What might have happened to us if we were to have the cossways, connecting all islands in the chuuk lagoon? Would it affect our culture, way of life ect ect?
Just something i've always thought about because growing up uwa rong me rong pwe epwe kkö'u ekkewe cossways. Epwe ifa nnonnomwuch ikenai ika ita rechök uutá me iwe?


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    Fakkun tawe fich ach angang, mecheres fetanin aramas nefinen ekkei fonu non ei Nomwun Chuuk. Ekkewe business repwe napono mwoni tonong. A pwan tongeni ekisano aean gas, iwe epwe tongeni napono ika watteno mwonien non nouch kewe book-en bank pokiten ach kamo gas a pwan kisikisino.

    Nge pwan met ngawen efoch bridge epwe ochuuw ekkewe fonu?? Aninnis, sipwe kuna met mefiom ren pwan met ngawen ewe causeway nefinen ekkei fonu.
  • It would surely affect ... image
  • Attn to the author "dudes" told I'm
    jabbering...however, before I will open my blab, I was curious again,
    is the crooks in FSM & Chuuk are awaken their evil soul trying to
    get more million, and million of funding for the environmental? I
    have not yet seen or heard (recently) no one speak about those
    million of environmental money have NO result and improvement
    especially toward Chuu's pollution and no dumping site & no

  • Roverman said it would definitely affect.

    What might be the affects & how?

    Would it keep us away from our waters? Would it keep us away from our canoes & motorboats?
  • Folue, can you decipher aeng's comment?
  • Let me try to do that, srihmsrihm. 

    1. She is afraid the "crooks" in FSM & Chuuk will get away with project money. 

    2. The impact that some smelly mouth have on the environment can be devastating, which is the only thing
    that would have as a result, but no improvement.

    3. People are going around squatting and dropping their waste all over. 

  • lol, well done badsinner.  But I would have left out the 'squatting' part.

    Donor organizations (usually NGOs), compact and other US fund sources provided to further support environments and resources ,\management are usually earmarked.  Not easily diverted for other projects as was the common practices in days gone by.  Almost impossible nowadays from more stringent requirements and controls from the donors,  Perhaps a persistent problem at our end as to do with our leader's priorities when dolling out our meager local funds. More attention to pet projects than those that have potential for improving the wellbeing of our people down the road. 

  • She is captain? I would like to ask her to re quote what she said. & to type a littel slower.

    No offense, but i ddnt quite understand.
  • :O

    I am just trying to "interpret" AEngichy's above thread. The squatting and dropping is the result of no dumping
  • Hehe... Its aight pwii ika fen pwan semei...
  • That would definitely transform our economy in our Chuuk lagoon, making life easy within the islands. South Korea engaged the service of some Dutch based firms, both design and construction. The firms constructed a bridge and an underwater tunnel connecting the adjacent islands together, which transformed South Korea's economy.
  • But South Korea may possess huge and amble resources to hire the Dutch firm for such a humongous and high cost undertaking.  Would connecting the lagoon islands jumpstart the Chuuk economy in any way close to what happened for South Korea (even way way down the road).  Would the benefits be worth the risks?   
  • We could dream of something at that magnitude to create the turbulence to affect, not only Chuuk economy, but some parts in the adjacent areas within the federation as well. Such could also provide the attraction to stimulate the tourism industry in Chuuk, knowing that much of the relics of world war II is pretty much spread from underwater to the mountains of almost all the higher islands within the lagoon.

    This may sound erotic and funny of sorts, but then we need to dream big to realize something better for everyone.

  • Very true irrelevent?? Love yhur point of view.
  • irrelevant, I like your last sentence. We need to dream big to realize something better for every one.

    There is noting wrong to dream of something. We need to find someone to do the study for us if we are unable to do it.
    Until someone gives us the picture of the short term and long term benefits of the dream, the positive and negative impact, the initial cost of such project, the environmental impact and all the other pertaining infos. for our government to do the review and either to put it into reality or not.
    This is the function of our Economic and Infrastructure planner. I wonder if such plan ever been visited.

    Pwipwi Fonuweisom, I am with you in the wilderness dream of wonder. I think this could be done little by little.
    Ika pwe epwe ponuweta om ei dream iwe ikkei ekkoch met repwe fiti ne ponuweta:

    1. Transportation & Communication system epwe drastically improve.
    2. Economic opportunity epwe pwan improve.
    3. Health & Education epwe pwan muttir improve.
    4. Public Safety and Security epwe pwan improve.
    5. Power, Water, and Sewer services non ei lagoon epwe pwan improve
    6. The Compact of Free Association tunnel will start to flow backward.
    7. Other services can be improve as well.

    Your criticism and objection  is welcome.
  • My concern is what might have happened to our boats that we rely on to get frm island to island. Yes i would love all these improvements to come into existance, but first we have to see whats happening to us, culturally & mentally. Ika pwe sise tongeni adapt to other countries ways of life(modern life), iwe sipwe pwáák ne fen ou'etái fönuach epwe MODERN? Thats my question....

    I like to think we should modernize only whats already modern & leav the rest to MOTHER NATURE & our beautifull culture to mend for & our people.
  • keep dreaming boys. Pwat ina tunochun na epue improve this, epue improve that. Tell us how to improve the things that we had not done yet.
  • Its all natural to dream !! Its a human thing... Hehe... Nepwong annim en.
  • One more thing !! Its a sign of health !! Healthy brain !!

    Pwn tirou jk uomw, pwan pekiin jk expressing.
  • Kinisou ,sinbad. mei pung pwe sia tunokano ren ekkei fos, nge ach kei fos sia chok respond ngeni ewe question an Fonuweisom, ewe ira ika met epwe fis ika e wor causeway nefinen fonuwach kei. Iwe iei mine si ponuweni non kei ititin. Kich mei kan weweiti me  sinei pwe epwe weires, nge fefeita ekan fiti mettoch mi weires nge esap mecheres. Sia mefi pwe epwe fen namot  nouch moni ika si fori ekis me ekis nap seni ar ei, anon emon ewe, "Punuweni Chok Moni".
    Omusano tipisin senukun ach mochenia won wisen nouch nouwis nge sise kan ukungeni.
  • tirow wom pwipwi kinen. hahahah
  •  Common guys,

    Some of the worlds' great thinkers and very influential people, like Jim Collins and Steve Jobs, relied on dreams to affect the changes, they needed to make the lives of those that they felt responsible for, easier and better.

    While we may have already admitted our failure to realize such a dream, many of us would agree on some benefits that could be entailed with connecting the islands by a bridge or underwater tunnel which Mel had outlined above and countless others which would appreciably surfaced, if such ever come to fruition.

  • I have seen lots of good ideas posted here which surely found to be good topics for discussions that would lead us to find better solution for some of our failures. I do not disagree that we have set some good course in the past, but when we change shifts the chief mate and the chief engineer change the course as they please.

    For a consecutive 28 years no one on the boat care to check and evaluate the best course to take that would take the boat to land safely.
    We have had a legal system here in our government. That provided for the government to operate with many laws. These laws are good laws which designed to be enforce to met the need of the community and the people.

    I am not a lawyer but lots of time I wonder whether or not these laws are not bound for a review to see if they are effective and provide good result for the safety and welfare of the people and the government.

    Some times I wondered why there were reviews of the economic and the other major component of the government functions but none that I know of for the laws. How to we go about amendment of  the laws?
    Who can made the recommendation for an amendment? Doesn't it necessary to get all the legal people to review the laws and the government operation policy for efective use to operate and function well?

    I remember in a community where I crew up.  The wise men in the community get together from time to time to reevaluate lots of things for the community. Isn't that the same function of the legislature and the councils of each municipality?

    Ika pwe ekkei mettoch epwe fis me ponuweta non fonuwach iwe epwe tongeni anisi fevfeitan angang me nonomochun aramas. Nukunuk me epinukunuk epwe pwan watte non netipach.

    Nge met ei sia weires me osupwang ren pokiten sise fen amari tufichin meinisin, pwe sia jok amari tufisin pusin kich. Uwa nukuw pwe ekkoch nouwis ra fen mojen aramas repwe osupwang pwe ina anen an aramas repwe feito rer nge esap ir repwe frino ren aramas.

    Iei mine pwe sise tongeni onotanei met fonuwach epwe fefeita ren usun an Fonuweisom kei onotan. .

  • I think that is a pretty good idea.image image image
  • dude, ya'll can't even afford to maintain and renovate the main road in Weno for several reasons and yet causeways?
  • if the thought is abound, how about Ferry Service?

  • butterfinger,

    can you give us your expert opinion, how much would it cost to bridge Weno to Tonoas, and Tonoas to Fefan? If possible,please brake it down into different stages. Weno to Tonoas, and Toloas to Fefan. Thank you.
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    If the Weno road project, which is on solid grounds, costs approximately $40M, can you imagine how much a bridge between Tonoas and Weno would cost, just to erect columns? It will cost at the least $100M for that Weno/Tonoas bridge alone. Do we have that kinda money? No, but Russia can sponsor that portion while China takes care of Tonoas to Fefen; Syria takes the Fefen Udot stretch and Iran will build Udot to Tol. Iraq and India will do the rest.
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