palau and yap (different language)

for some reason, palauans and yappese are different than the rest of the micronesian families. their language are somewhat similar to the melanesians because the way they talk and speak to one another are different. 

i am not hating on my palauans and yappese families out there but it just made me think that their language are really close to the melanesians because i was looking through some videos about melanesians cultures and language and it just made me realise that they sound just the same as the palauans and yappese. 


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  • it made me think, are they suppose to be part of the melanesian region or what?
  • So why are some chuukese and yapese word sound the same and have the same meanings?Meto is a word they share that have the same meaning. Contact between Carolinians and Those from the Marianas happened before there was a Micronesia or Melenesia.
  • I believe Mau Pialug already proved to the world that Yapese could navigate the world...It's safe to say the great Pacific was sailed by these islanders long before Europeans arrived. And I haven't heard much Melanesians speak...DO you mean the Solomon, or the Fijians, or New Caledonians,...? Or just Melanesians in general..? TO be honest, I saw some Solomon islanders on youtube and I thought they were my yapese relatives. Even the chewing betelnut part hit me like a tidal wave of recognition, I think this was in PNG. If you've seen Wariambo you'll know what I'm talking about. 
  • Rasta the Chuukese is very similar to the outer island languages of Yap, especially the eastern-most islands closest to Chuuk, Satawal and Lamotrek. Not only the language itself but also the culture. 
  • Cultural and linguistics put the Satwalese and all the Outer islanders of yap to be Chuukese. EVEN WOLAENS. Politically correct these islands are Yapese but culturally and linguistically these people who inhabited the O.I of yap are Chuukese. What language did Mau spoke? Chuukese right. Only people people in our region of Micronesia that are known for their navigational skills are the Outer islanders of Yap and the Marshallese. Never heard of a Palauan navigator,. Correction there are 3. The Yapese from the main island that went to palauand bring back those rocks, Chuukese who inhabit the Outer islands of Yap and the Marshallese.
  • This is a fascinating discussion. 
  • i beg to differ patrick, this is retardant and silly. this subject was discussed earlier on, even to the point of calling each other names. instant experts arose and misled forum members beyond belief and here we go again. of course palau and yap have different languages and so have kosrae and pohnpei or chuuk, so what. what do you expect to learn/prove from this thread microxaen?  
  • right kinen. 

    The fact of the matter is we are MIcronesians, each with our own unique pride. 
  • Yes, Palauans do not have great navigators as our oral traditions and legends tell us that in the olden days, Palauans thought of themselves as living in the center of the universe. Palauans believed that we had all the resources to support our sustainable lifestyle so we did not bother venture beyond our waters in search for them. With this fact, our villages were constantly competing with each other by means of war to the building of Bai (Old Men's Meeting House) to anything that mattered to embolden the prestige and reputation that we glorified and honored with upmost respect. The accumulation of wealth and money was also a coveted endeavor then, and is still very much now, which proves our present aggressive nature and the spirit of competitiveness which has motivated and driven us to the feats that we have achieved thus far.

    So in a nutshell (or should I say a coconut shell), this is a glimpse of the why we do not have navigators like some islands do.
  • keep those pictures of topless agtas women for your own entertainment/amusement Truth, not in here please but show us some descent pictures of palauan/yapese because that is what we are discussing here.   
  • Yap and Palau have different languages but, I think we understand each other better than others.
  • Flashback!!! Your correct Kinen =D> =D> =D>
  • I think ours and Palauans is a relationship that started long before the quarrying of rai. Of all the islands in the region, Palau was the one made contact with the most. It took many years, many contacts, many exchanges and suffering, and that is the basis of this unique relationship between here and there.
  • The closest language to Yapese mainland is the language spoken by the natives of the Admirality Islands. I believe most natives of the Admirality Islands were descendants of some Yapese castaways centuries ago.
  • Before every Caroline voyages parted or embark on their journeys, they will hang and pray to their effigys and the most important deity in the Conquest was a great spiritual being name Semen Koror and he dwell in the lowest side of the world among the sacred rocks of Palau. They ask him for permission and request permit for entry wherever they go....PALAU was also just among the many other islands in Micronesia a home base for ancient navigators and Rongorik upon his competition to RongoLap went and landed there too.....just FYI!!
  • palau and yap (different language) : yes ofcourse
  • kinen.

    Some islands in Chuuk and Yap have men and women going topless. Two islands in Palau have people who share the culture of the Chuuk and Yap islanders who go topless. It is culture. Do you disapprove of the cultures?

    Are you so righteous yourself?
  • The only ones who have legends those rongrik and rongolab are the marshalls and chuukese, mainly the ones from the Outer islands of Chuuk and Yap. Some say they were real life brothers other says they were school of navigation. But one thing is certain contact was made between Carolinians and Yapese and Palauans but after the fact that yap and palau were settled was say before these contacts coming from Carolinians. According to that Takuya guy, he says both Marianas along with Palau and Yap www were settled by a different branches of the Austronesians, he stated that the Carolinians along with the Marshall and Kiribati w ed were settled later by another group of another branch of austronesians. Man it He could be right or wrong but who knows.
  • laugh out loud at you Truth, i didn't say anything about righteous and disapprove of culture, how did those wiggle themselves into the discussion? as a chuukese, yes i do know that some chuukese and yapese females go around topless. and more than 2 islands in palau share the same culture. if that is what you know,  please share the pictures from chuuk, yap and palau not agta. and be mindful that they could be westerly indecent exposure and morally inappropriate.  

    chill TruthIsThat. we are just enjoying ourselves in here. no need being defensive.  
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