Dear FSM: Don’t Go to War with Guam over Deportation



  • Drag in all of the whole FSM states, will u... not. It's embarrassing...
  • So far the count is 9 chuukese who are getting the boot out of Guam the latest one is a guy name Tait Matek.... again from chuuk.
  • Guam is fed up with chuukese attitudes!
  • It is unfortunate that these people committed the crimes which had them serve time. They went to Guam and other parts of the USA to seek a better life, but they ended up being not able to control themselves and now they are missing that chance for improving their lives.

    But this is not all lost. In Micronesia, they can elect to start anew again. They can choose to turn a new leaf and better their lives, even in Micronesia. They can get rid of those things in their lives which get them into trouble and learn to lead happy productive lives, even with little money.
  • Or they can learn to drink to enjoy, not destroy. Chuukese are simply retarded when it comes drinking alcohol.
  • Now you can see chuukese taking over the Chamorro TASI house at Paseo. Everyday of the week they are drinking and dancing like crazy while people are passing by. You can tell they have better their lives than back home, partying all day everyday at the TASI house. Several times cops were called on to them because they were fighting each other.
  • Real men drink the alcohol...Girly men let's the alcohol drink them!
  • Deport them! Waste of resources!

    NEXT!! $$$$
  • There is no war between indigenous people of the region.

    Stop making excuses. We already know the details. He offered them a chance to be free with a one way ticket and no return to Guam.

    What more are you waiting for? DEPORTATION OF FSM OFFICERS!!
  • Felony: Deport
    Misdemeanor: Chance

    No one is above the law! If an outsider resides in a foreign country, he/she better show some reverence to that country's way of life and keep their ways private and confined to their home. That way the locals will then return the respect and make it a much more friendlier place to live.

    Guam can do whatever they want as long as it's with-in it's laws.

  • Wrong info:

    Any crime is deportable! Too many misdeamer will get you deported.

    Stealing will gets your ass deported in no time!!
  • Meze_Chun

    It's up to Guam...
  • Actually deportation is a function of the US federal government, so they have the final say. They can deport even without having to obtain GovGuam's consent.
  • FSM who are unable to support themselves can be deported as well.
  • This is similar to what is being done in the Philippines by Pres. Rodrigo Duterte, despite the manner and spirit in which the police are prosecuting their presidential directive, it is still generally viewed by the majority of their public as something for the greater good. Sacrificing the human rights of a few criminals for the greater good should be congratulated and applauded, not criticized and ridiculed.

  • Yes, Human rights, but not HUMAN LIVES. Let's not compare Dutarte to Calvo. Calvo simply wants to send our disobedient KIDS back to where they are from, to their own homes. Dutarte wants his wild and untamed beasts killed on the spot.
  • Calvo has deported - not killed - CONVICTED criminals who were tried and found guilty in a court of law.

    Duterte is killing SUSPECTED lawbreakers who have NOT been tried in a court of law and who may or may not be guilty.

    If Calvo did what Duterte is doing, he would be arrested and charged with murder.
  • So is it Good or bad what Calvo is doing.
  • It is good for Guam, big saving for housing these fsm criminals.
  • You keep going at it!!

    They were given a chance and they took it, why not!!
  • I applaud the FSM for recognising and supporting a U.S Federal law. If Guam wants to deport these people than just provide the necessary documents that the FSM requires. Simple as that.!! and let's stop kidding our selves, that " voluntary " is actually a threat. " if you don't volunteer to go home we will make your experience in jail a living HELL HOLE".
  • ICE FY2017 Deportation Report

    FSM - 110 (63 in 2016)

    RMI - 22 (35 in 2016)

    ROP - 15 (10 in 2016)
  • You can quote laws but look at native Americans.
  • They do not have righ? Fr Ezel is a mold of old school who kept us slave.
  • Why do we have to go all over these? Provide lessons to your children while they are still young so when they grow up, they give you back positive attitude. No fussing about it.
  • I wondered how many Chuukese is in that 110....why don't Calvo just spell it out? Chuukese instead of FSM?
  • I see where this is going for FSM, if chuukese people keep acting like this then there will be just 3 stars on the flag minus that one nation. One rotten apple makes everything around it spoil.
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