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God is good.


  • § 145. Leaves of absence.

    Title 52 section 145 of the FSM Code:

    (1) Leaves of absence with pay may be granted to employees by management officials for reasons of vacation, illness, training, or education, or for such other reasons as will be in the best interests of the public service. Eligibility for such leaves, the method and rate of earning such eligibility, and the duration of the leave shall be established by regulations.

    (2) Leaves of absence without pay may be granted for such reasons as management officials may deem proper and consistent with the best interests of the public service. Regulations may prescribe the characteristics of such leaves.

    (3) Paid maternity leave of absence shall be granted to an employee for a period of six consecutive weeks per 12 month period:

    (a) For purposes of this section, “maternity leave” means leave in connection with the birth of a child of the employee.

    (b) Paid maternity leave shall not be considered to be annual leave or sick leave accrued in a calendar year.

    (c) Paid maternity leave shall not accumulate for any subsequent use if not used by an employee before the end of each calendar year.

    (d) The employer through its management officials may require the employee to provide a doctor’s certificate indicating general condition during pregnancy and the expected delivery date.

    Source: TT Code 1966 § 101; TT Code 1970, 61 TTC 152; COM PL 4C-49 § 10(16); TT Code 1980, 61 TTC 10(16); PL 1-47 § 19; PL 16-15 § 1.

    Case annotations: The government’s right to discipline an employee for unexcused absence is not erased by the fact that annual leave and sick leave were awarded for the days of absence. Suldan v. FSM (II), 1 FSM R. 339, 357 (Pon. 1983).
  • FSM DOJ hardly visit and shop from Secretary's Indian Stores in town. JK...I also wonder what could have startled that emotion. Only thing I can think of is that the DOJ employees are not showing good record in terms of out of controlling attending or no show for too many funerals and kamadipwen wahu as an excuse to relieve from work. eheheh!!!
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    Its not fair to those who always come work everyday. Now they got sick and hospitalized and weren't approved sick leave just because one person is lazy to come to work.
  • Why do you call the FSM President, "so called" when he is officially and legally, as a matter of fact and law, His Excellency Peter Christian is the president of this nation? Whether you like it or not Peter Christian is the President of FSM, not in the acting capacity. He was voted in to the Congress by majority of Pohnpeian voters and members of congress bestowed upon him and entrusted him the highest role in the federation's Executive Branch as the FSM's Head of State, in other words, PRESIDENT.

    Any question about that?................I thought so.


  • What the hell. The great senator from pohnpei now a president? I remember him fighting Guam airport officials for giving bad customer service to TTPI people.
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    God is good.
  • Look, you all talk too much no ACTION!!

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    Sadley, i am just a small potato. Need more time to grow into a big potato and then i can walk the talk lol
  • Or you are scared of your own SHADOW!!

    You want change.... BE THE &%^$##%^ C H A N G E!!!
  • You probably kiss his ass too much that's why you're backing him. Go sit somewhere and jack off Meze_Dun.
  • until THEN (grow big potato), Snake, SHUT UP.
  • Good description of yourself, Snake. You go sneaking into all kinds of HOLES and sniff until you finish all that smelly stuff. Go grow some big potatoes and then come back. Until then, keep on hibernating
  • And tough luck, he is what Pohnpei thought was the best.
  • No Sinbad. may I correct what you said for snake does not represent any Pohnpeian but him or herself only. Tirow!
  • Ok, ssearcher1. I understand, thank you.
  • No it is I too say that...kalahngan.
  • come on ssearcher1, give the Honorable man his due respect. you may not voted for him but majority of Pohnpeians did. i'm not Pohnpeian but i respect him because he is the president of my nation. respect, respect, respect, please because he was chosen from above.
  • Yes, I agree kinen. But I think somewhere in a reference book (Holy Bible) tell a story of a person who was also anointed by God through His prophet Samuel to be the first king of the nation of Israel. So, this old story can help us to understand that although by majority elected a leader that does not make him or her immune from falling short. Look at what happened after a king who was anointed through God's messenger, his failure to yield to God's direction made him to be over thrown by his nation's enemy.

    So, my friend all am saying that I do respect our current and past President equally. But, I decided not make that an excuse to keep my big mouth shut when I sees something that is not what I expect from a person that I up held that high. So, going back to the discussion, I really don't have the facts for DOJ Secretary's dealings with his staff but on the flip side of the coin, what goes around comes around. That is just my thought and I don't deny it that it may not be relevant to the cause of the decision made by the FSM DOJ.

  • Sorry it was people of Israel choice to have a king and therefore it is always people choice but that does not guarantee that it is what theirs and our God's will.
  • worry not of God's ways/thoughts because they are way above yours. worry about yours because that is what you know and can control. that story is about some thousands years agoooooooooooo (people of (israel). this is NOW (people of FSM). old ways are gone. new ways are in.
  • True my friend kinen. But ages is truly pass on but with all respect to human mentality on chosing wrong seems to carry on with human till this day. So, I only use that story to give us a the picture of what people think that with history speaks volume that it always started in in the right direction but down the road, self indulgences creeps in until the right becomes just the outset of what people can see but the inner house has been polluted. Like self interest is the key of down fall of any nations. Isn't it?
  • that is because we keep focusing on the bad part. capitalize on the good part and cultivate it so it grows. leave alone the bad part, don't mention it, and it will die its own death from lack of attention. time and people make history meaningful.
  • Exactly my friend. That is what I was trying to say all these times. If we know the mold or tumor that causing our economy today where most can't see a bright future, I think we all need to press the right button to get rid of the obs that we know will and can slows down the process of taking this nation to another and higher level. I wonder if any can go well with the same smugs behind the wheel. I am liberalist and I stand for the truth and nothing will make me to agree with how our leaders doing to our suffocating economy. But, again thank you I will agree with you that we focus on the good and leaved the bad where they belong. But how to do that when they're still in the system?
  • if you can not change the players, change the game. support Chuuk's secession.
  • I think I can cope with that idea. Thanks kinen.
  • any time. el nino or el nina.
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    YOU DO NOT KNOW my account is used for a network of trolls? LMHO...

    When I need to gear up, I send it over to the left, when I need to gear down, I get it over to the back, lol

    SNAKE... you know what, I am not like you snake, snaking around.. lol I am in the middle ground and when I see that someone is going to get hurt by the other nation due to IGNORANCE.., I jump in cuz I do not believe in KILLING each other.... I believe in uplifting each other... You MUST BELIEVE, USA can UPLIFT FSM... YOU ARE TOO MUCH OF A PROSTITUE RIGHT NOW THAT HE IS NOT TRUSTING YOU... LOL

    My friend is laughing at your ignorance... to the right now, lol JB is on the keyboard, to the left... AG on keyboard, to the back KKK on there... heheh
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