Congratulation Sen. Moses

Sen. Elect Esmond Moses swore in this morning and woud like to Congratulate Congressman Esmond Moses  .


  • them smiling! they can easily clear their student's over due tuitions. No just kidding friends. I hope they've already started to push their agenda according to what we heard they will do and not do. :-w
  • One more new face in Congress Congratulations, Honorable Moses! May you work diligently for the good of the country.
  • I congratulate your success to that seat. All I ask is please remember us the people in every session you will undertake with your colleagues. Please don't be like those before you who let the value of money poison their minds to consider us in every decision and judgment they make.  We have chosen you to lead us. Ask God for guidance In any difficulty you might face. by doing so, you will easily distinguish the lies from the truth. Don't take the bait for it will be used against your integrity. Now you are chosen to stand on top where only few can stand and see everything. Lead us rightfully. 
  • nansokole, nothing is new. hahahahaaaaa
  • Amen to that CocoBoy. Thanks ^:)^
  • that's good news. now in order to help these three new comers in the congress arena, we need to also see that the state leadership change as well. Otherwise, we almost sure that things may repeat itself.
  • Congradulations on being elected. We support the younger generation of leaders in Pohnpei like yourself , Senators Panuelo and Perman.
  • Congratulations Sen. Moses. The people spoke loud and clear. Always take the high road, that way your conscience will be clear at all times. Of course, you will not please all the people all the time. Please heed one wise man shared with me and my colleagues many "moons" ago. First, always ask if what you are about to do is right and is truth-based. Second, always ask if it is good for majority of the people concerned. Oh, by the way, that man was the late Mr. Resio Moses.
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  • There are no dual citizens who are over 21 and Esmond is well over 40. Esmond could not possibly have two passports because currently Article III, Section 3 of the FSM Constitution does not permit it. He would be breaking the law. The attempt to repeal Article III, section 3 failed for now but looks promising in two years. We need to go at it again in two years. Yap's backwardness will not do any dent on the efforts because the last results are promising.
  • My bad....
  • Yayx2, another term of a solid leader
  • I don't vote in his constituency, but I know him from the work he has done and continues to do in ED#3. He has never done a project where he takes personal credit for, unlike some his colleagues who put up signs to claim credit, or taking personal roles in the implementation of these projects. The way he rolls out his projects is always done through dialogue with State leaders and Municipal leaders. Once priorities are set by the joint leadership as far as projects are concerned, a list if given to him and he simply fight in Congress to get his projects funded. Once appropriations are made, the cycle starts again. One thing I also admire about him is that he never enjoy people praising him. I occasioned on him once and I personally thanked him for a project (secondary road) he did for my wife's relatives and he kinda silenced me by ignoring the topic. I think as people will get to really know him, they will come to appreciate the good character within.
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