The Satanic cult of Seventh-day Adventism


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  • HI pekalong hope you're in good health today. Now my friend, you have shared these sites hoping to expose what you believed regarding this denomination. I hope you wouldn't mind share what you found in these sites that convinces you that the denomination or SDA religion is what it said so people like me could witness and maybe also share the facts to others. Thanks.
  • pekalong, I'd like to make the same request that ssearcher1 has made in his post. It would be good for you to summarize your take on the various issues from the websites or webpages that you are quoting; so we can also understand your point.

    Personally, I have a lot of SDA friends; as well as relatives and friends who are Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, Jehova's Witness, etc. I get along with all of them; and have no problem with their religion. Yes, every religion have different interpretation of the Bible or their God. But I am willing to say that their interpretation should be accepted; and respected; and I expect them to do the same for others.

    My SDA friends tell me that they believe in the Bible--both old and new testaments. They also believe in some of the Jewish laws, especially those in the Bible.

    As stated in one of my other posts, they believe in the goodness of people; that all people should be considered as children of God. So this is the reason they have a lot of good services connected to their mission work all over the world.

    They run good professional schools in Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, public health, etc. Their university, Loma Linda University, is one of the top medical schools in the US. Graduates of the medical schools are working all over the world including the far reaches of South American's Lake Tikikaka (?). They also run schools--all over the world giving opportunities for Christian education to different people. They have some sort of Salvation Army type of services that they activate in case of emergency such as Typhoon, Earth Quake, etc.

    They say they do these services because they believe in God; that their service to their God include serving the mankind.

    Having said all the above, I don't understand where the "Satanic cult" comes to play as you state here. Why would they spend their time and energy doing good all over the world--under the name of Christianity-- if they somehow believe or connected to Satanic cult--which would be just the opposite.
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    I am showing these sites to acknowledged TT that not only my church that has criticisms go against but his church as well. So yeah that is the main reason why I shared thee sites. Therefore I am sorry to say that I believe that what I've share would be understood to those who reads it. Lastly to make everything clear to you all my friends in here is that all denominations/churches has criticism that goes against them from Mr. Google. So the best way for us all to do is just share our faith and believe and let those who monitored us to have their own decision whether to accept it or not.
  • No one knows for sure what religion is absolutely TRUE. That is why the world has so many of them. All we have to go by is self-suggestion or what is called faith (State of Mind). Remember about a thousand years ago, everyone believed the world was flat, but such belief did not make it TRUE. Research history and you will learn that religion has changed many many times thru-out the years to fit the customs and traditions of those people living in those times. I guess the Truth is whatever you believe it to be, but that doesn't mean it's TRUE. Stop judging other people's religion and let them believe whatever they want, because that's what work's for them, regardless if it's doesn't matter.

    Q&A: Would a rich and happy person write about extreme suffering, revenge, death, burning in hell forever etc...I don't think so, their too busy enjoying life with happy and positive thoughts. But a person or persons who could write something like this has to be suffering, poor, depressed and a slave wanting revenge. Stop wasting time judging or comparing other beliefs. Life is too short, be happy and live responsibly!
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