• FSM unconstitutional
  • let Kosraeans deal with this.
  • I am kosraen and I am from malem! This is unconstitutional !!
  • the fsm constitution was drafted by Palauans and Marshallese. Kosrae Constitution is your genuine constitution. what ever it says about this, respect it.
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    Freedom of religion is one of the great pillars of our Democratic society, like it or not it stands for all !

    The FSM Constitution is supreme! Don't waste your time with these idiotic proposals!!
  • democracy IS NOT us (FSM). it's foreign. we learned it and we are failing bad. sorry, i got carried away. enjoy the bold move.
  • ah! Way to go, Kosrae!

    Good job!!!!! Let me leave it at that. YOU WILL SUCCEED! !!
  • Pretty odd ordinance. If this new non-Christian law is passed and implemented, then what about the LDS religion? According to LDS website a question was asked if LDS is a Christian denomination? Answer, No. So would that law penalizes LDS already established in the State of Kosrae? Or would LDS just decides that it relocate to Lelu?
  • Stupid if you ask me! Backward bunch in malem..
  • Like biz e states, it is unconstitutional therefore illegal and a criminal act. If the Council or Municipal Mayor acts further on it favorably, then they will be liable to answer for criminal charges. No different than a traitor.

    I am sure that they took the oath of office to protect and uphold the law thus they if they pass this bill, they will also be sinners in the eyes of the God that they are trying to portray as being on their side.

    Bottom line is: God created all. Christians, Muslims, Islam, Mormons, black, white, yellow, brown, etc. and all are equal. We, mankind, influenced by Lucifer, Inc. come up with separationist ideals and this bill is an epitome of separationist that leads nowhere but to trouble.

    So Malem council, your act is a result of Lucifer's influence.
  • Good time to be truthful, not being wishy washy... depending on which is going you serve you well...

    So do modern LEADERS HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO UPHOLD TRADITIONAL LEADERSHIP responsibility to their land and people?

    Where do you draw the line, gentlemen, males, boys and childish ones! When is an act and/or decision criminal in nature, eh? lol

    The confusing bunch!!

  • What did the council do?
  • they drank too much kava, woke up lazy the next day to read and follow instructions and decided to dial 411 for a
  • I am actually with Malem on this one. lol

    Good job, Malem. Kom ainpot..hehe
  • @Kinen, what do you mean by "FSMs constitution was drafted by Palauans and Marshallese" ????
  • If the FSM Constitution was indeed drafted by RMI and Palau congressmen. Then what FSM Congressmen were doing when its Constitution is being written by the two that left the former union? Don't tell me that our forefathers of our FSM nation were out in the golf course playing golf in Saipan?
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