New Breed of leadership in Kolonia Town Government

Mr Billy Edward, brand new councilman representing section 7 of Kolonia Town has recently donated all of his representation allowance to his constituency to use at the local health clinic - for medication!


Up and coming solid leadership!


  • That is very noble. Hopefully more will follow his example.

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  • This is good governance right here! I wish all of our leaders were so dedicated to serving the people.
  • Billy Edward now climbing the ladder,
    Becareful or else you fall and broke your legs..
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    All lack the intellectual capacity to make a difference.
  • Good job Billy represent brother.
  • Hello Biz,
    this is good that Mr. Edward has donated his allowance. I suppose it is public record how much each councilman/woman receives in allowance each term, so what is the amount of the allowance and which local clinic is it intended for?
  • If there was no allowance in the first place, the money can be spent on medicine, more so since all council members will receive no allowance. So Mr. Edward looks good because he gives back what belongs to his constituents in the first place.
  • But there is, so your argument doesn't make sense. Give the councilman credit for trying to make a difference. You should persuade the other council members to follow this new breed of leadership that biz e is so excited to report without much specifics but nonetheless
  • Hello biz
    Disregard my last request. Got the info from the Facebook link you provided. Thanks
  • Hey Biz,

    Just curious of the overall extent of the referred word used in your post " Constituency". Is this kind gesture of good faith extended to all citizens of Kolonia... or limited and offered to the principal constituency of section 7 only?
  • smart move starts from where you represent and then pull in the rest after the resources or funding source is available. but, don't wait for someone to start it rather try and always be the one that other colleagues would consider to jump in or not. just a thought from me. thanks
  • One step for Kolonians and a giant leap for Micronesians. I applaud Mr. Edward for his wonderful contribution to the People of Sec. 7.
  • That is one good first step. Now let's hope that extreme step stays and motivate other councilmen or councilwoman follow in his step that is if they had not done it. Yeah, I also applaud this person for taking that wide leap without fear because he believes to return section 7 the favor for putting full trust in him.
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    Hey Mr G

    Its for section 7 only for now but I'm sure this trend will catch on and more counsel members will do more for their people, at least consistent community meetings..

    Councilman Edwards move is a wakeup call.. And a good one! He plans to hire private trash collectors with his monthly allowance next.. Now that, to me is a selfless leader!

  • I wish we have that kind of leader in all the municipalities.
  • you can take that to the bank kiroumwohd. that's just what all our leaders from the top ladder steps down to the lowest step. thanks kiroumwohd.
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    Biz E,

    I applaud the generous gesture of reciprocity to the electorate that elected him. I am also willing to become a promise-family (ineu en peneinei) to the next council member who, without any force, temptation or coerce; willfully donates his monthly representation allowance to Nan Mwet Market or Nan Kohsi Market so that we may come together and abreast ourselves of the pressing social, economic and political issues surrounding the Colony... Apweia?
  • not a fair idea HG to have your allowance end up just in the market places. What about those who hardly or do not indulge with da kind of leisure? Remember that we are many who are also in need just like anyone else living in the same colony.
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    Akuna Matata SS1,

    Of course it will be a rubbish idea to spend such public-borne tax money for private leisure that only a few could benefit from. I was merely trying to raise a red flag for Biz E... just to remind him that he owes me and the new councilman a sakau treat.

    As a MOF, I hope this idea of convenient service provided by an elected official does not further contribute to the on-going infestation of spoiled and government dependent citizens in the Colony... If the river ever runs dry.
  • akuna akuna matata HG. Agree thanks.
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    Mr G

    the 'private leisure' ,as you've put, is when allowances for community meetings were never used for that purpose. i guess what im more excited about is the new trend that councilman edward is setting. it may not be the silver bullet, so to speak, that would invigorate the peoples trust in the government, but i think its a good start wouldn't you say?

    lets encourage this and at the same time expect better flow of information in the communities that these fine gentlemen represent in the council..

    akuna i got the next round at the newly renovated nan kohsihsang!
  • Biz,

    It is disturbing to my conscience that some might perceive my earlier comments as condescending in nature to the Samaritan convictions of CM Edward. As mentioned earlier, I applaud and will always respect such principled public servant. I just hope and pray that we don't really get spoiled and dependent on KTG to nurse our small bruises and scrapes or quench our thirst all the times.

    ... and since today is Friday, why not we honor this TGIF happy feeling at Nankohsisan today,.. your treat!
  • His meeting allowance Biz? lol.. He is entitled to his allowance if he attends Council meetings, right? Meeting Allowance! So he made a commitment with his allowance. So the people will wait until he receives his allowance or he will set up a charge account and his allowance will be allotted after every meeting? What is the mechanism here Biz? What a great campaign, feel sorry for those who thinks this is a very great or best work of a councilman. lol..If I were a Council and I see the need of such in my I section, I would propose a legislation to appropriate sum of money for medication for Kolonian's that could not afford, not my allowance and not for my section only..Aahahahahaha..Rookie minded..
  • Mr. Billy Edward has done a wonderful job at our community. Lets go Councilman #7 Booyah!!
  • Palikir_sokehs

    I don't see anything wrong with Donations and as for propose legislation to appropriate sum?

    I think that were Mr. G's perspective on spoiled could apply...

  • Palikir_sokehs

    No regrets
  • There is nothing wrong with donations.
  • Palikir_sokehs

    Kolonians are compined by many colors of our islands....So i beleive this goes to the island wide not just the particular

    May we can go up the ladder to expand to all kolonians...


    I dont think discussion issue with the same group everynite ...will great changes .... Mwein ..and I also think that's a spoiled way...mwein pahn pil pweipwahnd...

    I totally disagreed..... They may still voting for me if I do nothing to them ..

    Because he owe from the nites in the Sakai bar...and that slower our colony

  • Palikir,

    the contrast to the rookie minded is a seasoned pro politician, am i correct?

    so then - please share what our pros have done in the past 12 years that have induced revenue to the towns coffers ?

    at the end of the day, its change that is in the air and we all should embrace it and contribute to it..


  • "There is that scattereth, and increaseth yet more; And there is that withholdeth more than is meet, but it tendeth only to want." - Proverbs 11:24

    The young brother gave without hesitation. How the funds are to be disseminated is no the issue. At the end of the day, we had one politician who actually has a heart. Apweia? And the comments of being a rookie and everything...can someone tell me...who among all the politicians never stepped in as a rookie and today call themselves seasoned politicians?

    Lets support the currently seated with positive feedback because they will be running the show from here on. Maybe a little bit of constructive criticism will better this effort.

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