Sea Cucumber VS Coral Dredging

nahnihd please share your scientific knowledge on which can be farmed and cannot?


  • Iamsorry,

    where do you get your info that sea cucumber matures from 5-10 years? Since your info on sea cucumber is not true then I would consider the info on coral will be wrong as well. Sea cucumber as informed by the only sea cucumber hatchery in Pohnpei, they say it take a year for a baby sea cucumber to become mature. So it can be farmed but better farm it in the sea.

    OFA said that their life span is seven years, which is not true, no proven research in Pohnpei has info on their life span so I would expect OFA is wrong, they just made up the life span to support their reason to harvest the wild cucumber as if they will be wasted when reach seven years old.
  • Both Suck. Dredging is horrible, just like exploding a bond on the reef, Nothing is left alive and most dredge sites you look at, even after years are lifeless! I have not seen any of them recover.
  • Tell those who can't do their job to find another job. They are the one that mislead the public from the top paramount local trad leaders down to me and Osin level. I mean can't we see that our leaders are not doing a good job in many cases where it created turmoil among us? Where are they or what they were doing when this SC harvest idea begin to formulate? Is this how they sought to protect our resources? We put them up there based on their campaigned that they can do can do what? Is it can do mean to do what can they only see and understand? How about the things that they can't see and what they should do in that case? If they are truly good and reliable leaders, they would always make sure that things they do not really understand would need full and complete collaboration of the entire government and NGO's to make certain that things to happen supported by the laws and regulations of this land be assured to avoid this on and off nuisances that in reality it could be prevented before it happens. We need think tank teams and work forces to unite and begin the chipping away the torts, molds and nonsense ideas and then come up with the best and way forward to carry out by the government and the public. That is just my 2 cents.
  • Thank u GUYS..I believe that dredging is far worse than harvesting sea cucumber!! which can be farmed...but not Dredging.....Maybe our elected leaders can formulate such studies from NGOS to help preserve these going out to the barrier reefs results from the radicalization of their homes near our land making it difficult for those that does not have any boats to suffer from starvation...I believe Nahnid would help out...

  • After reading everyone's statements, I am not quite sure what it meant about 'coral dredging'. Is the dredging intended to widen reef channel for larger ship to enter? Is dredging meant to remove soil deposits submerged under the ocean? However, ocean dredging has both short term environmental effects and long term environmental growth for all marine life. Just saying based on studies.
  • on a scale of 10 both are and must have alternative ways period.
  • If you were to harvest a lot of sea cucumber--even if you almost wipe out the total natural stock--the sea cucumber population will still come back in 10-15 or 20 years. That's because their habitat--the coral, the sand bottom, the sea grass, etc.--will continue to be available to support the growth of baby sea cucumber over time.

    That's what happened in Pohnpei about 20 years ago. The then Marine Resources office, allowed some locals to bring, believe it or not, Chinese harvesters. They came and their harvest literally wiped out the total sea cucumber population from Madolenihmw area to Nett area -- from the mangrove to the reef. Total wipe out! Now, 20 years later, the sea cucumber population has been restored--not to the max--but good enough to attract another harvest talks and commotion. So it's good that we've learned from the past; so there will be no total wipe-out of the sea cucumber's natural stock now or in the future.

    On the other hand, the dredging will simply kill all marine lives--from microalgae, the small live in sandy bottom, all coral where fish and other creatures are found, etc. You can see that all these places that dredging were made around Pohnpei are still barren--no life except green algae and some small corals--after 30 years or so.

    So if one were concerned about the quality of the natural state of the reef--which provides the basic nourishment and habitat for all kinds of creatures including sea cucumber and fish--they should focus their attention on the dredging projects around the island; and recommend ways to ensure that the reef and the natural habitat are not permanently damaged--not forever. In short, harvesting of sea cucumber is a temporary problem but the dredging of the reef causes damage forever.
  • Regulate sea cucumber harvest and coral reef dredging to benefit the people
  • kinen, yes, I agree.
  • Need more info on this matter: Who controls the company that harvest sea cucumber? Is it FSM Government? Is it a private company owns by a local owner? is it a private company owns by a foreigner? Also, where is sea cucumber been harvested? What municipality? Number of local employees -vs- foreigner employee? Kalangan.
  • wow! didn't see this one coming. eheh!!
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