• good thread pekalong. so can you start by sharing your view on your post? thanks
  • Proverbs 14:17and29
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    Well I am not a church leader or something close to that rather being a member of the LDS church. The reason why I shared this thread is that many who think their man of God but yet over looked some important scriptures that I believe would interfered their inappropriate behaviors. I've shared what exactly the bible said about my thread. So yea, I believe that if we may want to do the Lords works then we must do exactly what he may want us to do which is to be humble, loving and realistic or rather precise in our righteous works.

    Hope this will enlighten us all.
  • thanks folks. now I here is what I can share in respect to the post . I think what really important is what we have said or shown everyone likerhow we respond to those who against us. No?
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  • Correct me. There are two kinds of anger. One is anger evolved around hate. One has made up in his mind and heart to hate or dislike another person. This kind of anger feeds on something someone did or does that easily triggered angered without evolving around the love or compassion.

    Two, anger evolved around love. For instance, when one disciplined his child does not alwean he hate the child but because he loves the child so much that he had to do something to stops him from going where the father knew it would hurt him or her.

    So here is the point I want to get it across. The bible said that Jesus was angry when He went to the temple in Jerusalem and saw the activities taking place there. But, many have misconceives His actions and said that His actions shows that does not love them or those who rejected and mocked and even hung him on the cross. The bible is very clear that although He did made such move, but listened to His last prayer before giving up His spirit (life). "Abba (Father) please forgive them for they know not what they are doing."
  • You are absolutely correct ssearche1, there are two types of anger. One is crucial and the other one is not.
    One is for hatred and the other one is for educate or discipline.
  • right. you educate and disciplined because you love and that is what we should adapt so it become our way of showing the love God has embedded in our heart.
  • anger is never the solution
  • It is called righteous anger. This is the kind of anger displayed by Jesus when he made rope and chased the money changers from the Temple, upturned their tables and set the birds and animals free and told them they have made His house of prayer into the den of thieves.

    This is anger at an injustice.

    It is never effective to discipline a child when angry. The child will learn to act violent when he is angry. The best kind of discipline is love and gentleness.

    But when it is necessary to inflict pain in order to discourage a bad behavior, it is best to explain what the infraction is, and why the rod is necessary, and explain the love behind it. Hit hard enough to sting, but not hard enough to leave bruises. For Christians, it best to pray first then administer the pain lesson.
  • Thank you TT. You are right about the anger of Jesus Christ in the temple and there are some verses that i'd like to share that also I believe it related to this thread. Like (Ephesians 6:4)-And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath; but bring them up i the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Also in (Proverbs 23:14) Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell. This is what I believe a good anger that will educate a kid or someone from falling into the lake of fire.
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  • Merry-x-mass and advance happy new year to all, may the good Lord be with us and give us the many blessings we so desire. Kahlangan!
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  • lmao... OMG. And i thought this was a religious thread Ssearcher1. Imma slowly close the door and run away.
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  • There is no such a thing as "righteous anger" are you kidding me? Jesus came and dwelled among the poor, afflicted. How can I justify anger? We get angry, yes, but to say anger is justified is wrong because of our religious convictions? That's not right. Happy New Year!
  • Jesus was angry at them money lovers doing their stuff in the temple. But, he asked His father to forgive those who mocks, spit, ridiculed even crucified Him on the cross which include all of us who went too far out of the realm of commonality. That is the difference between the anger human have and Jesus's anger. It is human nature that we anger at one another some take it to the extreme and not even want to forgive the person who hurt our feelings or physical brutality. Jesus anger means He wanted to save you but us human most of the time when someone made us angry all we want is revenge or dislike the person until your already on the bedridden. lol!
  • I don't think He was angry. Perhaps, Paul was the angry person or the church after Nicea.
  • My guest; who know.
  • Jesus anger is what we call righteous anger. Anger I have is what I don't want to do and yet that is just what I or any person would do. Just like what apostle Paul says, "I do what I don't want to do and I don't do what I want to do." Guess what he meant?
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