• Earned what yournotsorry?
  • Soko Kowe Mr. Coke 2... oppps, Councilman-elect.

    Congratulations to you and all your supporters. En shak Nampa ehu!
  • Keriemen tohr lol kamwan Jack! Congrats, kita kam kidi mah, kamaurada kosoned en kidi o!
  • waiting for checks to be cut
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    Is this for real? Time to legalize pot for Kolonia Town.
  • lol...I hope their fantasy becomes their reality...
  • Kolonia council should start levying taxes on other governments' offices domiciled or based in this town!!
  • Is Kolonia that desperate? Just curious. Thanks
  • Is this the Jack of all traits?
  • the reason I asked is that I'm a kolonia resident and I think I like other non-kolonia citizens residing in Kolonia deserves knowing if Kolonia really in stage where it is thinking to start levying state government offices currently established within it premises. I was kinda worry that Kolonia might want to start charging non-kolonia citz who resides in Kolonia before it looks to state government.
  • Compact impact in Guam and Hawaii..

    Capitol impact in Kolonia similar?

    Iets discuss that..
  • lol ssearcher..i thought ur ED2..now ur ED 1? lol...u must be on all three!
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    Section 4 holds one of two only natural streams in Kolonia and it's very polluted!

    What's your plan Jack?
  • biz e..tell me...whats the progress of the seidonakawa stream? in your section....?
  • I am very interested with the your comment Iamsorry;

    Streams are important to our livelihood on Pohnpei. I know of rivers in the big World countries that built their cities along their banks. Same things happened they got too polluted in spite of the efforts to keep them clean. What came next was important. The experts came up with ways to clean the polluted water so that those that live down stream could benefit. The same could be done to the polluted streams in Kolonia. Kolonia town could build its own reservoirs, huge tanks ( million gallons) and collect the polluted water. Once this is done they should clean the collected to the point where it becomes useable, "Clean" for cooking and bathing only. I know the New Mayor could do this very easily with his construction company. Let us not waste any water. The only set back is that the rule of the thump for reservoir is 1 gallon of water = $ 1.00. so a million gallon water tank would cost $ 1,000,000.00.
  • lol..before you commend further and fantasize on the revenue part....please understand what we are facing here....
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    What are we facing? Lol FSM's surplus not shared with the states? That's what I see that we're facing.

    Our Seidonokawa project is a NGO initiative and I am a volunteer, come see me for an update and report at anytime!! We need to distinguish voluntarism from elected offices!

    In this case, i presume you are either a politician or someone who has close ties to one! The ideal politician ought to be accountable to his/her constituents! They should hold regular community meetings to update people so that we don't resort to using this medium to attack their way of doing business!!

    We need to involve everyone in the effort to cleanup our environment! And in kolonia there isn't a more pressing environmental concern than the clealiness of our two streams, the Seidonokawa and Daini !! I plan to help jack kick off the cleaning of the stream in his section like we've started doing on the Seidonokawa!!

    Ni wahu
  • These efforts are supposed to be appreciated, why can't we appreciate and encourage these volunteers? is it because of what they do or whom they talk about?
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    If any elected rep pays closer attention, no one will talk !

    The appropriated funds from general funds is still a scam and you don't want people to talk? Watch out election is coming up!!

    Even if I didn't question our congressional reps ( the whole body) you wouldn't have appreciated anything we do because it threatens you, basically..

    Know your people !
  • when was the last time you checked the stream in all the sections? where are the solutions that such NGO provided to make sure that it is protected? so it is about voluntarism? I thought the implementation of your group are to protect the stream? I do not see any effective protocols being implemented but such from a funding source.

    i commend on your passion for the environment, i do!

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    First phase - remove pig pens ( 23 to be exact )and all pollutant sources such as PUC's outfall pipe that you refuse to pay for, now Japan Ambassador will pay for!! ( deadline Dec 2017 )

    Residents don't want to cleanup until PUC's raw sewage dumping is siezed! As a matter of fact, today April 12th, Japan embassy reps will be visiting this very stream to assess how to best deal with the PUC pipe! Something YOU, our FSM General Fund happy user - SHOULD be doing!!

    Physical cleaning will be last!! That's the easiest part! But you already know all this after nosing around with our grantor!

    We will meet and beat all your expectations without a penny from congress! FYI this is why I'm pissed off about how our reps give money to their family and friends and ignore the safety and health of the majority!!

  • Name : I am sorry = ?? Lol I know u


  • OK I accept your apology lol

    Meeting at weilbachers bridge in one hour! You should make it, Merlynn will be there too along with the mayor and the Japan Ambassador! Come on! Let's!!

  • lol...so you two know each other??..lol...you guys must be related...Kudos to the volunteers & the organization that started the Seidonokawa Project!!
  • Biz e, Did the congress allocate any fund for the Seionokawa Project? just curious...

    But its not too late, I'm trying to twist his arm for some of that 600K +
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