out, they might be useful as well. They are still looking for more people to work on this fairly new website. It is in the long term strategic plan to make more reliable resources available online in order to meet the demands of today...you can download it from that website. Hope that helps.

  • I just found out the problem is because the company which hosted the server was sold to an Australian company, and nobody can find out where to send the payment now.  Not a lack of funds, just difficulty finding information about the Australian company.  They are working on it.  The apparent problem with fsmsupremecourt.org is that it is not searchable like fsmlaw.org is.
  • Great info guys,

    thanks for sharing.
  • Thanks Sarem for keeping us posted...
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