this might be way out to be asking this weird question coming from a micronesian like me.



  • They are part Fingelapese because it ok. 

    Of course they are Pacific Islanders!  All of Asia is part of the Pacific. The name Asia was coined by European barbarians with hairy backs. When the Europeans were still running around with clubs chasing after wild deer, all of Pacific (Asia) was already civilized with chopsticks and toilet paper (like US dollars). 

  • Asia Pacific known as Asians
  • hold really confused right you guys are saying they are pacific islanders?? if they are then japan is also part of it
  • The Republic of the Phillipines is considered part of Asia. This means that indigenous Filipinos are considered Asians, not Pacific Islanders.

  • The Philipines have dual status.....LoL....sinbad is dually wrong and right at the same time. The philipines are geographically considered asian but at the same time geographical located in the Pacific ocean oh the Philipines are also a group if get credits either way.
  • Phillipine was the border of Pacific and Asia. Remember there were presence of Micronesian tribesmen in the Phillipine before the European ever come upon these areas. When the missionaries went to the Phillipines, they used "already settling Phillipino tribesmen" who speaks Micronesian language to translate to the late comer Micronesian who just got there. When they communicate, they were all familiar with place and things as if they're from one originated place somewhere in the Pacific. Later they were being documented as DRIFTERS because in those days and time, the "haven't been to the harvard or westpoint schools yet" sailors and missionaries were so unfamiliar with the our way of life and does not believe in the uniqueness of our Navigation and what it was capable of doing.

    So the Phillipino are the Mixed breed of Asian and Pacific Islanders like, Fiji, Palau, and Yap the mixed breed of "Polynesian/Micronesian" and "Melanesian".
  • They are Austronesians just like us islanders, but mainland Asians like Chinese and Japanese have injected them and influenced them so much that they mostly all have turned Asian like.
  • That is why they look more Asian then Pacific islanders.
  • Since the Philippines is bound by the Philippine sea on the east side and south China sea on the west side, it is not in the Pacific ocean. Thus one would geographically conclude that the Philippines is an Asian country and the people are Asians. End of discussion and debate! I don't want to hear anymore bs about Philippines in this "Micronesia" forum.
  • Amen to that, red snapper.  The Phillipines are part of Asia.  Period.
  • The Phillipines are part of Asia.

    can you read that short ass sentence.?

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    Anunaki,  there are 55 Asia Pacific Countries. That list include Philippines, Koreas, Japan, even the United States of America, FSM, Palau, RMI, Nepal...

    Philipines is an Asian Country in the Asia Pacific Region, not necessarily a Pacific Islander.

    Thank you....

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    any minute now,.. all Filipinos be like.. "I'm a Pacific Islander"

    they do not like to be called Asians.
    why because assholes like TDjakes is arrigant and naive. I'll bitch slap a motherfucker with my right ankle
  • Sin is Bad. So if lying is sin and sin is bad, I must be good. hahaha
  • Good Morning Fonufan!
  • any minute now,.. all Filipinos be like.. "I'm a Pacific Islander"

    they do not like to be called Asians.
    why because assholes like TDjakes is arrigant and naive. I'll bitch slap a motherfucker with my right ankle
    Hahahah :P
  • actually the question should be Micronesians Asians or Europeans...ehehehhehe
  • Sure its not melenesians or polynesians?hehehohoho
  • @Micro_Troll

    lol....thats a good one....

  • Filipinos are balut eaters!
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    If they look like Asians, then they are Asians, that's it!
  • There are many Micronesian citizens who look 'Asian' and even have 'Asian' names because one or more of their ancestors was from Japan or some other Asian country.  Does this make them Asian and not Micronesian?  Of course not.

    That said, the Philippine islands are geographically part of the region called 'Asia' and this has designation has nothing to do with the physical appearance of Filipinos.
  • Pohnpei Santos family comes from this Filipino ex-whaler on one of Spanish whaler ship. So, I am too is has some Filipino blood in my veins though.
  • They are both and not like i said. Geographically they are Asians and Pacific islanders. Google philipines ane you will see they are on/in the Pacific ocean. They have allot of contacts with those from mainland asia. Those islands which are now philipines were a stepping stone for those who now call themselves Micronesians,Meleanesia and Polynesia.
  • Define the pacific and the we can decide whether the Filipin is part of the Pacific.
  • The ocean that the philipines is situated in. haha. or did they moved to the Indian ocean? Haha
  • If they look like Asians, then they are Asians, that's it!
    But then what about all the Filipinos who look Micronesian? About half of the population of the Philippines actually looks Micronesian, the other half looks Vietnamese or Chinese. If you go visit, I guarantee that people with think you're Filipino 
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