This is horrific....PNA should sue Japan in billions of dollars for compensation..this disaster will consume the entire pacific ocean, if not already...all our hopes in guarding, regulating and enjoying the riches of our Pacific is slipping away!
  • this is simply terrible!image
  • This is pure genocide and chemical warfare against pacific islanders and USA will not bomb Japan. Interesting. I boycut sashimi/canned tuna.
  • Good point to raise. But, my concern will be if yellofin tuna or bigeye tuna are also proven been infected or toxically contaminated. As I understand, bluefin tuna lives in the colder temperature like far up north and down south of the pacific ocean. But, YFT and BET and SKJ which are plentifull and spawn and lives within and around the equator should be my concern unless it can be proven that the toxic spills and leaks been reported can also contaminated these species, then I agree that it is a major concern and we all (pacific islanders) should consider it as a top priority. What you think folks?
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    Bluefin have been caught in our area. 

    kinen, my friend,  did Japan deliberately leak the radiation into our ocean? IF that is the case, let's all go and claim ownership of all of Hokkaido and Okinawa.

    :-& - contamination of the ocean in this area can transform us and a new human race will appear, possibly evolution part II - and more sudden
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    We have the antidote for radiation. 
  • Don't eat your tuna if it glows in the
  • No my friend sin, it was damaged by the tsunami. But deseminated nothing or very secretive about the magnitude of the leakage. Until now, Japan has not say much about the disaster.
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    Bwibwi Kinen,

    Official in Japan admitted that radioactive active leaks from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear catastrophe are far worsen the previously acknowledge.
  • I meant to ask anyone if there is any antidote for radiation to prevent us from the danger of its effect. This is serious. 

    monday, is this how far it has gone. I presume the red and yellow part of the picture are the highest in radiation? Not to say that the green is safe. It looks as though it has drifted away from Japan and to North America, that's the Continental USA. Where would we run away to? Let's hope and pray it just neutralizes itself in the ocean. Boy-o-boy!

     Who knows, it may just as well drift southwest, and look at its size. That will engulf the entire Micronesian region and that's the end of our race. SCARY!

  • Pwipwi monday not until some greenpeace people raised hell then Jap gov't started giving out limited info on the situation. Avid fisher sinbad should have known if it was well reported through the media.
  • Precisely,, kinen. I don't know how many people I have contaminated their health with my catch. 

    What life will be like for me if the radiation reaches my grounds:
    Artifishon (Artificial - lol)

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