Proud Micronesian's.

 my advice to all of you Micronesian .( if you one of the proud Micronesian like me) don't encourage anything that any body post on line that will negate  our islands but promote a positive things about our island so that way it's can encourage or attract other people from other places to come visit our beautiful island. So please lets stop fight for the nonsense things and lets start helping each other out.ok..people..lets keep the love in the air.. i love you all my fellow Micronesian. Together we will stand ,separated we will fall. proud to be Micronesian.


  • Proud baby !!! 100%Micro from the islands of Chuuk.
  • Proud of what? You can't just tell people to be proud without listing the things to brag about. So start naming the things that will bring pride up instead of promoting blind pride.
  • Look around you TylerDurden. we have lots of thing to be proud of. First of all our islands are so beautiful. That one things that we have to promote and be proud of . In yap they have the stone money. In kosrae they have the ledgen of the sleeping lady, in pohnpei they have one of the seven wonder of the world which is nanmadol, waterfalls and best place to catch the wave to serve. In chuuk they have a beautiful lagoon. In all off each state they have some beautiful places that we need to promote.  We have our own culture to be proud off . We are all well family oriented. i can list more of the things that am so proud of. we have so much more that you expected. If you just open you'r eyes and appreciate the people and the beauti of our islanders then you will understand what am trying to said. We are not perfect at all. Were just human, we make mistake. you are also right TylerDurden i cannot tell people to be proud if the only things they could see is the negativity of our people but not the positive side of us and they don't want to see or appreciate all the beautiful things that we have. We Micronesian might not have much as goes as Money and all the kind of the wealth that the other countries or place have but what we have are more to be proud of. We might not have big shopping malls or restaurant or big hotels and casinos to enjoyed. But we have beautiful lagoons that surrounding  our island. We have mountains, rivers, waterfalls and we are well family oriented..These are the most things am always proud of..
  • Bravo! Yes, that is so prestigiously admirable friend. Yes, designed our islands and beauties around them like what you mentioned. And to keep that aspiration rolling, we have the responsibility to cater them by using our heads to make sure they are not destroyed due to our own laziness and uncaring. Thank you.
  • TylerDurden, i think iknw where yhu comming from, but i believe this person is talking about having pride in oneself of their race. I have a question. Do we really have to point out what positive things we have done or acomplished? Some people dont while others love to be in the spot light and thats their personal problem, its them! I feel there is a little bit of a prejudice side of what you mean.
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    Do it right
    You have pride


  • Folueisomw : TylerDurden, is right  to asked  question and get the answer he want to know, because maybe he was grow up in the state or other places and he  don't really experience the life that we the once that came from the island have. So how can he  be proud. if he  don't  know anything about our islands? So  Folueisomw If somebody ask question! be proud to share your knowledge and your experience. OK...peace out my fellow Micronesian. May the good Lord protect us and keep us save were ever each of us are. May he bring peace, love and comfort to us all. May he help us come together as one in his eyes. May he help us come to understand each other in this page. Amen ...If you one of the Proud Micronesia's'. Please help me pray and say Amen with me...Lets keep the love in the air.. i Love you all my fellow Micronesian. Together we stand separated we fall...Proud to be Micronesian and want to hear more from you all.
    "GO LOCAL"
  • @mwprhierh/Also having great indigenous wayfinding in all of the pacific. The Yapese star compass and Marshallese stick chart are prime examples.Why shouldn't we be proud?

    @TylerDurden/Go Eat some burgers,watch the nfl,scream out the window stating amurica is number one,go mud wrestle with a large woman of size.Anything American besides involving yourself in a forum to bring down a race nor culture you aren't well knowledgeable in.
  • I’m very proud of our eternal reliance on America and foreign governments for financial assistance. And willingness to accept our unemployed because corrupt politicians don’t do shit to make job creation their priority. And when they do have qualified micros they pay them less than expats. I’ve got so much proud it’s leaking out of my ass.
  • @Red snapper/Couldn't agree more that's the Tragic harsh reality of modern era.Ancient times were a lot simple where our people was dependent on themselves for millenniums.
  • Go back to ancient way then , is the only way to go and be proud of it.. the notion something can be coked locally and be shared locally like a family is sure is something deserve to be proud of.
  • yes, pure Micronesia pride...b-careful not to allow ppl like Reaper to infect this thread with his innuendos......
  • @Visafree/If I had a time machine I would.But that scientific tech won't happen for another hundred or so yrs.The only hope for our ancient ways is to preserve them.Books.Documentaries.Etc.

    Rn I'm writing books on every cultures throughout our Micronesia.For preservation and educate purposes.
  • Mr Nobody, you missed my point, little by little, if we start reducing the mast influence of foreign goods in our islands, we can begin to learn from our past mistakes and charter a new course of action base on our ancient ways of doing things in our own environment by using our own resources more then outside resources we so dependent on..
  • @Visafree/Thnx for pointing that out.Yes I completely agree for self sufficiency.It can happen we just gotta make it so.
  • I'm very proud of Palau because our President has one thing in his mind is for his PEOPLE.. And then the outside world.
  • While ours is thanking Guam for allowing us to fill up their jails.
  • Yes because some only live on welfare and foodstamps and dont give a dam about anything but themselves.
  • @Coraleel/I understand your frustration for the overuse of the welfare system.Some would abuse as others struggle to make ends meet.I came from this path.My mother who single handedly raised three children had no choice but to choose that option.Cant rly blame those who are trying their best to survive.Times are hard.

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