It appears that there is a Kingdom In Micronesia.

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The United Kingdom of the Ralik and Ratak Islands came about from the union of the Ratak Islands with the former Kingdom of the Ralik Islands. The Kingdom of the Ralik Islands was declared on November 29, 1878, by Kabua, the iroijlaplap (supreme chief) of Jaluit. At the time, the entire Marshall Islands group was a Japanese protectorate. For much of the protectorate period, the Ratak Islands remained separate from the Kingdom of the Ralik Islands, forming a separate Confederation of the Ratak Islands. In 1943, taking advantage of the Japanese Civil War, the king of the Ralik Islands invaded the Confederation of the Ratak Islands, forcing them into a dependency relationship with the Ralik Islands, and then, in 1947, into full annexation by the Kingdom. At the same time, the name was changed to the Kingdom of the Marshall Islands. The kingdom was careful not to declare independence from the Empire of Japan, and Emperor Xòwa acknowledged the legitimacy of the Kingdom of the Marshall Islands in 1948. The official name was again changed to the United Kingdom of the Ralik and Ratak Islands in 1965, however, the old name is still commonly used outside of the islands. The rest of Micronesia often refers to it as simply Ralik-Ratak or just Ralik (to the dismay of the Ratak Islanders). Ralik-Ratak considered secession from the Micronesian Confederation shortly after the latter's formation, but the people voted to remain within Micronesia. Secessionists periodically enjoyed resurgences, most particularly, after the recent amendments to the Micronesian Constitution, increasing the central authority of the Micronesian Confederation. The King and the Nitijela (parliament) have agreed on secession. By the Marshallese Constitution, the question went to the people, requiring a majority of both the Ralik Islanders and the Ratak Islanders to concur. The referendum was held on Itxigaçu 6, 2005 (February 5, 2005; the Marshallese use the Meidji Calendar for dates, but the Gregorian for years, except changing the year number at Itxigaçu 1). The referendum was passed. Shortly afterwards, Ralik-Ratak entered negotiations with Japan to form a new relationship, which was realized in a revitalization of the East Asian Federation. The economy of the Marshall Islands is heavily dependant on foreign aid and tourism. Much of it is still at a sustinance level, but a growing urban economy is developing. The king is both head of state and head of government. The legislature is divided between a democratically-elected Nitijela (parliament) and a non-democratically elected Council of Iroij. The Council of Iroij's power has been reduced to a largely consultive role, except in areas of traditional land rights, where they are the final arbitrer, in concurrence with His Royal Majesty. In other matters, the Council of Iroij has a purely consultive role. The Current king succeeded his cousin, King Amata, after the latter's death in 1996.


  • Wait a minute aren't they a republic????????????????????? I clearly remember the opening ceremony at Pohnpei in the just closed 8th Mic-Games and they were introduced AS THE REPUBLIC OF THE MARSHALL ISLANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEVER KNEW THEY WERE A KINGDOM.
  • There are still quite a few kingdoms in Micronesia beside the Marshalls, however, with little difference. Take the State of Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia for instance. Each municipality or combination of municipalities have their own king, and they call their entity "Kingdom of XXX" as in the Kingdom of Kitti.

    They have their royal court and have their way of passing these thrones to the next generation. I don't know how, but there is still that process after death of a Nanmwarki.

    And recognizing and respecting these royal highness is still very much existed throughout the island of Pohnpei.

    So, yes, There ARE STILL recognized KINGDOMS in Micronesia.
  • You totally forgot to mention the fact there are still remnants of the ancient FINGELAPESE DYNASTY (Descendants of FILIPINOS who drifted with the Eastern Equatorial Current Eastward towards FINGELAP. In fact, recent studies by the Smithsonian Institute of FINGELAPOLOGY have confirmed this through the similar reverse pronouncians of the letter F and P by FINGELAPESE AND FILIPINOS. 

  • The Kabua's aren't the sole paramount chiefs of the entire ralik chain. There are four Chiefly Clans from the ralik and also four in the ratak. Amata was the only chief from the Ralik who had lands in the Ratak cause his mother was a Paramount Chiefess from Majuro. Also The Kabuas aren't or ain't the titular rulers of both archipelagos. In the Ralik the House of loeak is also a chiefly house related to the Kabua's. The Germans thought that kabuas was the big kahuna which he wasn't that let to a war between the forces of kabua and loeak and there was no winner,there is a status quo between the two which is they like the other 2 chiefly houses rule together.
  • So is it the Republic of the Marshall Island, Or the Kingdom of the Marshall Island
  • It is called a constitutional republic and has regular parliamentary elections.  But it functions more like a traditional oligarchy than a democracy.
  • The government of the Marshall Islands operates under a mixed parliamentary-presidential system as set forth in its Constitution.

    This kind of interesting so i did a little research and i was able to find out that the Marshall's government is a mixtures of 3 systems. Its a infusion of Democracy taken from America, Parliamentary borrowed from England and traditional Marshallese governance. Its amazing how 3 different systems go-exist and able to hold out for so long.
  • And you think this is a good system? Have you ever seen or been to one of the rmi government meetings? They are more messed up the government meeting here in fsm. The rmi has 3 clicks vying for power and control,the chiefs or traditional party. the democrats who want to limit the power of the chiefs and spread the wealth and the new generation of politicians or young bloods that wants to totally get rid of the chiefs and alaps system and totally aligns the Marshalls with the USA. Sooner or later these guys are going to resort to steel and swords and fight each others. The infighting inside the rmi government is well guarded secret there in the rmi. The new politicians have encourage people to stop paying traditional tributes to chiefs and the chiefs are kicking more people out their lands and government is powerless to do shit about it.

    More and more marshallese who have served in the US military are joining the radicals and are all against the chiefs,these guys are ex soldier's and when push come to shuff they will fight.
  • You really are a Marshallese to know these inside detail, yet you post as a Kapinga boy. lol, your own way of provoking animosity. 
  • There is this thing called the internet and in it you can access the rmi government webage and in that webage there articles and discussions in which these 3 groups bash each others. Also there is a journal called the marshall islands journal which also inform public about the infightings inside the rmi goverment. There is also a chuukese guy there who has a blog in this blog he tells his bloggers about how the rmi government is disunited. You should try it. Some use the internet to gather informations well cuntstatine I'm well inform kuz i do that. Plus my job takes me all over Micronnesia. Its my job to stay informed.
  • It appears the link is bogus and outdated. Its from the japanese era.
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  • No kabua would rule over all of majol!!! They were scared of irooj laplap Laelang from Arno.
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