Joseph Saimon

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is the newly appointed Lt. Governor of Pohnpei State.


  • I think he'll be able to hold the "fort" until the government officials are elected--Governor, Lt. Governor and Senators. While Joe is not a politician, his handling of the turmoil that snared his office, OFA, as Administrator has shown that he has his head on; and can make good decisions. In the last couple of months, he got fired by the former Governor; then reinstated as OFA administrator with Legislature's advice and consent; he had to deal with the highly charged issue involving Luen Thai's lease; the other Korean firm that the former OFA Administrator selected but disapproved by the FSM Court, etc., etc. I think he's ready to take up the challenge. Let's provide him all the support that we can give him--so that Pohnpei government does not collapse into chaos. Just some thoughts.
  • Thank you Marc. Let us all help him in these three months.
  • I congratulate him for the post and the new challenge. A very good opportunity. He would experience the void in this position and I hope this experience does not discourage him but encouraged him. Being a journalist as he is, he must bring out the substance behind the Lt. Governors job. By the way, how did he do running the OFA?
  • He did fine Oalong. Hope he is given the opportunity by whoever wins the governor and lt. governor final showdown to pick up where he left off.
  • you must be a democrat, but of course i can't prove that.:-)
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