Reed Oliver for Lieutenant Governor, Pohnpei State

I take this opportunity to register my support for Mr. Reed Oliver in his candidacy for Lt. Governor. I’ve known Reed for many years now. I know he serves on numerous Boards including PUC, Pohnpei State Education, FSM Banking and FSM Insurance. He has been the Honorary Counsel of Israel to the FSM for many years. More importantly, here are some qualities that I see in Reed, which are important in every good leader: honesty, communication, confidence, commitment, positive attitude, creativity, inspiration and approach. Reed always strikes me as an honest person. He’s a successful businessman but very humble about it. He has excellent communication skills. I admire how he communicates with people of different age, gender and rank. He makes people feel very important. He speaks confidently but with humbleness. He always always brings a positive attitude. I’m voting for Reed because I have TRUST in him. Please let’s vote for Reed Oliver on December 8, 2015.


  • Thank you very much for this. If we want a better Pohnpei now and for our children, H.E Reed B. Oliver is our right choice.
  • Mr. Oliver, you have my VOTE! God bless!
  • so insurance you mean to say that others who is not close or never had the chance to reaffirm your view would just vote for him because you said so? If so, then how do this person who does not know him that much to just agree to what you just shared my friend?
  • I hear he is the son of lojlan kabua. That makes him half brother to former high chief amata kabua, current high chief imata kabuaand chief mike kabua and cousin of former high chief kabua kabua. Is he in line to succession line of the kabua chiefly domains in the marshalls?
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    He is the son of Lõjelañ Kabua. But that does not guarantee recognition in the line of succession. Kabua the 1st had 2 sons. The elder being lelan the younger jeimata. The realm was divided amongs these two. Kabua Kabua was the son of Lelan and the high chief of Lelans realm while his cousin Lojelan Kabua was the son of Jeimata and the high chief of Jeimatas realm. Reed is related to both cheifly families from the 2 realms but is a son of the blood from Jeimatas realm not of Lelans realm. If he comes to the Marshalls he will eat and live in the lands of Jeimata but i doubt he his in the succession line.
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