When did God realized that Lucifer who is later named Satan will rebelled against Him?

Please share and leave your marks (bible verse or verses).


  • The Bible does say that God made Lucifer a perfect angel. It also says the Devil was a murderer from the beginning. But I have not find anywhere where it says God knew Satan would rebel.

    But the Bible speaks of Satan being perfect until iniquity was found in him. So, I guess that is when his rebellion started.

    Perhaps someone else can post the Bible verses to support what I just shared.


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  • I think I can agree with TT. But, please help because explain what is the meaning God knew everything and from happening? Is He or is He not?
  • God is all-knowing, omniscient. Just as He knew Adam and Eve could choose to disobey Him because He gave then the freedom of choice, He also gave Lucifer and all created angels the freedom to either obey or disobey. That shows His character - love. Without the freedom of choice there does not exist true love.

    So, God knew Lucifer could turn against Him. God did not want that, but He did not want to force it into Lucifer by programming him to be a robot which would only repeat what God wants. No, God gave Lucifer and by the same love man the freedom of choice. Lucifer and man has the freedom of choice to love God. We also have the freedom of choice to elect to disobey Him. But there are consequences to disobedience. God let us choose freely.

    So in effect God knows from the beginning that Lucifer has the capacity to turn against Him but still God did not destroy Lucifer. In the same way parents knew their very own children could some day choose to disobey them and even after they do disobey them the parents, because they love their children so much, do not kill their own children. Instead they pray for them and plead with them, and hope they will choose to turn from their disobedience.

    God is even more loving than earthly parents. Why doesn't He just destroy Satan right away? If He did what would the whole universe think of God? They would fear God, instead of loving Him. God has His own timing for things. And He is patient and He knows the end from the beginning. The Bible says in Revelation that every knee will bow and declare that God is just. God will be vindicated. Until then, we just have to trust Him and obey Him as a result of our response to His love for us..

  • Thanks TruthIsThat because now I know my heavenly father will not kill me inspite of my many inequities.
  • Yes kinen. but we all need to repent and turning away from our sins because that is what He wanted us to do. But it is also true that we can't attained perfectness but as long as we recognize that we have sinned and asked Him to forgive our sins, He is merciful and justful to forgive us through what Jesus has done on our behalf.
  • I'm saved, hallelujah.
  • www.catholic.com/quickquestions/how-could-lucifer-an-archangel-have-rebelled-against-god

    Revelations 12:7-9
  • God does not save people IN their sin. He does save them from their sin. So whoever believes in Christ Jesus and accepts Him as his/her personal Lord and Savior and surrenders his or her life to Him will be saved. When we confess our sins and repent of them, Jesus blood will cover our sins and His power will work in us to obey God.

    There is a lake of fire mentioned in the book of Revelation which all the unbelievers and those who choose to not accept Jesus will be burned up. They will not burn forever and ever, but as soon as the fire consumes them the fire stops.

    God is a loving God and merciful and just. He will not burn souls, including Satan, forever and ever for eternity.
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    I thought burning hell won't stop forever as the bible said. Isn't it?
  • The original thread was clear and simple. It is a question and I think it is best left with God. Wait until you get there after this life and ask him personally. The bible never touched on that subject. It jus that Lucifer repelled against God.
  • i believe its very clear that the bible said the purpose of Lucifer/Satan.

    Isaiah 14:12-15
    Revelations 12;7-9
    2 Corinthians 11:14
    Ezekiel 28:17

    And many more.
  • In the old testament, God sanctioned killing with no mercy in his name. In the new testament he is now merciful and all loving. What am I missing? Go experts, explain this one to me.
  • Is the God of the Old Testament different from the God of the New Testament? Absolutely not! Has He changed? Absolutely not. God said, "I am God, I change not." (Malachi 3:6) So, why is the Old Testament full of stories about Israel (God's people) going to war and killing people? Why is the New Testament full about God's love and grace and mercies?

    First, we have to understand the time and situation Israel was in during most of the Old Testament period. God had chosen the Israelites to be His ambassadors to the nations around them. They were to show that God is holy, just, and merciful. Second, the nations during that time were mostly evil, corrupt, and for the ,most part beyond salvage. The war between good and evil was at a very fierce stage. For Israel to survive they need to be defended. And in war, there are casualties. God's people represented good, while the bad people represented evil. There is this thing called "sin when it is ripe". The nations which were destroyed has reached the point where the sins of their people had ripened. There was nothing left which redeemable in them. They could not turn back from them. Because God is such a merciful God, the best for all concerned would be to remove them. To allow them to live will only add to their own misery and endanger the lives of the good people. They would corrupt the good people. But one may ask, But why the innocent women and children?" Well, those women and children may not be so innocent after all. Because they have lived in the corrupted environment for so long, they have been programmed to do evil always. They had the propensity to sin. Sin has become a part of their nature. If left alive, they would resort to the ways of their fathers before them. To protect against corruption of those who have love in their veins, the servants of Satan had to go.

    Was God happy to destroy those evil people? No indeed! The Bible says that God not willing that any should perish. But perish they had to. When Jesus was hanging on the cross at Calvary, two criminals were by His side. He could have saved them both. But He did not. He saved the one whose heart still had some measure of love in it. He had something worth redeemable. He offered him salvation. The other was beyond saving. To save Him would be an injustice. Jesus allowed him to die.
  • Now we are talking about the love of God and that he don't want to parish others. That I really do believe and wouldn't be dad to perish or punish someone that have made only a little mistake? Do you folks really think that God could burn someone f?or eternity just for a little mistake he did? Just imagine how sad God would have if he do that. That why I do believe that God had prepared places for everyone according to the deeds they did here on earth. Just think of the reason why Jesus said that in his father's house are many mansions instead of many rooms? John 14:2 KJV. Isn't those mansions are prepared for everyone according to their deeds?

    There are some who said that either you cold or your hot which means whether you in heaven of your in hell. They believe that there is no way for others to have a chance to make it to heaven at all. I do believe that God will burn only those who are hard headed and cannot do good thing all and love to do bad things. Also they don't believe in God and Jesus Christ.


    Also I do believe that here is a place called perdition and that is where Satan and his followers will be. It is for them that love to do extremely bad things.

  • The Bible says those who choose to serve Satan will become ashes and stubble on the earth when God cleanses the Earth with fire after the 1000 years period in which the people of God (those who choose Jesus) lived with God in heaven. This 1000 years period is after the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, during which every eyes shall see Him coming down in the clouds and resurrecting those who died in Jesus Christ and those who remain alive are taken in heaven. During this time the dead who did not believe with remain dead and those who did not believe in Jesus who were alive will die, asking the rocks and mountains to fall on them to hide them from the glorious face of God. During the 1000 years period Satan and his demons will be imprisoned on this earth roaming it but having no one to deceive. Satan and his fellow fallen angels will have this 1000 years to think about their rebellion. But because of their pride and selfishness they still would not change and will ultimately be destroyed along with those who chose to serve Satan. This will happen in the Lake of Fire. The fire will burn them up, just like it did to Sodom and Gomorrah. They were burned up. Those cities are not burning today. They were burned up and out. The fire had stopped because there was nothing else to burn.
  • www.behindthebadge.net/apologetics/discuss90.html
  • please stick to the question posted on this thread. Thanks
  • pekalong,

    Make sure you read the information in the pages you provided the link to. The argument concerns the falsehood that after a man dies there is still a chance to be forgiven. The person whose comments appears in green and red letterings provides Scriptural proof that it is not so. Once a person dies, that is it, his sins, if they were not confessed, will remain against him.

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    i am sharing these sites for us to see how people translate the bible in heir own ways and compare them to the KJV.


  • Comparing them to the KJV or the Book of Mormon?

    There is a big difference between Bible translation and Bible transmission of the word of God. You need to know the difference.
  • pekalong,

    I am sorry, but I cannot open the link you provided above.
  • try to type it in and it'll come up.
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