Relik Ratak shootout..

Team from State of Phonpe and Republic of Nauru are in Majuro for the basketball tourment. good luck to the winner..


  • What team from Pohnpei?  Is this a consolidated team or just the team that won the overall basketball championship games a week ago? I am just curios
  • Not sure which team but they are being welcome by team Majuro later on tonight.. if I'm not mistaken..
  • Good idea! Good relations! Good luck! God Bless!
  • 299 days to the Micro Games so this is a good way to for the teams to compare their levels.
  • Chaninway or anyone..! can somebody help me with the Marshall Islands Radio station website.. I really want to listen to the Ralik Ratak Basketball tournament home.. So, please someone help me out...
  • Lale mok..
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    Thank you Chaninway for the website... I listen to all the games today and it was nice to hear about the game back home, especially the intense game between the two team Team Majuro and Team Pohnpei...But Team Pohnpei won by one basket and the score was 62 to 60 Team Pohnpei ... I Also enjoy listen to the game between team Rongelap and team Nauru 1 and listening to it was a physical game according to the game anoucer or the radio broadcaster... There are three visiting team from Nauru 2 men teams and one women team...
  •   listening right game Mili and Nauru, going to be more interesting as Mili team is a rookie team with a record to beat, we'll see.. ak ia ne koj net jene?..


  • BOMI's own sponser tourment.. there is lots of mulas to take home, the winner!
  • The Ralik Ratak Shootout tournament it's about to come to their playoff round.. Right now their are three teams that are undefeated in the tournament and their are 2 men teams and one woman team.. For the men team there's team pohnpei for pool A and the Lae team in Pool B and for the women there's the Nauru team ... If you guys want to know more about the game or see some pictures of the game you can look it up on Facebook in the College of the Marshall Islands Page or you also can look it up at the Marshall Islands Basketball website....
  • go re- majol. bar lelok ao yokwe nan ajiri ro ilo AHS!
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