Why Did Palau, Micronesia, Nauru and The Marshall Islands Vote Against Palestine’s UN Bid?

i want to know and hear what makes micronesian voted no?? tell me what you believe or what idea or whatever thing come in your mind!!


  • hmmm, interesting! here's what I think.. knowing that the US provides ROP, RMI, and the FSM twith funding's and other services like military (protection) and so much more. the U.S voted NO and so it make sense when they vote NO to kinda stick with the U.S

    IDK. that's what I think! would love to learn more about it though.

  • I think the Palestinian provide a 0 (zero) dollar amount for those Nations, but US provided millions every year. So the vote have to go where the dollar is.
  • Its politics thats all. Same reason why FSM and RMI voted to support the us invasion of iraq.
  • well said dess1210!..
  • We're small potatoes and rely too much on Uncle Sam.  Wouldn't wanna piss him/her off. Sad.  
  • Palau and Marshalls have alway voted along with the U.S even when they were the only two's who voted with the amercans. They are our allies and we suport them and always will.
  • Palau and Marshalls have alway voted along with the U.S even when they were the only two's who voted with the amercans. They are our allies and we suport them and always will.
    Only reason RMI and Palau always vote along side the U.S is cause of $$$$. They always worship the mighty dollar. Ain't it ironic back in the 50's the U.S Military experimented on the islands of Marshalls and on the people of Marshalls. Also the U.S used some of the islands of Palau for life fire exercise and some of the islands andeenvironment of Palau are damage beyond repair but still yet both the RMI and ROP are the best butt kisser of uncle sam. Both Republics either the zombies of Mwashel or Niggaz of Palau are like whores who sell their islands and souls for the mighty dollar.
  • So do you think the FSM, RMI and Palau should follow Yap's example and offer our islands for Chinese yuan instead of American dollars? End the Compact?

    Or do you think we should just shut ourselves off from the rest of the world and try to live on our own resources?
  • Hey P how can you talk about the Nuclear issue like it don't effect you folks from FSM? It ain't about money cause when the islanders of Marshalls gave their islands they did it without even thinking about Money or the effects of the radiation. They did it for the good of mankind and for world peace. Same with the Palauans. What has the islands and people who now make up the FSM done? NOTHING! You basrards should be great full that you were even allowed into the COFA, which every one knows FSM don't deserve.
  • For the good of mankind my ass. Some good that did. FSM COFA agreement was of its own doing not RMI or Palau. You make it sound like the only reason we in FSM have a cofa is cause if RMI. Your brain is fried by to much nuclear exposure.
  • Yes thats what im implying to you and everyone who is a citizen of FSM. Even before the COFA the Marshalls was the bread winner of the TTPI, Back in the TTPI days most of the projects that were done were financed by money coming from the Marshalls into the TTPI. Schools in pohnpei, ,roads in yap, harbors in kosrae, , hospital in palau were paid with money coming out of kwajelein atoll which the Army was using. When taxes of the TTPI were being counted those taxes showed that the Marshalls the ones putting in allot of money into the TTPI MORE then Chuuk-Yap-Kosrae-Palau and pohnpei combined. Now on the COFA issue, your leaders basically rode the coat tails of the Marshallese into having a COFA. As for the Palauans they made their own deal without help from the Marshalls. You FSMers are the epitome of a FREELOADER, go and look up freeloaders in the dictionary and next to it youll see the FLAG of FSM.
  • FYI Stonez:
    You were fooled to be the subject of an experiment involving human flesh and radiation. The FSM was needed for what is termed "strategic denial" for defense purposes. That should be cleared already decades ago.

  • You got that right irrelevant.
  • The only time the islands of FSM had strategic value was in world war two. Those islands were deemed a necessary defense for japan. The IJN(Imperial Japanese Navy) had most of its major bases on the islands that are now part of FSM. Now we are talking about the present, Now days. To the Americans the islands that are of strategic value in Micronesia are GUAM, CNMI, PALAU and the Marshalls. GUAM has the Marine base, Air Force base and Army Base same thing with CNMI. PALAU for its life fire trills for the Marines and Navy. MARSHALLS is the US army base in Kwajelein, The Ronald Reagan Missile Range and Early Missile Warning Radars. As for FSM none.
  • There you go Stonez, you can always mix strategic value with decoy.
  • ^ these are the facts. These places ive mentioned have value to the overall strategy. Your comments are the decoy to avoid the truth that FSM has nothing to offer but a population that is lazy, always want free stuff and a burden to its neighbors in micronesia.
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    Pawnstar not all of marshall was experimented on bro. Only the North Western part was and only the three islands of Bikini, Rongdik,Ronglap and its people were effected by the Fall Out. Thats just three islands out of a 1, 115 islets that make up the domain of the Marshallese. Only a little part of marshalls was contaminated thats the Northwest of Marshalls. The Marshalls is made out of two archipelago Ratak and Ralik. The Ratak has three separate provinces Northeast, Eastward and Southeast. The Rakik is also split into Northwest, Westward and Southwest. The only area that was contaminated is the northwest. Thats 1 out of 6 provinces of the Marshalls. Hope this enlighten your knowledge about the geography of the Marshalls.

    Ebaan emman k kwom armej in kapilong A.K.A Rikapilong. Reilik rea maan kab raei raei to jijet tok ijo im mona ro.
  • Interesting question :-? image
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    US voted NO. Essentially, FSM must follow US' vote, as melvin says, "...go where the dollar is."

    Pawnstar must have some ill feeling against the Marshall Islands...lol...but must also remember that the US constantly and deliberately dropped tons and tons of bombs on all the FSM islands and killed hundreds of innocent islanders during the WWII. Whereas in the Marshalls, the US did not think that the test was going to be that devastating.
  • we're like whores, we sell our islands and souls for MONEY!

    hmmm, GOOD! at least our leaders from the past and now are willing to take risks so we the people of Palau can move forward and seek the better future for our island nation and the people. sadly to say Pawnstar, but Palau island is 10 steps ahead of the FSM islands. FSM islands without the help of the united states, you guys will be selling your islands and souls to other countries for Funding's, Medical Needs, and so much more.

    damages beyond repair? all thanks to the Germans, Japs, and the U.S, those so called "damages beyond repair" sights are bringing in hundreds and hundreds of tourists into our island, and wanna know what that means to our island? MONEY $$$$$! wanna know what we do with $$$$? we improve our Government and the Island itself. 

  • As dess1210 points out, Palau has demonstrated that assuming responsibility and moving ahead, instead of blaming others and looking backwards, is a formula for success and prosperity.   I hope that FSM and RMI can someday follow Palau's example.
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    God Bless Palau! 
  • Stonez sounds like a real dumb-ass.....

  • I don't think it is the right question to ask. 1st of all, Micronesian, Marshallese and Paluan did not participated in the voting process therefore, your question is misleading. You should ask your UN rep why they vote they way they did...the entire people of Micronesia including Palau and Marshall did not participated, so you can't really ask the general population this type of question, especially when it involves the UN dignitaries only. Do you people reason with your ass open or wad?
  • Buahahahaha! Really? Well no S%*T Sherlock.
  • Do not evaluate your status as yet. we still heading to a big storm ahead. rough seas still in our way. lets give our environment the best shot of review. We are all Micronesian and yet our populations are divided into sub groups. those groups are mixed with different citizenship other than Micronesian.
    Does any member of tjhe sub groups are still care to work for our future? Can they contribute to our island in any way or whould they let the foreigner to buy us out? If you are talking about just compensation of our damages in the past, do you believe that you got what suppose to be yours? If so, then you are better than the others. Lets strive to gain what supose to be our but not criticizing each other of how we are so far. If you can get all then you are better than me. If you don't then we are the same.
  • What exactly is it that's suppose to be OURS Melvin? I'd love to know. 

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  • I think the Administrator should add the Like button in here. By the way, what Palestinian UN bid? I have a similar question, I heard from a Jew, thanking me for the COFA support of Israel in their occupation of Palestinian territories. He said, they were the only one, that's how he got to learn about Micronesia. I told him, "well the governments of Micronesia may be fooled because of their relating modern Israel to the Israel of the Bible, but I do not support Israel's treatment of Palestinian and their occupation of their lands." Israel may have lived there long ago but for hundreds of years that is Palestinian land. The British gave that land away to the Ashkenazi Jews or European Jews who lived in Europe. The Ashkenazi Jews are the trouble maker and the colonizers because it is in their European blood to take over the world.
  • It is not only money that made Palau, FSM and the Marshall Islands voted with the USA and Israel against the Palestine bid. One of the main reasons is that most of the islanders are Christians and we all believe that this is where Jesus was born. Another reason is that the Palestinians who are Muslims believe that all non-muslim countries are nonbelievers or infidels and they can kill them because that is what their god order them to do. These backward living Palestinians are dangerous people so why should we, the Micronesians support them?
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