Seeking Wisdom

Where and understanding it.


  • Go to any of the outer islands in Marshalls, Chuuk and Yap and see a very old "Pwo" or a "Rhepiniok". Make sure you bring with you plenty of local tobacco, Winston or Marlboro and some Whiskey.

    If that's the wisdom you seek. Otherwise go visit Obama or Trump.
  • Or gets permission from skipper to go fishing with her and learned all the new fishing techniques that's how to seek and get wisdom in fishing for yellow fin tuna or maimai. Thanks skipper.
  • lol you funny Mr. Hunt. I am a HE, for your information.

    And yeah, I have just shared one of my grey armpit hair of wisdom. You seek more, I can go whichever hairside of me you'd prefer., top or bottom. lol
  • my bad.. sorry MR. CAPTAIN FISH catch man. lol! And thanks and no thanks because I do not have any grey hair but bald everywhere from top to bottom. lol!

    Just kidding Mr. Skippa and send my greetings to Mrs. Skipper if she's still lives under the same roof. :-)!
  • I'm sorry skipper but this thread is posted under the religion category and please share some thoughts with respect to what the Christian world would perceive in light of biblical view with the topic. Thanks
  • Brother, wisdom is not the same for everyone... just as JUSTICE is not uniformity...

    Wisdom is more than your pwo' and higher than your book knowledgeable...

    JFYI: Or corked trying....
  • Sorry, brother GV but only wish to craft something into this brain in light of biblical perception. You may right to say that but let's try to feed on what or where and to understand thoughts of others in relation to the topic and relative. Thanks
  • For your reading...When praying for wisdom, some people expect an answer to come almost like a bolt of lighting giving them just the right insight to solve their problem.

    Others believe all they have to do is pray and they’ll receive supernatural knowledge at just the right moment. Although God does and has provided wisdom in these manners, there are many ways that God imparts wisdom.

    Sometimes, it’s by revealing a weakness in your own character that helps you grow in your relationship with God and with your fellow man. The Bible says in James 1:5, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.” When God asked Solomon in 1 Kings 3:4, “Ask! What shall I give you?” - He was so pleased with Solomon’s request for wisdom that God blessed him abundantly with knowledge - so much so, that he was known far and wide as the wisest King who had ever lived. God gave King Solomon a kind heart, compassion and a genuine love for others.

    It’s good to remember that the best reason to seek wisdom is not to win the lottery, or to be smarter than everyone else - but rather to enrich your relationship with God, your family, friends and all those around you. This scripture sums it up quite well in James 3:17, “But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.

    Scripture References. Text: Proverbs 4:11-12, 1 Kings 4:29-31, Proverbs 2:1-5. Happy New Year Everybody from Pohnpei.
  • Grateful_Valbert, wisdom seeked by lost souls must be assisted starting with the basic resources, wise and aged experienced elders. From there the seeker of wisdom may be able to expand on the self's encounter and experiences in latter part of the life.

    A leaf is wisdom. It has survived without having to move about in search of food.
  • Good job, monitors. At least you still enjoying yourself...

    Thanks,, if it was not for microforum, I would not be this confident in my used wisdom or should I say BREAK BREAK... whose breaking!!! Hoodoo

    Thank you for all the knowledge and wisdom sia kai sor epipi won ei mecha. Atora achieve kinisou oh, Dinbad...

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    Valbert aka Childish aka Meze, owa kapas mwan
  • No, typo. Auto correct, I have already corrected it. Sorry...
  • Thanks pekalong for that lol! e-e-e-I-iyyyy!!!
  • True wisdom comes only from up above which is from God and false wisdom comes only from Satan. So we must all be extra careful of the wisdom we get every moment of our life's.
  • Let's be clear here, even those who do not believe in God do have wisdom ... so where do their wisdom for goodness come from? Anybody???

    Note: Everyone of us was made in the image of God! God's temple is within each and everyone of us (IT DOES NOT MATTER IF ONE IS A FAITHFUL OR NOT) inspiration does not happen by force of anything external... everything starts from within... Meze will leave it at that for now...

    Forget not, we are part of God's creation ~~> ☆☆☆♡☆☆☆ were we made to have wisdom and if yes, how!!
  • Wisdom from God is knowing, understanding and doing things according to God's Word, Will and Way.
    Only through God's Word do we have the Wisdom from above.
  • Agah! That is limiting God's love and abilities. .. mind you, I am not questioning wisdom from God but you are DEAD wrong, my BROTHER!! I HOPE YOU ARE NOT A PASTOR AND/OR PREACHER IN ANY MICRONESIAN CHURCHES. ..I am not an expert when it comes to the BIBLE but I know my faith and do study and read the bible...including studies/findings of science in comparison to the bible...

    Wisdom is not ONLY thru the word of God. Sounds like someone is sore and losing grips or something.. lol. Your LOST!

  • There is difference between God's children and God's creation.
    Are we all God's creation? Definitely... no question
    Are we all God's children? Absolutely NoT

    So what are you?
  • You tell me, what are you?

    What religion and studies taught you the difference, my friend?
  • My friend Meze, true wisdom is from God's word ONLY.
  • Your hiding behind your words... and what does that mean to you, son of man or are you son of God?
  • You wanna know where one can find truth and wisdom? DO YOU? I know where my wisdom come from, my friend. It is true prayers and listening to God in the quietest moments of my days...
    So understand that I am not being defensive... I am looking at the picture as a whole... tell me again, what does it mean to be inspired and how? Paul the well known murderer of his time had experienced God... you know the story!! Was it thru SATAN OR what would you have called his experience. ..remember, A WELL KNOWN CRIMINAL. ..he was not studying the Bible...

  • John 1:12 says, " But as many as received Him to them gave He power to become sons of God...."

    James 1:5 says, " If anyone of you lack wisdom let him ask of God...."

    Romans 10: 17 says, " So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God,.." Bible

    Acts 23:6 says, " ... I am a Pharisee, son of a pharisee..."
    The Pharisees were a major Jewish sect whose insistence on ritual observance of the Scripture.
    "Paul was born in Tarsus, a city in Cilicia, yet brought up in this city Jerusalem) at the feet of Gamaliel, (Acts 5:34-39) and taught according to the perfect manner of the law of the fathers, and was zealous toward God, as ye all are this day."

    My friend, i am sorry. I'm not trying to prove you wrong or anything. I'm simply expressing my beliefs on what the Bible says. Yes I do read and study the Bible just like you (perhaps). and I do believe that the Bible says what it means and means what is says. Let's continue to read and study the Bible not to gain knowledge (to argue more) but to draw nearer and nearer to God Our Father and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • Hehe, thank you,SOU! You are giving me bible verses but you are lacking in explanations... DO you realize that I could simply do the same, cite all the wisdom bible verses? LOL. Meze owns multiple resources that would direct her exactly where to go for any concepts of discussions?

    You are stuck in your pipe of intention(s). I will let you live with your own intents... INSPIRATION IS FROM THE DEVINE IN THIS WORLD. Do not dismiss nonbelievers. ..many who claim they are hard core religious figures many times are the devil's menehunes!
    lol... DISTORTIONS BITES, be careful how you swing and hide... it could cut you without you knowing...

    Here is true inspiration without dismissing nonbelievers... SATAN does not like peace, love and anything good... so you can not simply dismiss those who do not believe in God. I do have friends nonbelievers, they have and are still continuing to promote goodness and positivity in this world... DO NOT ATTACK THEM INDIRECTLY....
  • If I might add to the conversation at such a late time. The Bible says fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. Meaning that first we should recognize who GOD is, who we are in relationship to HIM, and act accordingly. JESUS said seek ye first the kingdom of GOD and HIS righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. If we seek HIM and HIS righteousness, HE will provide all that we need at the time that we need it, to include wisdom.
    I have found in my own life that at the times when I am closest to HIM I have acted the most wisely and at the times I am further away from HIM I act more foolishly
  • No one knows for sure what religion is absolutely TRUE. That is why the world has so many of them. All we have to go by is self-suggestion or what is called faith (State of Mind). Remember about a thousand years ago, everyone believed the world was flat, but such belief did not make it TRUE. Research history and you will learn that religion has changed many many times thru-out the years to fit the customs and traditions of those people living in those times. I guess the Truth is whatever you believe it to be, but that doesn't mean it's TRUE. Stop judging other people's religion and let them believe whatever they want, because that's what work's for them, regardless if it's doesn't matter.

    Q&A: Would a rich and happy person write about extreme suffering, revenge, death, burning in hell forever etc...I don't think so, their too busy enjoying life with happy and positive thoughts. But a person or persons who could write something like this has to be suffering, poor, depressed and a slave wanting revenge. Stop wasting time judging or comparing other beliefs. Life is too short, be happy and live responsibly!
  • There are only two religions. One is of Cain and the other one is of the Cross. One False one and one True one.
  • If it's wisdom you seek? Pray everyday and read the Bible. That is where wisdom abound!
  • The fact is that no one knows which is true church and which is false church cause if we have known which is which then there won't be a judgement day for everyone. All we have to do is abide with the bible and stick to what we have faith in and believe is true for us. We have no right to criticize others cause even us ourselves don't know if others are right or wrong. God didn't acknowledged us and wants us to judged others.
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