FSM High School Debates

I heard Chuuk High and Our Lady of Mercy (OLM, Pohnpei) have won their respective state debates and they will represent their states in the National Debate in July in Kosrae. Can someone please confirm this?


  • Sandman, OLM will represent Pohnpei in the National Debate in Kosrae. OLM will take the trophy back to Pohnpei this year....God blesss.

  • Go Chuuk High... Show XH and SC how it is done... hehe bring home the trophy!!

    I think we should have debates for CONGRESS and LEGISLATURE.

    It is about time we listen to them before we select them...
  • A fich ngeni kemi chok kana men wewe oupwe rong ngeni ar kana debate. Nge am ekkei men wasan iei am oupwe chok auti am prochek
  • Sinbad,
    Any catch? Ke weierek ian...upwe niwinmang enei ik..ka tinato Texas..upwap fokkun kutta niwinin om kirekiroch. Hehe..
  • As for these debates, hope they serve some purpose to the mindset of our leadership.
  • This year’s debate topic is: ““BE IT RESOLVED that the Compact of Free Association, as Amended, between the Federated States of Micronesia and the United States of America shall be terminated, and such termination shall take effect no later than 2018.”
  • asaf, well Chuuk High always has a good team and Kosrae is last year's champion. Yap has a good chance also. May the best team win.
  • I'd like to see debate between the congressional candidates from each of the respective districts. It should also be publicized or televised.

    If not a debate, either the high schools or COM extensions in each of the states should host some kind of forum in which the candidates should be there to address selected issues that the students would like to hear. That way the elected leaders would have the chance to prove to the students their capabilities as their honorable representatives in the national congress. On the other hand, this would be a chance for the students to learn about their leaders and how much they know (can do) and how they have served their homes.

    Hold a Q&A session - students and community members right before the election. All candidates line up to let the people know them, their roles and what they plan to achieve during their tenure as member of the congress. Give the people a chance to make a reasonable choice based on what they know about the candidates.

    sakasaka, mwanna onnan use weirek. Ita ngang men niap non ewe week nge use market pwun uwa fesini non kei tepenen tawat eia.

    Nge upwe ifan ai upwe tongeni tinano ochom ikeson?
  • debates, only a small portion (uninterested) of the population would reluctantly listen to or attend such events, not from great interest, but to look for faults in the debate or in its management. the majority of people will not have access to it or they will just totally ignore it. debates are not indigenous to our communities.
  • Sind work with Andrea's RADIO station to invite each candidate for an interview... this will hold the ears of the Chuukese people...

    While you organize youths from the different schools to do education on important topics... for awareness of PUUNG and NAMOTEN FINTA MURINE...2023 on the way...
  • True Kinen, but we can bring those debates locally to the villages, kumi..where attention will be there
  • local villagers are not confrontational. they may misconstrued/misinterpret the intents of the debates.
  • I was inquiring about that state and national candidates debate, and i think they are too scared to be exposed and get laughed at, because most candidates are unqualified John Does(rascals) hoping to cash it in.
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    True kinen, but at least a small percentage of the people hear them out. And we may also remember that talks spread like cotton. And it is better than not to be heard at all
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    V6AK can air it live or recording and broadcast the event
  • imageit's true, a friend told me
  • Epwe meinisin nouch nouwis pwe sipwe kuna me sinei io mei ennetin nipwaakeoch ika io sipwe siwini anongonong won ar sinei me penuweni kana kapas eis. Sia peno ren ekkei chon ach ei Chuuk State Aneepwuung iir men wesen niipwaakingaw nge ra chok win pun aramas re ekieki pun iir men sinei ar angang.

    Nuchuri ooo Sinbad ena debate sipwe wesen pusin thomas ei nouch kana Aamaafen non ar pusin kapas.
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    A sonap. Pwun iei ussun repwe fang ekkan fitemon ar repwe eti debate me nom won ew discussion forum. Ita met nge re nom non ewe, CHICKEN OUT. Kikikik

    Kete chok osommong rete kinisa
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