• call it what ever but its but its still the same.
  • We do have something close to Jobwa but we have so many other forms of stick dancing. Its not just one.
  • So true lol,

    They never dance and chant until the japanese came in and track people out to the phosphate mine. There the Chuukese saw Marshallese performing jobwa and since then the entire islands in Micronesia started to chant and dance. Even the four man group bamboo dance that weaved around like tokia and tobwa, it was inspired by jobwa too because some Yapese went to the phosphate mine like the rest and saw jobwa. Jobwa is so miraculous that its magics open up the eyes of all the Micronesian islands to finally have some stick dance so similar to it. After all the years of sailing, magicking, and warfaring, all the ocean dweller finally come to their senses during the japanese era because of the Marshallese Jobwa and now we have all stick dance inspired by jobwa.

    Tomorrow I'm going start a four man stick dance group and in the next couple years it will be inspired by Jobwa because I saw whoaml and the Marshallese talked about it and I go on youtube and inspired by Jobwa then there is KerWa as in Kersamin Jobwa lol...
  • Jobwa is a ancient dance and the words that are chanted in it are so old few understand what they mean. They history of it predates the japenese-germans and even the Spanish era's. It predates all the stick dances of FSM. It is the inspiration for all the stick dances of FSM.
  • What makes you think it isn't?
  • because their same carbon dating test that says LOWA created their human race was also conducted in FSM on every single supposedly dance in all the islands in Micronesia and the result came out that every dances in the entire Micronesian Islands were predated during the Phosphate mine of Japanese colony...LOL and that only the Jobwa is the only homosapiens dance that no one can understand a words from it and still performed till these days like it's "achy breaky heart" hehe
  • carbon dating is allot accurate then some words of a itang or pioiluk who have been drinking jemanun and trip and hit their head and some screws went loose. the evident of too much drinking jemanun and loose screws will make them claim that honolulu is a chuukese word of origin along with kuam. Only in Chuuk can a bejbeto like petrus mailo become a Paramount chief. Not even pure blood and he is a Chief, he cannot even be a alap here in the marshall's with his bejbeto blood. But like i said only in chuuk can things like this happen. Loose people, loose system and loose morals got them giving titles to bejbeto's like free giveaways.
  • What's the different between the chiefs in Chuuk and the chief in the marshall's? in Chuuk anybody can become a chief while in the Marshall's is all about blood purity and ancestry. that's the differences. I can go to chuuk and with the right connection and some money thrown at the right folks i can become a chuukese chief.
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    Petrus was from the Mothers bloodline and his dad was an exhile chief of Samoa. Are you trying to confirm your royalty in the Marshall couldn't allowed to marry men from different CHOWI?? so is that mean their existence is practicing incest??? because they can't be some bwepwirr of another group of brown skin pacific islander?? lol

    lol@Carbon true! in fact how bout the DNA testing that was used of Phillipinos descendant in Micronesia and was pair up with the linguist similarity using numbers count and declare we're of Austronesian ancestors specifically from the native in Taiwan because someone saw their "Warrior Rainbow Movie" on Netflix and likes it??? is that so suitable too?? hehe...

    Oh and regardless of how OFF those carbon dating from the Marshall islands and the Carbon dating that was conducted in Kosrae and Pohnpei ruins, including different theory from a supposedly ancient Pottery found on Saipan and now the hobbits bones that defies the already worldwide teaching of man existence in Palau which was pulled out and hidden away for awhile not to mention the many twisted theory conducted by Asian in Guam native're going ahead and believe every single thing and anything they say regardless of validating the initial, proper, and fairness of conducting research on an oceania race of people???
  • high strings high note but still you came down flat.hahaha
  • Idnt knw if they do dat in other parts of Micronesia but in chuuk there is no way a "peche'seset" can be chief.
  • a mokilese man fell asleep, had a dream, woke up, and wrote jipwiki parano.  it wsnt based on any actual event. 

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    honestly..  ask any elder in the Mokilese community and they will tell you that it was all from a dream.  made in the early 1900's.  it wasnt based on any actual event or has anything to do with mokilese culture.

    not only was the dream about a war againts the majolese, but it includes when the men wahis came with their rifles.

  • I have a mokilese neighbor here on pohnpei that say the exact opposite of what you saying. He say its about ancient war between them and the marshallese.
    Jupwiki parano, joh dama kaje (3x) Eng ene wih-e dohda kedeh, liki oar jarne.
    Jupwiki parano, joh dama kaje (3x) Eng ene wih-e dohda kedeh liki oar jarne.
    Kadalak jarne, kohdo jarne, wia jarne. In kahwan mwahn jeh…In kahwed rajaraj ah…In
    kahwed pako.
    Rup-rup parailik jeh, jurin japw juhri roangala jar. Jeri-jen pwomwara wakara, ekado,
    parano, pwuk-pwuken jar. Jeri jen pwomwara wakara, ekado, parano, pwuk-pwuken jar.
    Kalakada johrio, kipin iala, wakara, dodake, wakara, dodake, ripojar, pikoajar, jerijen
    pwomwara wakara. Rup-rup parailik ripw-oh.. jurin japw juhri, roangala jar.
    PWUNG KI IO-RIHN (keiou)
    Pwungki-iorihn jik-jiken palaro, soap nehn loange, joarom-da, lioal-da jeh…jik-jiken pako
    me jehj. Doahr poak jahro, duhpla jahro, sioahdoam kalajar, duhpla jahro. Si-oahdam
    kalajar, karekerek in mijen wuj-o, karekerek in mijen ko-pwoio. Lik-lik wahsa, pakohwa
    kehm roaj wahsa. Pwungki-iorihn jik-jiken palaro soap nehn loange, joarom-da, lioal-da
    jeh…jik-jiken pako me jehj.
    Ruprup eh inglen jeh.. pwohr-julahi nohlik en poane. Eng kilen japwen jard mwoakid
    wuren loange jeh…Jaldo engin mijen ko-LOH…Rejejeng koalowen mwamwahl, inimwud
    loak mwud, komwja-jeh pwohri samwuji rajaraj. Pisusu, nanipwung, kamioak, emiloak,
    kehmej, jamwioak. Rapwijik lel jih, lel wai, lel johrio, Epenai Kading.
    Kadalak-jarihn, jijiken kou-jo parano edahw ri-ahia. Dokdi a-sahso, jar ka-lahso, dokidi a
    sahso, jar ka-lahso. Lel mijoa, lel kapin, oakla, poahla, joahla. Kenemwa koahdi, jilimen,
    pahmen. Kohdo imwujmwuj-ih. Likimwei johrio ele karek-rek. Rapwijik lel, rapwijik lel
    poad, jeh…koawoad ka-mwahl, ah…Koanoai wed koamw.
    PWUNGKI IO-RIHN (ka-riau)
    Pwungki io-rihn, kojijar mahwin, dihpen pwoahlen, dak daken joau-wo deri na ahla. Dak daken
    joau-wo kepel. Kojijar mahwin, kahiepwiki wakara parano, derina-e, derina-e, poj-daken derina-e.
    Iuhrij-kanipwio, rejejeng pwuoken pwalakaj, loang jang-dak parano, dar-mwaio pwungki, ko-jijar
    mahwin. Iuhrij-kanipwio, rejejeng pwuoken pwalakaj, loang jang-dak parano, dar-mwaio
    pwungki, ko-jijar mahwin. Ie ngir-ngir iese sehle mwoanupwuk, pwoakoalwen jario karaipel,
    koaroal pwud kajangdo pwik pwaiah, iengirngir iengirngir pwik pwaiah, iengirngir iengirngir
    pwik pwaiah, pwik pwaiah koh
    Ijir kanidrio leleioak jenepwen majejo, koapwloakpen ijikade ijehden plehn, elien mihngi majalen
    mwarioamw ekiroaj loahjed kondar mwahie jario, dalik pwanpwan mwahie in mwarioamw,
    lejupwumw lejupwumw pwumw mwariomw, lejupwumw lejupwumw pwumw, ielele pwumw
    the parts in red are about the english encounter, not majol.   what i'm trying to say is the whole song is not just about the ancounter with the majolese, but with other countries too.  :)
    Ask your neighbor to double check his history and get it straight :)
  • Thank you ready but embrace yourself bcus this wanna be everything Marshallese wont sit with that, it has to be a dance that was made for themselves only lol

    The west understanding of this dance was for the Mokilese only but I cant be sure whether it was about 100 brave warriors or was it the magnitude of their bravery putting up with invaders? Their battle with the Marshallese was known for the fact that they were outnumbered and could make the Marshallese struggle and hold them off for awhile. However you have a bunch off ass kissers from your area who would die arguing that anything the Marshallese said pertaining this dance is true. Also keep in mind no Micronesian islanders could dance and chant till japanese took them all to a phosphate mine and saw the Marshallese performed Jobwa and since that day on every islands in Micronesia started dancing and chanting bcus they were inspired by Jobwa, said the Marshallese lol
  • Jobwa is far older then you Japanese so called gathering. Back in the German times it was even noted and far beyond that.
  • Those stick dances are watered down version of Marshallese stick dance, along with the chuukese mass and ponhpeian iep
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    Only Palauan and Yappese stick dances are way different
  • The Jobwa war dance is around 3,500 yrs old.Much Ancient than any war dances across Micronesia.

    Here are all the war dances of Micronesia.






    Mokilloan-Jubuki perrano

    Chamorro-Taotaomona or Uritao

    Pls do correct if I have mistaken any war dance names.Don't mean any disrespect.
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