Fire kills Islanders in LA

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In South Los Angeles, a fourplex was destroyed by fire. A Micronesian family of six lived on the first floor, and all six died in the fire. A Marshallese group of seven lived on the second floor, and they, too, all perished in the fire. Six Palauans lived on the third floor and they died as well. One white couple lived on the top floor. The couple survived the fire. Manny Mori, Christopher Loeak, and Tommy Remengesau were furious. They flew to Los Angeles and met with the fire chief on television. They loudly demanded to know why the Micronesians, Marshallese, and Palauns all died in the fire, and only the white couple survived. The fire chief said, "Please don't get upset. The reason those fellow citizens survived was because they were at work." :D


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