Dear FSM: Don’t Go to War with Guam over Deportation



  • Deportation or prison time.... What you sow is what you reap...
    I prefer a just and equal movement that applies to all not just one particular group.
  • I stand corrected!

    No more comments from here. I am not familiar with that system's laws.
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    Factsmatter you are very wrong, what choice you are talking about. You and Hezel are Americans so what do you understand about FSM and Micronesians minus Calvo?
  • Apparently the Amended Compact does provide authority to deport criminals of the FSM from US soil. The inmates who have opted to accept the offer by Governor Calvo to depart Guam on a GovGuam paid one-way ticket will benefit from a reduced period of incarceration and a free ticket and possibly the status of being a "free man" when they returned to their home state in the FSM.

    Mr. Calvo is just speeding up the process and reducing costs all around. It is very clear those individuals are considered persona non grata to the citizens of Guam.
  • There is two side to this. Calvin has not the authority to deport any migrants. The government of Guam does not have the authority. The authority is with the Federal government whom the cofa was signed with.

    The other side is that Calvo is not deporting anyone. He is commuting their sentence in exchange for the commuting the inmates signed a agreement not to return to Guam.

    Those inmates are given a choice. They can do their time and get released or they can signed that agreement not to their time and never return. The crime's they committed don't have any cause for them being deported. Unless they do things that are deemed "threat to national security" then they get deported. They could have did their time in prison that's it.

    What Calvo is doing is wrong but it's not illegal. I believe in don't do the crime if you can't do the time.
  • Ignorant FOOLS!!


  • Solution. Teach your young men how to drink!


  • Again another incident an fsm woman stabbed her boyfriend with a knife over a food stamp card! Are we really that dumb? Can we ever learn how to behave like human beings?
  • Animal and other beings don't stab but human, Garim; therefore, "to stab is human"just as "to err is human". I think she had a valid, a good one, to drive her that far. Unfortunate but valid, my own conclusion.
  • You really can't blame Governor Calvo for trying to protect the people of Guam. Truly we (FSM Citizens) need to get with the program and be better than we are? I share all the same sentiments as all of you here. I am offended of this uproar, but at the same time, embarrassed that it has now come to this.

  • Let's not support terrible things that we do on any foreign soil. The Governor of Guam shouldn't be blame for this. I have families that also live out there and my advise to them is to conform with the laws of the place. If I learned that any of my families have gotten on the wrong side of things, they will be called back. This should be the same for all the Micronesians out there. Sure, it's a good thing to venture out in search of a better life but when you ended up with a crime, by all means, you're in for the treatment you deserve. IF the consulate office on Guam would no longer provide assistance, might as well close it down and have the funds distributed to the 4 FSM States. They would find a better use instead of wasting it on Guam without purpose.
  • Go back home and enjoy life until you matai.
  • This is all bullshit. It comes down to Chuukese not knowing how to drink and have a good time. As soon as these ass wipes taste alcohol they become retards terrorizing their neighbors. They need sakau in their lives more than Jesus right now. Calm the hell down.
  • Show me a Chuukese who can't handle his drink and I'll show a non-Chuukese who spreads her legs, sells his mother and forsakes his family and friends because he can't handle his drink/drugs...but this isn't the qourum
    Calvo maybe doing a right thing in his eyes but what fruition will it bring... less crimes,protection for the guaminions(not misspelled), more votes..... come'on governor, don't you have better things to worry about like GMH, the power situation, releasing tax returns, snakes situation, I could go on forever... You offer commutation and a free fare when what you're really doing is intimidation in the most obvious form...come'on
    Let the Federallies do their job and do your job while we do our jobs bussing your tables, pumping your gas, bagging your groceries,etc...We pay taxes too to pay your salary, the cops salary to protect guaminions and myself and others....ooooh I could go on but don't want to waste my precious time...need to get my medicinal herbs which calvo and the legislative branch so duly legalize...( this I applaud you for nothing else)
    Ika ewor chon rese tipew ngeni ekkei memef chopurato ami kana
    Oune pwan nonomw
  • I agree with 1040 EZ. The Chuukese community in Guam need to step up. Time to pick up the books and put down that drink.
  • Are you all serious, you can not figure out this sheet!!

    Are you that number you can not figure it out? What's you gonna do about it? You are so forever not even funny!!
  • FM, is the offer made by Calvo legally binded since commutation involves deportation which we both agreed falls under Federal jurisdiction. True, some will argue that these convicts volunteered to return home, but the fact remains that the these convicts are no longer on Guam. To commute a sentence, where does gov Calvo find it justifiable to also include an offer that involves the removal of infividuals from Guam. These guys are already convicted..removal is no commutation, its another punishment for the crime they are already serving under. But what do i know..enjoy your posts.
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    What's the big problem? The convict got what he wanted, out of jail. The Governor got what he wanted, convict out of guam. Win, win situation. All this nonesense about diplomatic processes and authority is a load of manure. People in favor of the convict, are you seriously saying his opportunity to get out and go home was not properely handled and despite him getting the sweetest deal a convict can ever hope to get? Think about the opportunity provided to this ass hole and how many other prisoners don't even get this chance. Yet you get in here and complain about nothing. The convict doesn't give a shit about protocols. He's just happy to get out.
  • SakaSaka, the U.S. federal government has been FORCIBLY deporting FSM convicted criminals from the 50 states for many years. Unlike on Guam, federal deportees are NOT given a choice of remaining in jail and finishing their sentences, or accepting a commutation in exchange for agreeing to leave. In the federal system, they are just ordered removed to their home countries, by an immigration judge, and they are not allowed to ever return.

    So if the FSM convinces the U.S. federal government to handle deportations on Guam, there will be no role for the Guam governor in the federal deportation process. FSM might actually see many MORE deportations under the federal system than under Governor Calvo's very limited commutation program.
  • Can a maggot say something?

    From my point of view here.. all this discussion has caused my appearance of course. Maggots everywhere.

    We are so quick to react to outside.. when we sit idly,..unable to react publicly to the very existing dirty politics that we have..festering.. in our different areas and levels of government.

    A wise man is slow to speak but quick to listen.

    Just saying..

  • Calvo just wants the convicts OUT OF GUAM, not the whole USA, only Guam. So meaning if Wia wants to go to Hawaii or other parts of the USA, he can go there by way of the east route through the other Micronesia islands or on the United Airlines Island Hopper flights. He will take every possible ways to keep these convicts out of his territory no matter how much we disagree with him. Whether he is legally right or not, he will push every means to have it his way.

    I want to ask. Is it humanely wrong to send the convicts back to their own homes and ban them from returning to Guam? Note I did not say the United States.

    Thank you for your attention.
  • sinbad,

    I neither intend to contend with your question, nor deflect the attention it should get, but I do have another question I want to pose.

    Is it morally wrong, or humanely wrong, to banish a third cousin from our homes if he/she harms the members of our own households, or have no disregard for their safety and right to enjoy their homes peacefully?
  • Why are you so stuck on deportees!!

    You have answered your own questions! They are banned from Guam but not the whole USA. You should ask, can the governor send them anywhere in USA? That is your question.

    Other than that~ the governor did them a faor, he offered them a return ticket home.
  • STOP RESISTING THE MESSAGE!! What are you gonna do about it?
  • Calvo does not want to shelter criminals in his own home period!
  • Exactky, so leave him alone will you!!

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    Meze you don't make no damn sense. One minute you standing up for those getting the kick the next you are against them....make up you're damn mind already. You clearly have a case of dual personality.
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