Have you ever thought "why was i born a micronesian"??

I was born a micronesian and right now im thinking why,why was i brought up in this world a micronesian??
Why cant i born a korean,japanese,canadian,german,italian? I wont say some but i know all of my close and far cousins and relative chew betelnut and smoke and drink!! I feel like im the only micronesian teen that doesnt do these nasty stuffs. It feels like im being ignored because because i dont chew or whatever they do, like come on,im trying to respect on how you live but turn around and disrespect me and how i live?? I was forced to chew betelnut when i was in six grade which i got hit alooot by my dad because he found out by the school aid(which he knows my dad)!! So the person who forced me to chew it was my first cousin and i hate him till now!! So being a micronesian can be irritating!! But i accept who i am because my parents raised me well by not doing bad thing that can hurt your life and BESIDES THE LORD PUT ME ON THIS CULTURE BACKGROUND FOR A REASON!!


  • Kinda crazy to be askin a quest. like that... Lol its like askin "why do yhu have 2 eyes on yhur face"?? Hahaha...

    Peace out bro !! Be proud !! Yhu dnt have to be a micronesian to do bad things. Infact our ancestors never done anything bad because their was no such thing as beers or alcohol in the days. In Chuuk infact, never had bettelnut untile recently. Bettelnut aint part of our culture.
  • Im not crazy or stupid to ask question!! I want to know every piece of information about why this,why that and why me?? I agree with your part betelnut isnt part of our culture but you cant stop a person from chewing is meal right?? Im not a badperson but people around me are the bad ones(cousins) -_- .....im really a cool person!! Thanks for your comment folu!!
  • Surely kind of weird to be asking such a question.  Kind of hope you don't really believe everybody around you are the ones. I don't think just because ur cousin made you chew necessarily means he/she is a bad person.  And to admit you still hate him to this day just might be reason enough for others to wonder about... There are  many of us who are proud to be what we are, no matter what others feel.  Wish you the best. 
  • Srihmsrihm

    Honestly, for one reason i hate him till now is because he made me got in trouble rather than him being punish,i got punish badly!! My questions are wierd, but surely everyone is really curious what people think am i right?? :) 8)
  • You must have been a dumb ass then and by the look of this thread you are still a dumb ass.
  • Because we are special i guess.image
  • What a Lame Question...
  • I think what your saying is " if I don't take care of myself, who will."? it's almost like someone in previous said, and I quote, " I am therefore, I am" something like that. I think that is what microaxean is asking. Therefore, I am!
  • i think, therefore, I am. 

  • b-( is what you deserve who ever started this nonsense .
  • Don't Worry Be Happy!
  • WHOAML!!



  • This is a phunny questionss...

    Thank Micro

  • Hey, that somehow reminds me of Eminem's lyrics

    Had a dream, I was King.
    I woke up, still King....

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