What is Satan's first Lie to our first earthly parents?

Is it about Satan's told them that the fruit of the good and evil is good for eating?


  • The lie was that they would not die!
  • There was no LIE.
  • Thank Oalong I believe also that it was the first deceit man took before the second lie that follows the first line. And may I ask our friend kinen why did he say there was no LIE?
  • ssearcher1, not a lie because he was right, it was good for eating.
    Oalong, not a lie because he was right, they didn't die. They subsequently died but not from eating the fruit. In fact they prospered from eating it.
  • In the very beginning of earth's history, Satan, while in the form of a serpent, told the first lie to Eve. He told her that if she disobeyed the command of God not to eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, she would "not surely die," even though God had expressly warned her that "in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die:" (See Genesis 3:4; 2:17).

    Satan treacherously assured her (another monstrous lie) that upon eating the fruit "your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil:" (Gen. 3:5).
    Friends, are we still believing the devil today? The Bible is quite clear that only God "hath immortality." (1.Tim. 6:16). In fact, the Bible, on the other hand, contains a number of Scriptures that prove that mortal man receives not his immortality until the second coming of Christ -- at the time of the resurrection. (1.Cor. 15:5 1 55; John 5:28, 29).

    True that Eve and Adam didn't physically drop death immediately upon eating the fruit of the good and evil tree. However, what took immediately change the whole course of human capability as they've usually have before failing to keep their trust in their creator. The scripture is clear that it is because of Adam and Eve's sin or disobeying God's test of their loyalty results in passing down the death penalty down to every one who borned on this earth. For the wages of sin is death (pronouncement fulfilled) when this flesh become old or sick and died of aging. Our human physical fibers become alienated to live forever as God designed before the fall.

  • Is it really the fruit from that tree or something else. I just wondered why everyone is blaming on the fruit from that tree but did the person who wrote the bible would had something else but then didn't want to mentioned it cause it wouldn't be nice to put that in the bible so he then replace that with the fruit of life? Why Satan turned himself into a snake or a servant instead of just shown himself to Eve as he was? Isn't it kind of weird? Guys, this is just a thought that I have but its not a big thing.
  • Just something I learned from so many spiritual teachings. We are all going to be saved by our faith. This means believe in God's Salvation without questions. Don't put "question marks" where God had placed a period "Full Stop". A small thing I wanted to share on this thread!
  • That's a wealth of info you have there ssearcher1. It makes me wonder, if you have all that info, why ask de question?
    Do wonder, do ask questions. Blind faith is not healthy. Scripture is the "Blue Print" of Salvation. Live it.
  • Will start from bottom and up. Kinen my friend. Sometimes when we want to know what someone may know that we may not know, the only way is to ask. And when the feedback seems not in line with what we have, then we share what we know. But that does not always mean the right answer. But it is something to see and analyzed against ours to either agree or not.

    Oalong, it is true that the bible did clearly says that faith in God shall ye all be saved. But, if we try to did deep into the indept meaning of the word faith, it is clearly transpired in the scripture where Paul said, faith without works or good deeds is death. Why, because true faith in Christ bear good fruits or works. Meaning, anyone who claim to have faith in God yet does not show in action is dead faith or useless. Remember the parable of the talents? Jesus unfold the thought behind those who claim they have the faith (like a talent) and have it buried in the ground. When his master returned, he called the three servants to report on the talents that he gave each to look after. So when the servant whom the master gave a talent to report, the servant said that he buried the talent because he want to make sure it kept saved. I believe we know the end of that story for that man was thrown out of his master's kindom. The question may be raise why or how come the servant's master did such an horrible decision after the servant kept the talent save?

    The talent represents our faith that we claim to have which lead to our salvation. But the emphasis on the parable of the talent is clear that faith must be shared in doing what the master (Jesus) expect from those who will be saved by faith according to the scripture. In other words, faith is not a cheap grace or not showing our lives built upon the Rock that is Jesus for while He was on earth He has shown everything so the believers can walk in its foot step which is faith in action but not hidden under the ground (death).

    Last, pekalong I am not sure if I get what youi inclining to. But, it seems that you are questioning the inspired written word of the bible which book of genesis is the beginning book of the 66 that in the writings of God's servant and prophets being inspired by the holy spirit and wrote every word its fashion. And all am saying that if we trust in God, then we must trust why the bible is written in its way. Are you saying that the first sin was something else brother? If so please help to understand what the bible might have said that we may have been missing all these times. God bless my friend.
  • It's the 21st century and we are still searching for the truth. With everything happening in front of us, we should already be on the desired spot. Not on a wobbly coconut tree with dry palm leaves that could fall anytime. My brother pekalong has been saying it for the longest time that you don't sit on your behinds and expect to earn salvation. And every time he said it he was rebuked. Thanks for attesting to that. Again, be content and live life accordingly, pohng may.
  • True indeed my friend kinen that we are in the different era but the truth of the bible remain still as it is and was. People and time may be changing but the bible speaks soundly that God does not change so as is words. And if the scripture said that it was a fruit tree God planted in the middle of this garden specifically created by the Creator of the world including man, and man is striving to inject in man's mind another ideology that it was not the fruit that tested Eve's loyalty and trust in what God told her, I think it is an infringement of the God's code of law "do not add nor remove (changed) the truth of the scripture if we are to believe that the entire bible's viability will always remain authentic as Jesus had said that nothing shall changed from the law and the prophets (old testaments) words inscripted therein from book of Genesis to Revelation. So it is my prayer that believers of God should always remain loyal and trust that what is written in the bible is it is and their hearts being translated by the convictions of the holy ghost.

    I also totally agree with kinen that if our faith and understanding of God's word small as a size of an egg or mustard seed, it shall shine like the sun when we lives it. Amen.
  • If I may ask please ssearcher1, how many times had the Bible been translated since It first came out? That is a real ? cause I don't know the ans.
  • The first and second lies of Satan are being taught by Mormonism today.
  • Just for you own good TT. I guess its about time for you to considered that what you and your church is doing is not applicable to God and Jesus Christ's standard. You've mentioned in you other posts that everyone will judged on that judgement day by God and Jesus Christ but what you and your church is doing is way beyond imagination. You folks said that you guys are christians but your actions and behaviors is going way beyond christianity ways. Going around and pretending asking questions and trying to judge them is irrelevant at all. Anyways my friend have your way and all I want you to know is that I have no obligations whatsoever.
  • Judgement has two phases. one is happening now and the other is the sentencing or verdict. so which judgment we're referring to?
  • And false accusation is not applicable to God and Jesus' standard either.
  • Wow! I am surprise TT of what you've just said. What you mean by false accusation? Isn't it criticism is one them accusation?
  • Is exposing lies criticism? Is telling the truth criticism?
  • Oh! I thought you don't know that but still doing it. I mean criticizing others with lies. Isn't that's exactly what you are doing my friend TT?
  • pekalong,

    I am sharing the truth. Bible truth and truth about the lies of Mormonism. You refuse to compare the Bible to the Book of Mormon because when you do you will know that they contradict one another. And Mormons say when they disagree to rely on the Book of Mormon. That is the Devil talk.

    How can you hold the Book of Mormon above the word of God, the Bible?
  • Hey/! stop please stop now. go back to the main subject please. I am not interested to hear about what church lie or what not. I am only asking when or what was the first lie SATAN not Mormon nor SDA did. Please?
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