Facts and False Doctrine of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.



  • ok sorry but let me make it clear that in following all your insights it seems to me that you valued the main fundamental beliefs of SDA faith and doctrine. In fact, I've had thoroughly compared your insights on any issues regarding doctrinal beliefs you soundly supported all came out to be the fundamental doctrines of the SDA Church. So my friend, that is why I am optimistic that even though you didn't said it, by my own understanding you are a member of this denomination you are now denouncing to believe with your understanding is the church that teach its beliefs straight out of the holy bible.

    That is why I admire pekalong and others who did not afraid to unveil their denominations by sharing their thouhts with their full support as you and I've following along to this far. In fact, there is none that I've known in my walk with Christ will not say that they do not believe or deny saying in loud voice to the public which church they belong or go to. Like my self, I've said that I go to church on the day that I read from the bible was the day that Jesus worship. And we have seen and read that those who do not keep or worship on Saturday had without fear said they worship on Sunday and even declared the name of their denomination in this forum.

    Last but not leas, then I ask which church do you believe today teach out of the bible contexts? I am deeply surprised to hear you said that you are not a member of the denomination or SDA which you have proven to us readers in this forum your full support to its beliefs yet you still you're not. Isn't that is another defying what you believe? And if not, why are you doing this brother? Please elaborate so people like me who goes to church on Saturday might get something good out of it that I may have been missing all these years of trying to live according to the will of the one who I find is the only true God and characteristically revealed the Son Jesus Christ while on earth in the flesh over 2000 years ago.

    As for me I am not afraid to say that I worship on Saturday because there is nothing to hide cause like i've been saying that if Jesus worship on Saturday or Sabbath, then what I've loose saying and doing it? Please correct me, I thought Jesus said to share what we read He said in the bible and I believe are bound by our love toward him to expose what we trust to believe with others. That way, when they heard it and by the calling and power of the holy spirit might softened their hearts and seek where and deepened what they've just heard if it is biblical or not. You have made it so clear in your takes that it is a personal choice whether or not to employ what they want to believe. So I think it is also important that we step up and show everyone which company we're alliance to for to my recollection you also believe that in the last days there will be a time for testing of our loyalty to our creator. I am not trying to deny nor evade what you've shared about the truth you said you support but just trying to connect this coconut shell with what I find it strange to me. that's all. thanks

    God bless.
  • ssearcher1,

    Again, you are putting words into my mouth. I have neither denied, nor confirmed that I am a Seventh-day Adventist.

    Perhaps you are one and do want people to know that you are.
  • I am a protestant and my faith was brought to Pohnpei in 1852. I got baptized in 1972 and became a true follower of my Protestant Faith. We worship on "Rahn Sarawi". We worship everyday from "Ni Ehd' To " Rahn Sarawi. Is there anything wrong with a day of Worship? We are worship God the Creator and that is the most important thing to do. As long as you worship God and abide by his ways, you are going to be Saved. We are all going to be saved by faith. As we dialogue on this subject please remember the two Criminals that were also crucified with Jesus Christ on that day. When the one that was saved ask Christ for his help, Did Christ asked what religion (faith) he belongs, or whether he had been married etc.? He was saved because he believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God.
  • Thanks Oalong, for sharing your testimony of your faith and believe. May our good Lord bless you.
  • Oalong thank you for sharing that truth. but the bible also said that knowing only will not save you but entrusting and doing the will of the father in heaven through Christ will be saved. Wonder why Jesus plainly said that in the judgment day, some will come to him that day and said, lord we have done these good deeds (never miss a day of worship and done miracles) in your name (jesus), Jesus said, depart from me. Why would Jesus do such a harh and cold hearted person would do? I think that is why we all need not to take just one text out of the bible scripture for granted rather be sober and deligently reading of the holy scripture to keep us on guard always. God bless.
  • I cannot answer why Christ would do such a thing for Christians that believed in him. We best have to leave that to him during judgment day. We all should know that he never gave the name of his Church. That is why we are not going to be saved by the name of our Churches but by faith. There is a verse in the bible that I would like to share but unable because I have forgotten the verse. But here is what I believed the verse said, " Where two or more are gathered in my name I will be there also". It didn't say where but that when two or more people ever gathered in his name he will be there. I believed that because thousands of people gathered during our " Rahn Sarawi" in his name, he must be there! Thank you ssearcher1 for sharing as well.
  • I agree with you Oalong with your point. But, one thing that most do not or have not really understand is that many then and today said they believe in God. But one thing the bible is telling us that some folks who claimed to believe God has not and will not give up or let go of one thing. And that is to able to do everything they have known or heard of the truth for them to follow yet their stands remain in captivity by self indulgence. For instance, a donkey does not need to have faith to do God's will but it immediately react to the call of its creator. Remember the story of Balaam the servant of God in the bible? Likewise, if we know or had learned the truth of the bible and still refuse to do all of His will then you will have to answer to God for that. And remember God does not judge on the outlook of a person but inwardly. Meaning, nothing can be hidden from Him either inwardly or outwardly appearance. So, i trust in God and His Son's words because they knew better than even myself. So, back to the question, why because he knows what we don't. God bless.
  • Thank you guys for your acknowledgements.
  • No one knows for sure what religion is absolutely TRUE. That is why the world has so many of them. All we have to go by is self-suggestion or what is called faith (State of Mind). Remember about a thousand years ago, everyone believed the world was flat, but such belief did not make it TRUE. Research history and you will learn that religion has changed many many times thru-out the years to fit the customs and traditions of those people living in those times. I guess the Truth is whatever you believe it to be, but that doesn't mean it's TRUE. Stop judging other people's religion and let them believe whatever they want, because that's what work's for them, regardless if it's false...it doesn't matter.

    Q&A: Would a rich and happy person write about extreme suffering, revenge, death, burning in hell forever etc...I don't think so, their too busy enjoying life with happy and positive thoughts. But a person or persons who could write something like this has to be suffering, poor, depressed and a slave wanting revenge. Stop wasting time judging or comparing other beliefs. Life is too short, be happy!
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