Racism and Fascism in the Marshall islands

When we think about Racism the KKK comes to mind. When we think about Fascism we think Hitler and the Nazis. But never would Racism or Fascism be attributed to an Island in Micronesia. The Marshalls claim to be a Democracy but it bars those who they consider aren't of the Marshallese blood to ever run for any Government posts within the Marshalls. The Nazi had believed that those who didn't havr aryan blood were sub-humans and didnt deserves the full rights of german citizenship and these sub-humans cannot own property within Germany. In the Marshalls if you dont have jowi or clan or have Marshallese blood you will never own lands or run for government jobs. The Marshalls has also enacted some laws that make it easier for them to deport any foreigners who is a threath to it. By citing "clerical error" on a foreigners visa application the RMI goverment can deport anyone who is not Marshallese, except for Americans and Palauans. Americans and Palauans are exempted from this new deportation law. It also enacted a law that it can also confiscate the properties of those who they deported. It also if a foreignner abuse his or her child they can also be deported. A Well known chinese businessman was deported 4 months ago due to "clerical error" and all his possessions confiscated by the RMI Government.


  • The Nazis did the same thing. First the told the jews they couldn't run for government jobs,then they made laws the made the jews second class citizen's in their own country then they confiscated all the properties of the jews. This is the same policies the Marshalls are inforcing within their so called democracy.

    List of Countries who's can be deported from the Marshalls due to "clerical error" law are.


    Only two countries are exempted from this deportation law and they are.


  • Why only the US and Palau? Why Is FSM citizen's excluded from this protection from deportation?
  • Why the U.S and Palau you ask? The US because that's because thats where their funding comes from. Palau because the RMI and ROP/Palau always support each others in regional policies and they always support one another in the U.N .

  • "Visas are not required for United States, United Kingdom, members of the European Union, Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, and Pacific Islands Forum countries including Australia and New Zealand citizens. Citizens of all other countries will need to obtain an entry visa before traveling to the Marshall Islands." 

  • The law citing the "clerical error", which rmi can use to deport foreigners has a dual purpose to deport those who apply for visa to enter the Marshalls and foreigners from FSM-Fiji-New Zealand's etc. Only the US and Palau are exempted from this Law.
  • Your comparisons of Marshalls to Nazi Germany or Hitlers policies ain't close. First of we ain't killing no foreigners here in the Marshalls. Our traditional systems is the core of Marshallese values and one of the pillars that hold our society together. Ain't it the same thing in FSM also? Doesn't fsm also follows a policy that doesn't allow foreigners to own lands and run for public offices in each of its 4 States? Our way of government is a mixtures of both traditional and a democracy to protect our lands and to ensure that the running of the Marshalls is kept within Marshallese hands. The office of the president of the United States is not open to Naturalize American citizen's Why? So that that office and the US cannot be runned by a foreigner. There are over 200 Million Americans and only 78,000 Marshallese. We are more endanger of losing our lands then the US. Why didn't jack Run for a government posts there in America? Why the Marshalls? Ill tell you why is because no one has ever heard of him in the US, but every Marshallese have heard of him. He has more chances of winning here in the Marshalls then he has of winning any governmental posts there in the US. We don't want to end up like the Hawaiians, who are now second class citizen's in their own islands or like the Chamorros of Guam and Northern Marianas. No doubt Jack will do allot of goods but the point is our government was set up in a way so we Marshallese can be the only ones who control our destiny not nobody else. Jack says he a land owner but only thru inter clan warfare can those lands be redistributed. I'm a Makauleej clansmen and Bikini is the ancestral home of the Makauleej clan killi is also part of the ancient Makauleej domain. We the Makauleej of the Ralik never approved of jacks getting lands and never will. Only thru war can jack own lands in the Marshalls. The people of Killi and Bikini should know this. Either they come to their senses and quickly or inter clan wars or blood will flow. The Ijjidiks,Ribakos,Ritobaals,Erojjas,Rilujenammos,Rikwajleen will back us up when Shit hits the fan. If the chiefs of the Ralik says its ok to make war on our cousins from Bikini and Killi we will.
  • Good point there amI.
  • The title for this discussion ain't of my making. It was written by a American ex-peace corp volunteer. You can find it on Google.
  • very strong and unique government in the Marshall Islands just like in Yap, comparable to - my way or the highway.
  • Hi upland I think I've hear something like that "my way or highway". Is this you my friend?
  • Not too sure, sir. Would be an honor though to be called your friend.
  • Probably I may be one of your after work drinking friend while back. Or maybe not..cheers!
  • Deal. You are now officially my friend. Hope you have a prosperous, happy new year!
  • Hey how about leave us to rule our own lands. Plus its a constitutional democracy, not a democracy at whole, and our constitution says only clan members can be voted to rule lands.
  • Those rules are from the bygone era letao692.
  • Still our lands tho...
  • Rules are rules. Marshall islands belongs to the marshallese, not the other races /ethnicities of the world.
  • Why would anyone want to visit this strip of garbage lining the beautiful pacific blue in the first place?
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    letao692 correction. That is not land. It's a strip of polluted sand that will soon sink below the water. You are welcome to bring your government edicts with you on your canoe when you sail to Kosrae seeking refuge.

  • dikoak : say whatever you want , but you won't
    Change our rules.and don't worry because when times come and our islands sink we will come to your islands with 83,000 people and throw you out and take your islands.
  • Oh you don't have to affirm the troubling idea of your people taking over other islands. It's already evident in Guam and Hawaii. There is absolutely no place to have a picnic at the parks. You guys have tents all over the place and throwing trash like snow falling from the skies :-(
  • That why is good to come close to you cause
    You have lots of trash coming out of your mouth.
  • You need to talk wisely about our islands people.
  • Oh I'm sorry that was absolutely not wise for me to make reference to the homeless Marshallese in Guam and Hawaii. How rude of me to say you guys are raining trash all over and around your tents. A dash of wisdom in my speech. You are are just taking dumps all over the public parks :-)

  • Uhuh [-X Come on dikoak, That was too harsh..We FSM have homelesses, too. Walk a day in their shoes and we'll know their suffering..RMI and FSM are brother and sister..we should look out for each other
  • Whoooaaaa? Intercourse we have I mean of course we have homeless FSM citizens as well. I've walked in their shoes for several days and decided that lifestyle absolutely suck. So I went got a job, bought some fake brand name clothes and accessories, doused myself in men as well as women's perfume, got an apartment, and began looking spiffy. Result, I was accepted into society and was no more labeled as a dirty, lazy nuisance, in public parks. Oh and I stopped drinking and smoking. Absolute necessity in the wake of becoming a new man. 
  • There tends to be some people who criticise what they have not experience firsthand. So let it be...

    We in the marshall are people of the sea. The water is our home. These "strips" of lands are lands none whatsoever.

    It has not been accurately confirmed that our islands will sink.

    Our "strips" of polluted garbage is of more stragetic value than your stonking mangrove swamps over there in kosrae. They are smack in middle of the pass between the western world and asian first world countries such as China, N.korea, and Japan(which will probably rise up again.

    The homeless people in Guam and Hawaii are mostly from the FSM. There are lots of Kosraen along with Yapese and Chuukese. Quite possibly a few Pohnpeians, but i highly doubt that considering that Pohnpeians are more hardworking than the other FSM states.

    Talk about hypocrisy!!!
  • Our lands. Our rules.
  • By the way... we have more tourists visiting our islands than all FSM states combined. B-)
  • Lmfao@more of strategic value. Speaking of insult to injury. First you guys were experimented on then your only remaining area that is not contaminated by radiation is taken away to be used by those same Goddamn bastards that bombed you guys in the first place.

    Well one thing you got right. The water is about to become your home. Start building make shift rafts and prepare to ride the wind down to the FSM. We welcome you with open arms minus that nauseating smell of flesh stench due to lack of shower (Marshalls don't have fresh water). 

    One a side note, that saying should go like this: "The strip of lands are our lands nonetheless". Not whatsoever. Go ahead and make the correction.
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