I have been impressed to share some videos with you. If you are interested to learn some new and lifesaving information, please clink on the links provided.

God bless you.



  • For those of you who do not have fast internet, you may choose to copy the videos and view them at a later date. To copy youtube files you follow these steps.

    1) Click on the video you wish to view.
    2) After it loads, click in the area after the dot (.) in www in the task bar.
    3) Type ss and press enter.
    4) When the savefrom net appears, select download MP4 360p. File saving will commence.
    5) After it is finished, go to Downloads folder and click on the file to view it or copy it to your usb drive.

  • Live saving. You mean you need donations from our savings? ...lol.
  • Be positive pekalong. Just focus on the ones that you know are good and leave other ones that you do not like. Is that fare my friend?
  • Okay i'll be positive and precise. Are you ready TT? STOP showing these hypocrites cause I am tired of their stupidities period. You hear me?
  • take it easy pekalong. you sound like your sugar is sky high now. lol! Remember I told you in other threads that you always remain neutral because that will show that you are indeed representing what you really are in terms of someone who believe in God. The simple thing to do or say,, just let the holy spirit control what we to do and say like (wwJd) what would Jesus do. remember that?
  • Thanks ssearcher1, sorry but every time I see criticism and other humiliations in here my A1C come to a maximum level which spins my brain around million times. That is why I try to do my replications to distract my adversities.
  • ..Continue to tell yourself over & over again & eventually it will become your truth. Every single church from the beginning of time came from an idea, borrowed from one another certain aspects and slowly grew into the accepted truth or the way of life as we know it.

    Some people read a Bible and pray to clear their conscience, some see a Shrink, some drink alcohol and some do whatever they do to move on forward in life. No one can say what Church or Bible is true, only that they can allege it to be by referencing it to the good/blessings they received in their life...anyone can claim that but none can prove it and none ever will.

    The Churches should have explained the definition of someone having Faith. Faith is a state of mind induced by auto-suggestion...thoughts or ideas can become real by auto-suggestion. Try it out for yourself and you will discover this simple truth. Keep thinking about something over and over and over again and eventually you will act upon it and turn that thought into reality, simple. Criminals fill their minds with negative/bad thoughts and they commit crimes, good people think positive thoughts and they give freely or do good things. It is not rocket science, it is common sense.

    If you research far enough in history (further than grandpa) it will become clear to you how Churches became into existence and how it influenced and used it's power to control the masses into co-operation. Christ, Mohammed, and many many others used this method to influence the masses. It all began from an idea or...a thought.

    It might be a good thing to abide by some of the Bibles commands and examples as there are many positive ones. If you want it to be true, then by all means believe it to be true, it is your right to do so and nothing wrong with that. Just don't force it upon others, because someday, someone will call you out and the only defense you have is "You need to have faith". I say you need to stop making excuses in life, get-up and make it happen, don't sit back and wait for it to show up at your doorstep because it ain't gonna happen. Be responsible for yourself and stop being a lazy, excuse making asshole!

    Investing a lot of Money and mixing it with Power= anything can be made true. Seek the truth and the truth will set you free...you better believe it.
  • Gator,

    The information is shared, explained, elaborated, defended. You are free to believe or not believe.
  • But lacking in the most important element...
  • Evidence?

    The authenticity of the Bible has been proven. Archaeology has confirmed the cities mentioned in the Bible existed. Changed lives of the people who believe in Jesus Christ is a testimony to the power of God.

    What do you offer? Life in this world, then death and that is it.

    Christians have hope. What do you have? You know, you too can have hope. That is my prayer for you.
  • The authenticity of the Bible has been questioned, debated, cut, edited and pasted for many years and has been left to the "believe it or not" section. The unknown handful of authors of the Bible are the only ones who confirms each other or ever mentions any of it's contents or miracles.

    No other person living in the time of Christ has ever mentioned or confirmed any of these writers whatsoever. Not one single story of the life or miracles has ever been recorded by anyone other than the handful of unknown writers of the Bible.

    It's interesting to learn that there was a huge library filled with countless books and many many writers, scholars, astrologers etc... living in the time of Christ. I guess they all decided not to record or write about any of it. I don't know how they could ignore the story about all the dead Saints that arose from the dead and went down town, or the Astrologer forgetting to record the total eclipse, just to name a few??

    Archaeology confirms locations and cities...anyone can write a story and place it in any location to be verified. For example: I personally met President Abraham Lincoln and we had lunch in a white house located in Gettysburg...the white house existed and Gettysburg existed...great my story is confirmed??

    The only thing that is guaranteed in life is, death & taxes. You make your own Hell or Heaven here and now.
  • It is how one approach something that may determine how the person will see it. For you, you do not believe in God. Nature speaks to the existence of God. The Bible speaks of it. Personal testimonies of people who were once non-believers attest to the power of God.

    Did the world just came into being by chance? Or, is there an intelligent Being who created it? Even science is admitting the evidence of the existence of God, the Creator, as seen in nature and the universe.

    But going back to the words and the reliability of the Bible, there are so much references and sources of information which will back up the validity of the persons, dates, places, and events, spoken of in the Bible.

    Consider the following work in this respect.

    1. Irenaeus, Anverses haereses
    2. Arthur G. Patzia, Th Making of the New Testament (Downers Grove, Ill: InterVarsity Press, 1995)
    3. Karen Armstrong, A History of God (New York: Ballantine/Epiphany, 1993)
    4. William Lane Craig, The Son Rises: Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus (Chicago: Moody Press, 1981
    5. Simon Greenleaf, The Testimony of the Evangelists (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1984)

    When I return, I will post additional work for you to research. I do hope you will study the works of these authors in order for you to make an educated conclusion based on the evidence presented by the many and various persons whose works support the claims of the Bible.

  • Believe it or not, I used to be just like you, 100% loyal to the Christian Church. Until one day I woke up and realize that it's all just story telling. These stories belong to myth, not in historical records as you may notice. No public school will ever teach it.

    All these people you've named above Irenaeus, Anverses etc...are only writing OPINIONS and nothing more. Everyone has an opinion about something but that doesn't mean it's a fact. There's a huge difference, an opinion is subjective and open to argument. A fact is closed and final!

    None of these people you named are EYE WITNESSES to the events taken place in Bible times or the life of Christ. No one other than the Bible writers has confirmed any event. All of these unbelievable miracles performed did not make it to any other book?? If it were true, I tell you, every single person living in those times will stop, drop and roll. The world would not have to invest a penny to get it's members.

    1. No one knows if there are many Creators or just one Creator. It's all a guessing game
    2. Science deals only with proof.
  • Gator,

    You could not have read the books I mentioned in just the short amount of time available to since I posted the titles until now. So, I encourage you to take your time and read them.

    I will give you other works, which give the scientific and factual information you want later.

    May I ask you, What made you change your mind about God? What triggered that sudden realization?
  • TruthIsThat,

    1981, 1984, 1993 etc...? Where's 4 BC to 40 AD?

    Anyhow, why read biased research and opinions just look at the dates.These are irrelevant to the facts and it's second hand smoke more related to marketing strategies to get a sale.

    One day it hit me like lightning and I realized what USA & Europe was promoting around the world. They are trying to force the Trinity idea upon everyone (Democracy). All three heads equal in power, Legislative, Executive and Judiciary. This idea does not work obviously as they have been making wars or involved in wars ever since it's creation. Countless unnecessary deaths caused by this idea.

    The Native Americans and Micronesian's had their own faith and system that worked for them back then. Even though it was viewed & considered by bigger countries as the false faith, it made them happy and live in peace, which was a whole lot better than introducing a Trinity idea and creating constant War with each other; judging, criticizing and killing each other and a never ending wonder about if this particular faith, could possibly be false. Hearing children asking the why and how come questions, even adult ask it too, believe me.

    Don't know if you have children, but as a father, I will be there for my children and give them guidance, support and show by action how to do something and how to be good. I could never leave them with a book full of instructions on how I want them to live and tell them I see you everywhere-everyday, but you will never see me or hear my voice until you pass away. I will never allow my children to hurt and kill each other, I will intervene because I love them and I want them to be good. I want the best for my children and I want them to be happy, financially secured and fearless.

    A real father not only talks but he also go by action and never let's his children wonder if he's real or not. An absentee father either doesn't care or is unable to do anything about it.

  • Gator,

    What is your theology of God. Your answer determines which of the 4 category of people you fall into.

    You may choose to not believe this but the religions of the American Indians and the Micronesians and other peoples, were in the beginning the faith they had in God. And just like with anything else Satan comes and corrupted the true God worship systems and then there entered an evil aspect to them. Same with humans.

    The true God is never far from us. As a matter of fact He has a place within us. When we invite Him in, He comes and dwells in His place within us - our hearts. When we push Him away, He leaves. He leads us, and shows us the better way to life and if we allow Him we receive the blessings.

    No matter how much us earthly fathers try to protect our children, it is not possible to guarantee 100 % safety. This is because we cannot see the future and where our vision do not reach. But with God these are possible. While we do not always understand God's ways we can truth Him because He knows the past, the present and the future and He cares about us. We humans only know somethings of the past, present, and can only make guesses about the future. Still our children trust us to some extent.

    Science can explain many things about the human body. But science has trouble explaining love. Why is that?
  • I think you are missing my point...Anyhow I'll try to answer your questions.

    My theology is simple. There could be 1 God or there could be many Gods or there could be no Gods involved with the creation. It is yet to be discovered or confirmed. People can only come up with theories and assumptions...(very intelligent people I might add)

    If my close friends and I were to write a book about an unheard of faith and filled it here and there with some solid facts, and top it off with beautiful embellished words and promises... bury it in the ground for about a few hundred years...do you think anyone would believe it when it's found?... I guarantee you there will be groups of cults jumping up and down and ready to die for it.

    If you invest the necessary time, money along with the ability to convince a lot of people, a theory, even if false, has a very high probability to succeed. Businesses do it every single day, they spend a ton of money on advertising some junk in hopes to get a sale. Churches operate no different than a Business/Corporation. In fact it would be more profitable to open-up a Church as it is TAX FREE and you don't need to pay your workers, just keep them feeling guilty about taking away Gods good money.

    I prefer a father who doesn't make me feel guilty, scared, small, shameful, and also one who doesn't constantly remind me and threaten me about burning forever and ever and ever and ever...and ever.

    Definition of Love: Love is the same as "care". People misuse it's meaning.

    It is not science's responsibility to prove a faith false, it is people John Baptizing aloud that need's to prove it to be true.

    What it comes down to is... all faiths are nothing more than a placebo.

  • Gator,

    I am so very happy with your answer, really I am. At least part of it. The reason for my saying this is because now I know that you are still within God's embrace. You have the love theology as is described in 1 John 4:18; God is love. I pray someday, that same love you have for your children will draw you again to the Lord Jesus Christ.

    I think I do not need to give the names of the other works which support the Bible and the fact that Jesus lived and still lives.

    Peace to you.
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    OH! OH! TT, what you just share above remind me of you accusing us Mormon who wants to become like our Father in heaven which is God. What you just shared above is most likely supporting becoming like God situation. You mentioned and I code: "The true God is never far from us. As a matter of fact He has a place within us. When we invite Him in, He comes and DWELL in His place within us." Wow! Its like I am on a ship that is shifting in every directions which brings confusions to me.
  • pekalong,

    Take it easy. Your blood pressure may be going up again. What I just shared is not new. Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and it is our heart that God dwells. God speaks to us by way of our minds, but He dwells in our hearts, if we invite Him.
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    Sure my friend, that is exactly like becoming like God. Our hearts is what needs to be clean, purify and be perfect like God who is perfect isn't it? Cause if its not then God will not dwell in it isn't it? Wow! I can't believe you first didn't agreed with the becoming like God situation and now sharing that he dwells in our hearts. Is there any difference with God dwelling in our hearts and becoming like him or inviting him into our hearts?
  • Your heart is where your BLOOD lives. Nothing else.
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