Yap's Fuel costs & Flammable Politics

November 28, 2006 Public Law No. 14-92 allocated $200,000.00 from the General Fund of the FSM Congress for Fuel for Chuuk Public Utility Corporation. Earlier this year Yap State allocated much of their own State funds for the Yap State Public Service Corporation. However, that fund has been used-up and YSPSC is reinstalling the fuel rates in the next utility bill.

Yapese, the next time you begin to ask why your minimum wage is lowest compared to the other sister states and yet your fuel rates are the highest in the country, please ask your congressmen for assistance. Give your State general fund a break.


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    Here are your yapese candidates for Congress. The referendum is in March 2007. Ask them for assistance.
    At Large (4 years):
    1. Joseph J. Urusemal

    (2 years):
    1. Isaac V. Figir (I)
    2. Fidelis Thiyer
  • Add in Mr. Vincent Figir for four years term. These are public offices. They must be open for competent candidates from anywhere in Yap.
  • Sorry, YAP. There is no more money to supplement your electric bills. The only remaining money in the General Fund is set aside for President Urusemal's Monument project. Please wait for the next Compact.
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  • Figma,

    stop drinking and get on the net as you are embarassing yourself. You seem very bored and on the verge of breaking point. Relax and chew more betel nuts and talk to Governor Anafel to give you some money for a six pack for X-Mas.
  • http://www.fsmcongress.fm/pdf%20documents/Public%20Law%2014-78.pdf

    is this the law you guys talking about? Seems to me it is to help the corporation, not to pay for fuel. But I do agree that the money to pay for fuel in Yap is a short unwise solution to a very long term problem in the future. Leaders, please be creative in looking for alternatives to doing such a thing again. I don't like the "taaman" mentality this thing fosters, never mind u calling it "ayuw". It can only lead to "gafgow". Thank you.
  • Sims,
    Public Law No. 14-92 clearly stipulates " Fuel for Chuuk Public Utility Corporation". Stop misleading the forumers. You don't like taaman, get off government payroll and don't benefit from 99% of the economy ,which is fueled by U.S federal funds(ayuw). Get realistic when you intend to be idealistic.
  • microculture,

    i agree with you that yap should solicit more money from other sources to tide us over for a little while. but the government's help should not end there. they should also assist in maybe getting third party advisors to supervise how the corporation is being managed. this is done all the time elsewhere. when a corporation is having difficulty in servicing their clientele an unbiased consultant is then hired to advise them on where to streamline their operation. although hiring a good consultant means spending more funds that we don't have, i am sure that if we at least look into this we might find that he/she might save the corporation, and in effect yap state, a bundle. hopefully, if we are open to this suggestion, it might help in the long run.

    in another note, our government should definitely explore finding an alternative source of energy. wind and solar energy springs to mind but they may not be all that is out there. technology is rapidly changing and i am sure we might find it worth looking into.

    merry xmas all
    ps i think our minimum wages suits us just fine. we are a poor people with limited means. maybe we should all live within our means. something to think about.
  • Sorry for being too idealistic, micro. But I would think that is what we are striving for. What is wrong with dreaming and going for that dream. Im sorry if u find my views to idealistic..and i am not on gov payroll. Be assured, I work for what I get. no more, no less. But thanks for the correction...i must have missed it. I am only saying that we are all created with the imagination and the intellect to be productive in finding solutions. Challange...is there any way at all we could keep our GF intact for bigger projects, like the deplorable conditions of the road and airport? Is there any feasible way to raise our wages in the private sector to the point where the government has to follow with the minimum wage? btw, are there actually any person(s) who get the minimum wage still? Just a thought.
  • Obviously the state government of Yap is so far behind about what is going on and what needs to be done to get to the next level economically. Their forms of taxing goods and services have me dumbfounded over the years. Pretty soon i will be taxed for the clothes i wear daily. This government needs to realize the importance and roles the private sector plays in our economy, without their sacrifices and willingness to provide goods and services for the public we would not get anywhere close to having a sustainable economy. They need to follow the private sector in raising and establishing a minimum wage while working to create more and more opportunities for them to lure clients, businesses, and trades, for better prices, more jobs, a strong economy, expanding our infrastructures, better fuel prices but mostly more ways to develop and expand. Their ways of micromanaging everything does not suit the democracy form of government.

    It is true that we are poor people but simply because of the lack of these opportunities. YSPSC is no different, it lacks strong leadership and strong leaderships brings forth creative ways in getting cheaper fuel and sustaining itself.
  • V6AIRadio announcment:
    ".....appropriated funds for fuel has been depleted....your utility will be disconnected Monday for delinquency....there will be a $150.00 reconnection charge....and a MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM ALL OF US AT YSPSC".

    .....very funny.

    In pursuing a merry christmas, you will need the assistance of SantaFigir and Peyal-the-blue-nose-Reindeer.

    Merry Christmas to the General Manger of Chuuk Public Utility Corporation and their Congress delegation!
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  • Price of Fuel at Gas Pump Station:
    December 2005 = $3.80/gallon
    December 2006 = $4.05/gallon
    Price increased by 6.6%

    In your current YSPSC utility bill, if you add your “Residential Fuel Charge” to your normal electric consumption charge, you will find that there is about a 129% increase in your electric bill! One must wonder, where in the Middle East did they dug out that fuel??? But please, don’t moon anybody during the Holidays.
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all in the F.S.M and to those around the world... Prayers go out to all our kids and the sick! Micronesia, let's look forward to a better future, a more secure and honest environment in which we can all live together as one. Our future is in our hands, it shouldn't be in the hands of those who don't understand our moral values. We need to be in touch with who we are, were we come from, so that we can work towards establishing a country that works for it's people.

    I want to help:
    I'm currently looking for people with experience as well as influence in the coconut industry in Micronesia. I know that for a while, Yap had a coconut factory and I'm sure the other states did as well. I need to understand what happened with those companies, if there still in business, what went wrong if the're not. I need to get in touch with those who were involved so that we can learn from the past. The goal is to use our natural resources accordingly to help in the establishment of true independency. A list of people who you think might be able to help in any way, along with their contact information would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to all responses. Thank you all!!!!
  • Micro,
    You are right. Total electric bill has almost tripled, due to the fuel charge.

    Coco oil is more expensive compared to gasoline. $5.00 a pocket-whisky bottle for coconut oil.
  • MZARZAR and Everyone else,

    I understand that the cost of Coco oil is more expensive right now than the cost of traditional fossil fuel, but I believe that if mass produced, the cost will dramatically decrease. Also, let's not look at the Coconut industry just for Oil, many more products can be produced from Coconut. Again, at the moment, I'm just trying to gather key contacts, contacts of those who have experience and influence in that particular industry. The reason would be so that we can ultimately determine if a coconut production plant on any level would be of benefit to our economy, again, we don't want to jump to conlusions. We have to think with an open mind, ask the right questions, come up with a working plan, then execute. At this phase, we are just trying to understand the best ways to approach our close to failing economy. I believe that talking to the right people, people who were a part of our past attempts in various industries is crucial in this phase. Taking it a step at a time, I'm particularly focused on understanding the Coconut industry at the moment. Once a clear understanding in this secture is obtained, I'm open to exploring other industries. All help and thougths are encouraged. With the right efforts, The Federated States of Micronesia will prosper like never before, Health Care, Education, Law Enforcement, and all other vital departments will be functional, something we're lacking at the moment in certain states, if not all. My fellow Micronesians, we can all make a difference, let's secure Micronesia's future, Micronesia's Children's FUTURE!!!!!
  • Joe,

    You might start your research with Tobolar in Marshall Islands. They have a long history of operting but remain a subsidized operation. Jerry Kramer's company was running the plant for the gov't so I believe the opperational inefficiencies will have been worked out and at least you might get a good idea about the cost structure. While your'e looking at RMI you might check out their solar power project in Namdrik ....perhaps the most comprehensive project of its kind in Micronesia. Talk to Berman at MEC and he can refer you to all the technical guys. I believe that solar power has more promising prospects in Micronesia than coconut oil power.
    You may be aware that the European aid people have been pushing for a coconut oil plant to produce electric power. This was seriously looked at by at least PUC and YYSPSC but nobody could get the numbers to crunch out right. You would be looking at massive subsidies once the plants got built. Also an issue of reliable supply during drought years --- all to frequent esp. in Yap OI. But you could probably get some useful contacts from FSMNG Planning Office as some homework has already been done on the issue. Finally, just google the topic and you will get thousands of hits....there have been extensive projects in the PI where the output is so much greater than Micronesia, but unfortunately not many successful projects because of the cost structure....both to subsidize growers , to run the plants and sometimes transport costs to get the copra to market. Good luck.
  • there will be no more copra for people and their pigs...women and children will have no oil to smoothen thier skin...merry christmas
  • yes, fuel cost in Yap is very high that only those they work at the YSPSC can afford to pay their own power from their own money......not mentioning of the fuel charge that it usually higher than the utility charges...plus the sewer charges..perhaps we start to pay for your own poops.....
    lets wait and see what the new administration will do to help their voters in dealing with the YSPSC...anybody know if the YSPSC workers also recieving charges like us? or they dont charge because they are the workers at YSPSC? seen them drinking alcoholic beverages on the YSPSC cars at nights and cruising around the loop road burning off fuel and over charge people to pay fuel charges to coverup of what they waste....
  • True to all that Yap's fuel had uprise compare to the other states. But who gives a F**K, if you can't afford buying fuel primarily for your vechicle, then i prefer you buy a bicycle. Use the car for neccessary purposes. Meanwhile, proud to say, still against the ideas of our government. But what can I do? well, just do what you promises before been elected.
  • Anti-government,

    The issue here is much bigger than just the ability to fill up someone's (vehicle) fuel tank!!!!!!!!!!!

    I understand that you think the cost of fuel is irrelevant to the sustainability of our society. You would be right if we're back in time say, 100 years ago. You should know that currently, the electricity being provide to our citizens in the F.S.M is being generated by diesel fuel. When the cost of fuel in general get's too high (out of control) you'll find that powering even the most simplest things becomes difficult. You should also know that all banking business which are necessary to sustain the little flow of money, which is needed for any infrastructure, is done with the help of electricity. Most our communication lines in our region, not to mention internationally, are done through the use of energy, currently diesel generation. When you ask, "who gives a f**k?" my answer to you is, I do and so do thousands of Micronesians. You see, having energy is the base of a modern economic infrastructure (society). Everywhere you look you see energy, whether you know it or not. Right now, anyone with a little bit of intelligence would care when the cost of fuel rises. Why? We'll, my understanding is that fuel is the only source of energy in our country, and without an alternative, that's enough for me to give a F**K!

    I hope this helps you so that you can support (even in the simplest form) the work towards improving our current situation, even if that means silence. The last thing anyone needs is negative energy! like they say, if you don't have anything nice (intelligent) to say, stay quite!!!

    Happy New Year!!!

  • Happy New Year to you too Joe.

    Your source of ENERGY defines not only the conservation, law, or matter of energy as a elements which could not be created nor destroy, but also the "negative energy" as you mentioned directly pointed to your "INTELLIGENCE" way a scientist like yourself (Mr. All Know) would scientifically states being a out of your mind sort of individual. Be real, obviously, you did not get the whole idea of fuel cost in general. We are aware of the price of the fuel cost. But hey, its only a thought without action. So, I suggest you lay low for awhile and wait for the price of fuel to get lower then you can again speak your thoughts to the wall. Until then, stay quiet (NOT QUITE).

    Again, Happy New Year. May your New Year Resolution come in handy.
  • Anti-government,

    once again, you've proven yourself "quite" "intelligent" in attacking Joe's grammar and word usage while your own writing leaves a lot to be desired....why such negativism? i'm sure you're such a perfectionist......NOT?
  • Happy New Year to u Anti-Gov

    i know u must love ur bicycle, but again, who gives a f**K???????!!!!!
  • Anti is just being himself : anti-government.

    Just do us all a favor and stop trying to sound reasonable by using words improperly causing more confusions in here because nobody gives a f**k about your anti government perspectives!

    It's evidenced from your postings that you dont mind getting SHAFTED! by the government!
  • Blob, blob, blob.

    come on! stop worrying too much. You know I'll always be at your service when in need, and proud to do you a favor in such matter. And I aight causing choas, only admiring how corrupt our government is and was then. Aren't you proud of living a life of mislead the way they do not teach at home, village, or should i say, maybe you too are misusing the authority. who knows, probably my crooked TOOL would be "SHAFTED" by you- but sideways, when in need of adivce(s), you know whom to ask.

    Happy Belated Birthday

    P/S: I believe the words written are used properly.
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