Marijuana Should be legalized in Micronesia,Palau and Marshall islands.

                        GOD MADE WEED

                        MAN MADE BEER

                        IN GOOD WE TRUST




  • No, otherwise it will be just like any other local produce, cheap and everyone grows his own. hahaha
  • Yes, you are absolutely correct in saying that God made weed. Remember that He also made the apple tree in which He prohibited Adam and Eve from eating its fruits.
  • Hasn't it been legalize?? I believe there was no vote on it!! Lol
  • Folueisomw,

    That's why you should try and be updated on current issues in FSM or better yet learn more about your own country.

    Marijuana has not been at any discussion in FSM to legalize it.
  • FSM dont need marijuana plants to smoke them.  We already stone before we were born...hahaha
  • No 50ngaw thats not what i mean!! Lol i meant it dnt even need any of this becuz everybody been using them since every since!! Yhu get where am at?
  • Weed is illegally legal in my neighborhood... lol

  • lol@Folueisomw. OK. I see what you mean, you asked, "Hasn't it been legalize??"
  • First of all, idk why people refer to the apple as the forbidden fruit, it was never named.

    Second, you mean to tell me weed has been illegal in Belau all these years? Jk. It doesn't really need to be legalized in Belau, unless the governments profits by way of tax. Everyone that wants to smoke weed in Belau, smokes it without any resistance. I remember an Oshen concert back in 99 or 2000 and he along with some of my uncles and cousins smoked weed on stage as I smoked weed in the crowd along with my girl and everyone else while the cops just stood by. Ahh memories, they soon delete, must be all that weed lol.

    My dad has been growing weed all around the yard for as long as I can remember and never had to sneaky about it.

    But really, legalize weed in Belau? Idk about Micronesians but ask anyone from Guam or CNMI what Belau is known for recently.

    Anyways, on that apple theory, weed is probably that forbidden fruit the bible keeps talking about lol.
  • Who ever posted this sure must've been smoking some weed when writing this up. I don't think weed should be legalized because then anyone can smoke work, while driving, at school, one would take anyone seriously, everything would be taken as a joke.
  • hey if we legalize them, then we could grow them at the airport. That would get in a lot of tourists. Imagine first thing u smell when you get off a plane is weed weed and more weed. The plane will literally land on it. We will be known throughout the world as having the greenest and dopest airports. Rastas will flying in just to get a few wiffs of the sensamilia. We will be a nation of stoned zombies, and cannabis planters. Even Amsterdam will probably go "whoaaa." and think for a few minutes on what to say next. 
  • Marijuana is a cure for a host of ailments, therefore, marijuana should be legalize anywhere.
  • Marijuana is a cure for a host of ailments, therefore, marijuana should be legalize anywhere.
  • Marijuana is a cure for a host of ailments, therefore, marijuana should be legalize anywhere.

    Which ailments?  Please name some examples for us.
  • Research had revealed couple, but some have known with out clinical studies, such as high blood pressure colon cancer, insomnia and impotence.
  • What research?  Which clinical stduies?  Please tell us where we can read these reports.
  • searcherr you are right...I have personally seen families torn apart but the use and selling of marijuana. Marijuana is not for every one. In regards to diseases, it can numb uncomfortable or extreme pain, but in this it impairs one's ability to think straight. Even use of it by "normal, healthy" people can turn dangerous when it is not used properly and in moderation. It appears that in our society where most everything is becoming readily available and at a click of a button, we expect everything to be handed to us. Just because we think we know all the long-term effects of drug on our selfs and families, and just because societies elsewhere and legalizing cannabis,does not mean it is Good for each and everyone of us. 
  • Ok thanks LoD! Now it clicks in my small brain my friend. So, yes do agree if the purpose of legalizing this plant for good cause then it should. But, I am still afraid that if this new law is taken or understood wrongly, I think the current impact we have today while it is still prohibited by law will change from using 2-cycle engine to jet engine so to speak. For instance, today there are laws that banned minor to purchase cigarette. But, what we're seeing not much or almost no progress we see because I've been seeing in many cases that young lads or gals which I can easily take that they are under the age of 21yrs walk up to a drive-through or small retail stores in Pohnpei and buy the cigarette as though no laws prohibit them to do that. Especially, the store person just got the money and handed them the cigarette like what he or she's doing is right or no a violation of the law.

    So, again I do agree that the legalization of MJ plant to mainly for the good cause of one's health is justifiable. But, will the government or parents be able to contain the negative impact that likely follow? Like said, unless we are able to solve what we are facing today, then there is hope we will be able to control the negative consequences that will bear out of the legalization of Marijuana or Maru. But, one self only could not reach and bring about the solution we have now and after. Thanks for reading my two cents.
  • Da fuck is this SHIT, why separate RMI n ROP from Micronesia
  • TruthIsThat thank you image
  • I agree that marijuana should be legalized everywhere. It actually helps people. I have a friend who used Lavender by a prescription of his doctor and cured thanks to it back pains.
  • Whats the point of legalizing it? Cops do not even try to enforce the law. They probably use it as well. Additionally, what are the negative impacts if weed does get legalized?
  • Legalize it for specific reasons. Medical and industrial. We need more commodities in the FSM other than just Tuna.
  • Just read up that there are plans to make it an export product. Legally, that is.
  • It should be legalized. Its a herb.
  • When was it ever illegal? Never stopped me past , present and future. If you think some sakau drinking, betel nut chewing, cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking baboons in legislature or congress is going to stop my free will, then you be wrong nigga.
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