Pohnpei Met Wronged our Traditions and Cultures!

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Did you all witnessed the disrespectfully actions that were done to our traditional leaders yesterday at the crowning ceremonies. First off, they had the Paramount Chief, Isipahu of Madolenihmw, regard him as Wasa-Lapalap yet a Yapese Athlete was towering over him. The individaul was so high up there that he had to stoop down so the the Isibahu put the medal around his neck. What a disrespectful thing to display in public! Out Tradition and Culture do not allow any common people stand or sit higher than our Nahnmwarkies. And look what the Pohnpei met had done. Not only to one Nahnmwarki but all the Nahnmarkies that were there., Yes, the Governor and the Elected Senator will do those chores but not our Nahnmwarkies. This is unacceptable and I salute the Nahnken of Nett for not participating in providing Medals. Sohte me kin Ilakih Sohpeidi let alone stand higher then them. The only allowable time is when one is carrying the "Sakau" whether the plant of the Cup. Pohnpei Met?


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    First, the athletes would feel really honored to be crowned by a Nahnmwarki. Second, they consented to participating in the presentation of the medals. If the athlete was from Pohnpei, I'm sure he/she would not tower over him. Probably the Yapese athlete was not aware of his title. I don't know who is at fault for disrespecting the Nahnmwarki, the organizing committee for appointing them or the Nahnmwarki for agreeing to participate. I don't know. 
  • Ask the Isonahken of Net, He will convey the correct answer on behalf of the Chiefs. He knows....
  • I'm sure it was not the intention to display disrespect in public as some may perceived. We, as human beings, at some point in our lives have to swallow our pride and bask ourselves in the moment.   
  • First of all Pohnpei is presently holding the MicroGames right? Second of all. Its also a kind of welcomming tradition of recieving something from a traditional leader or someone important.
  • It must be understood, that our traditions and cultures are unique to us Pohnpeians. It is what identify us from the rest of of the so many other peoples of this world. As Pohnpeian, we must protect them from being destroyed. It is of great importance that we voice these concerns in order to prevent the destruction of these valuable traditions and cultures. It is best to leave the Traditional Leaders alone in these foreign ways and give such tasks to the Governor, the Lt. Governor, the Legislatures, the Mayors, the Councilmen, the visiting dignitaries, or even the President of the Nation, the National Congress and so many, many other Government Leaders to do the Crownings. After all, they are never part of our Traditons and Cultures. Using the Traditional Leaders is Never our Pohnpeian Ways. Any downgrading of these valuable practices aimed to destroy them. If Pohnpei were to loose these traditions and cultures, our ways of life will be in jeopardy. Our Traditions and Cultures is here and has been here to keep Respect, Peace and Harmony. If any people loses their ways, they would have given up their "Freedom". 

  •  Some will say "Wow, what an honor to receive the medal from the high chief," while some will say, "look at that guy towering over that high chief, that's very disrespectful." Others will say "I don't want to present the medals cuz i don't want anybody towering over my title." And then there are those who will say, "Great accomplishment by the athletes and great sportsmanship and welcoming by the host." 

    I agree that we have to maintain the integrity of our tradition and culture, and always show our respect where and when necessary. But in a rare occasion like this, i think there should be some exceptions. Like I said before, I'm sure it was not intentional. 
  • Stay out Folu please. Esap matawom ena. Stay in Nomwlnuk.
  • Hi Kuop. How are u? Hope you happy with the score of the games so far.lol
    Folu. how is the fish in Guam, plentyful? lol
    Good day you guys.
  • use amanawaei. u kan kechiw pwan chemenata ne nengini we pun upue urupijipij. Good day to you pwi2 mel.
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    Kan ifa chok Ena repwe osufenuttamei AR eoreni ekkei chanu nge Ina e pwukun nikoraffit mereer. Pwaat Ra tipifetan nge Ina nour kana samon kana re pwukun oturupperetiw faan kana athletes. Nanen umwesimwes pwe re-Fonopei. hahahaha
  • so its not okay to be taller then mr.nahnmwarki?
  • I fully support what our friend Oalong. There is no room for comprising in Pohnpei traditional culture with respect to its Sohpeidi. In fact, when one starts to inject today's way of thinking, it always on the opposite of what Pohnpeian have and respect. So, let's just leave the Sohpeidies where they belong and stop this act because Iso of Nett is right not to participate in the crowning of the athletes. my thought.
  • The paramount chief do things as he pleases I assumed. 
  • I will respect the Isipahu more for what he did. The action he took shows the great man that he is. He is placed in his position by God to serve the people. There are things that pertain to culture and tradition and those things have their places in society. But it will be very impractical and absurd to remain true to tradition at all times.

    Think about the situation where the Isipahu or any of the nahnmwarki or nahnken of Pohnpei would be ill and have to be admitted to the Pohnpei State Hospital. He would need to be transported by carried on a stretcher to an ambulance,driven in an anbulance, carried again by stretcher into the examination room at the hospital, go through the admittance process and finally taken to the medical wards as an in-patient. Imagine if in the course of transporting the traditional leader from his home to the hospital and to his stay in the hospital the ambulance workers and hospital workers would at all times maintain a height lower than the leader. Would they be able to carryout their duties effectively?

    The Isipahu recognizes times and circumstances where it is appropriate and practical to set aside cultures and tradition in order to properly discharge his God-given duties to man. The leader, no matter how high his traditional status is, remain a servant of God.

    Jesus is the Master, God, yet He said He came to Earth to serve, not to be served. He their Master, washed the feet of his followers.

    What Isipahu did display the true care and commitment he as the leader has for the people. He accepted his role as a leader of his people to set an example of doing what is right. He was not looking for glory for himself. He already knows his status and place. He is secure and confident in his position that an act which may seem as humble and lowly will not deter his resolve to represent his people's choice to host these games. The people of Madolenihmw are so fortunate to have him as their leader. Kudos to Pohnpei too for being a good host and for being very hospitable.

  • Welcome to the 21st century!!!  people....
  • Yes, welcome to TODAY. Once in a long while and on exceptional occasions, things do take place outside and beyond the norms. Those in royal positions know what their places are and accept the activity on a case basis
  • Cheers to these true Chiefs. They know their places in their respective societies/places and when to perform certain rituals. It's the commoners who don't understand. lol

  • Fakkun pohnpei met!
  • Truthisthat,
    Well said man. There is saying in Pohnpeian.."keleun ieng sohpeidi"

    It is part of our Pohnpei traditions to be" LIROHROHKI AHI SOHPEIDI"
  • Remember one thing, Don't take an advice from a folly rather take a wise one from a wise man."Lirohrohki me mie kanehnge, kaidehn me kin pehnki nan ehwe.
  • It was an inter-island goodwill visit from a sister island, so no biggie. Isipahu knows that. I'm surprised you don't know, Oalong.
  • Isipahu probably know more about international relations than you do. Pity.
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