The following was copied verbatim from Vid Raatior's website, Chuuk State Reform, at, having been posted on 01/31/2015:

Today, Mr. Johnny Meippen, Secretary of the Chuuk Political Status Commission (CPSC), posted the following message on his Facebook page addressed to Chuukese citizens living overseas. While it may have been intended for his Chuukese FB friends, but because of its relevance to the discussion on Chuuk secession it deserves to widely disseminated to “you people.” It is published here in its entirety without any content edits other than to add spaces between ideas / paragraphs:

Johnny Meippen: I see from all these comments there is a pre-existing firm belief out there not to believe anything coming from the Chuuk Political Status Commission or the Leadership of Chuuk. I also see existing out there more love of the FSM than of Chuuk. I also see that we who remain in Chuuk are the real Chuukese who continue to make Chuuk truly ours, our permanent home.

The late Lt. Governot Ridis Heldart said, ” I love Chuuk; Chuuk is the home of ai kewe newo.” However, I can understand why you Chuukese residing outside of Chuuk are so opposed to your Chuuk earning to set itself free from the FSM; it is out of concern for your own interest, the benefits that are derived from the Compact of Free Association, that now become the overriding concern..

You left your home island in search of a better living condition. I do not blame you for doing what you have embarked on.. 80% of my Meippen family is also living in the State of Washington, in search of better living condition, although some unfortunately ended up behind the thick bars of correctional facilities in that State.

The Commission tries to educate ami ekkena Chuukese residing outside of Chuuk, in the U.S. that breaking away from the FSM would ultimately result in better living condition in Chuuk, as more job opportunities would open up not only for those who continue to remain, but also attracting you people back.

The Commission also try to educate you people that breaking away would bring back the power we have given the FSM national government over our fisheries, a resource given to us by our creator.

The Commission has tried to educate you people that since we had given away the power over fisheries, the FSM national government has been depriving us of the benefits thereof.

We have tried to educate you people that the Compact of Free Association is not something that can be easily terminated by ” legally constructive termination” or by political rearrangement within the FSM, for examply by secession or succession of states. But you people tell us that you know better than us, the Political Status Commission and the Leadership of Chuuk.

You disagree with us on all these points. You keep maintaining that seceding from the FSM equals terminating the Compact. You keep maintaining that Chuuk cannot legally secede because the FSM Constitution says so.

You maintain that gaining back control of our fisheries means nothing because the value of it is really insignificat or zero.

You maintain that no outside country would like to help us, but that they would only help if we continue to remain in the FSM.

You even want to take away the right of the people to express their decision on this matter by demanding Chuuk to abandon the idea.

You claim you don’t understand enough to be able to make sound decision, comes March, 2015. Yet, by your own deeds, you have succeeded in telling everybody that you know better and that the Commission and the Leadership of Chuuk know nothing about what they are doing while hiding something under their sleeves.

The media network is filled with shameful words being exchanged, all pointing out stupidity and incompetence on our part. These differences now appear to set us Chuukese apart from one another, those of us who chose to remain in Chuuk, and those of you who have chosen to leave our islands.

My word of reminder to all of you Chuukese out there, most especially my dear friends Vid Radioor and Dan Suda: Given your claim that you are more knowledgeable and more trustworthy than the Leadership of Chuuk and the Political Status Commission, perhaps you shoule [sic] come back home and pull Chuuk out of the mess you ran away from.

I am sure you can navigate within the FSM framwork [sic] on behalf of Chuuk better than all of us here at home. You are more knowledgeable. You are more wise. You are more experinced. You have more love for Chuuk than all of us who are still here, refusing to run from what we call home.

You people out there who align yourself behind these individuals, should write in their names on the Ballot in March, because I failed to see the names of any of these honorables, noble statesmen on the ballots.

Kinisou ngeni ami chon Chuuk mei nom nukun Chuuk ren ititin ami ekiek ngeni kich ekkei chon pekkus, pekkus ne onokkini tufichin me kinamwein fenuach. Opwe kan omusano ren ach nipwakingaw. Amso Kot epwe pusin etitieochu netipach meinisin sipwe aworaswefani nukunuk me tong nefinach fan iten tongen fenuach.



  • EWER KINISOU MR. MEIPPEN ika SARAM ren ei post. Sharing our differences and being very critical take us to the next level to make wise decision. PEKKUS is the key word here. Let's all play no benchwarmers.
  • Telling the truth is the KEY to win the heart and the YES vote from the Chuukese. The Government is really pekus but some pockets are really enjoying.
  • Doing your duty TRUTHFULLY as a citizen or a leader epwe ina na PEKUSUN angaang.
  • Any response from Dan or Vid? This is getting interesting...
  • Ghillisou:

    Vid Raatior's website is a wonderful resource.  It can be found at <>.  I don't recall that he has responded personally to Mr. Meippen's comments, but others have commented on the website.  It is worth bookmarking.
  • Has the "Commission spelled out for the people the specific industries and economic sectors they envision in the desired "Republic of Chuuk" and the timetable for developing them and those responsible for developing them? Do the people need to know these answers before they are comfortable to approve the idea of a republic without knowing what lies ahead?

    It seems some of the leaders of Chuuk in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and even now still think the FSM can become a successful nation. The members of the "Commission" seem to take an opposing view. What makes them think a "Republic" will succeed? Will the government be fairly represented with all the regions having an equal share in the authority and benefits? Will all the infighting for who will get the lion's share of funds cease?

    The people deserve to know the answers to these and other questions. To get the people to vote based on their emotions is very irresponsible and unbecoming of true leaders. Just because it is good to be independent does not necessarily mean it is good to ignore the pitfalls ahead and not be educated enough on the issues inherent in this move.
  • Kinisou TruthIsThat nge mei pwung nge ita ikena ekena mettoch repwe anisi ngeni kich ach sipwe sinei me fat won. Nupwen kapaseis a tour ngeni chon ewe CPSC ren Johnny, Karsom, James, me Bindas nupwen ar we hearing iwe ra era pun amwa kon advance won am kapaseis rese moo sinei. Nge pwata jok mo Johnny Meippen a era nge epwe watte tufich ika sipwe imwuno? Nge iei rese moo ereni kich ika epwe ifa usun napanapen me ka woren tufich ngeni ei Republic of Chuuk? Menni repwene teepeei jok ewe business in human trafficking aijok nuku!
  • The potential is there and has been there since ever since. Why haven't we seen the potential being implemented? Ina popun mwo ii iei a wor chon mochen sipwe imwuno ren ach sise kuna progress fan emwenien nouch nouwis. Iwe ion ika met sipwene tipingeni? Nouwis ika the type of government we are ruled under?
  • First lets fix chuuk economy,infrastructure and education before we talk secession. One must clean oneself then your house THEN you go out. Not go out while ones house is a mess and one still get tutu in ones eye(The green ones).
  • All we Saying is clean chuuk then lets talk secession. One cannot eat rice while its raw am right? Well some people eat raw rice with salt but its bad for ones digestion.
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    ...and health.

  • Why blame the FSM for the revenues that we should get from the fisheries and all? Come on Mr. Meippen do your math before you speak your nonsense about us giving away our rights to our fisheries and its benefits. Did the national government really deprive us from what is due to us? What is the basis of your believe and the commission believes that we are not getting what is due to us? My understanding is NORMA did inform our leaders and the commission that the fish being fish out of Chuuk's water is very minimal due to the rotation of fish within the pacific region. Why do you keep labeling the national government as the bad guy when if fact you have been told numerous times that your assumption is not based on actual facts but facts that you created in your own greed without telling the chuukese what are the right facts.

  • Look behind the breadfruit trees, under the rocks, and in the dark places. China and gambling may be lurking.
  • LOL It must all be the work of Satan, right TiT?
  • Fuelled by the TruthIsThat mental deficiency.
  • Wow! Very, very, never mind.
  • Surely, surely thank you.
  • Sinbad, Iei ma wesewesen pwunungawen ekewe souemwenin Chuuk non ewe Compact 1, nge esapw chok ii ekewe souemwen pwe unusen achiwe government system.  Mi wor governor mei tou while taking millions of government money with him/them.  Ekewe monien public projects a fis pwe monien an ekewe souemwen eningepin mi namotongaw.  Even ekewe municipal governments mwo nge re turunufasa money non ewe fansoun.  Iwe napenoon, a wor ekewe nouwis ra found guilty ren ar kewe fofor mi ngaw, that should have earned them several years behind bars but the government didn't do anything about it.  Epwe kan fet ekewe fitu jok weeks ika fen 1-2 months iwe ra tou.  Kich aramas siakan pwan ekieki nge mei disrespectful an ekewe mwan auchea repwe nomw behind bars.  Pwan non nouch Chuuk Constitution ese apochokun an souemwenin mwuun repwe spend time in prison nupwen repwe commit such offenses against the government.  Iwe metichok me iochok mwo sipwene blame-ini, ngang mei against ei becoming a republic pwe usemo nukuu nge epwe ekesiwin metekei ika si become a republic.  Epwene fen ina me ngawenon pwe kich sia pwisin control everything.  Why not become an US Territory ika Common Wealth pwun souemwen resapw turunufas.  Ika ra tipis ar misuse public funds, they deserve to sit in a cellblock days/nights/months and years and reflect upon their actions.  Ina pwata am ekoch commoners auwamen kan ii concern ren ei republic movement pwun auwa seen enough corruption already.  We can't tolerate any more.
  • Wishbone,

    You may be right, but I heard many labelled it incompetence. We shouldn't cling on to it longer than necessary, though. It is of no use to our Path finding challenges.


    Changes come in many forms. Chuuk needs a "Deep Change", so radical to restructure for a sound turn around !
  • sinbad, I got this from the face book and wants to share with you guys and ask for your comments.

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    Vid me Dan....Ote jek jungujung  first of all you guys dnt need to go back home you guys dnt want to work in any office dwn there

     So  going to Chuuk to help Chuuk is not the best  resolution . 



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    YOU guys are already helping Chuuk by providing information on the web for us to see...

    you guys are already helping helping Chuuk just  FYI..

    working at Chuuk,  hmmmm??  i wonder how many wifi do they have in each office i wonder if i want to work at chuuk right now...

    i think vid and Dan should first wrk here and hire me to go dwn and fix a wifi station so when they want to go down there they can have their laptop running with it...  i mean having  them go dwn right now what are they going to wrk with ?  fingers on the boards?  

    suggest  wrk and get some $$$$ to build a office you don't want to wrk in a office  where the next door a rooster laboratory,  smelly  pigs and grasshoppers    jumping in the background.

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       Naa  that's ok Sinbad I like to use the  first thing that come out first ...  plus im on 4g-LTE now you guys are still on the 2g ahahahah
  • Ifana, please come and visit your family in Chuuk sometime and see how they are using the wifi on their smartphones, on the beach in the taro patch, in the over the water out house, on the beach and in the boat. And when they have casing for the their smartphones, they even do it underwater. hahaha

    Come for a visit and enjoy the coconut wifi
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    I'm working with America to buy some of her stuff so i can ship it dwn to chuuk so we can be all using the latest technology... if someone like me go dwn there who is gonna work for you guys here?  we still be running slow on 2g while the world is looking at 7G RTE-  just saying go ahead sinbad go or stay in Chuuk ill wrk for you and my Families here to make you guys happy.:)  looking a pit modern    kikikiki
  • I hear the apple iPhone 20 is now available .
  • Modern? American Modern or Micronesian Modern?

    You be the model

  • Mr. Meippen, you and Mr. Asor are both lawyers..two very smart individuals. I dont get the tone of the messages/comments you two have shared with us in response to the onslaught of pushback primarily from Chuukese abroad. What do you guys expect from us...silence? Stop finding blames for the debacle that is staring you in the face. Fix it!!
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