The Three Degrees of Glory


  • what it means pekalong. interested to know more about it my friend. Thanks
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    My friend ssearcher1, I am just sharing what I believe. You mean the site that I shared didn't acknowledged?.i

    My own point of view is that these three glories is where one will go and live in eternally according to their deeds.
  • Wow! sounds nice. Now, so who will go to one and others to another? Please share your view or believe so we all can know. Thanks
  • I do believe that our Father in heaven loves us all and I also believe that he cannot just throw someone into the lake of fire when committed just a little sin, like lets say stole something or maybe slapped someone. Do we really think that these small incidents will throw some into the lake of fire that will be prepare for Satan and his followers? So that's when these three glories will take place after the judgement day. Everyone I believe will go to their various glory in accordance to the deeds they made. Only those who followed Satan in his filthy, crucial thoughts and actions you name it, will be thrown into the lake of fire.
  • The end time Scripture mentioned "left/right, goat/sheep". You are either with Him or against Him. I would think there is no in between.
  • Well my friend kinen, maybe you are right in a way but to me. If God really has send his begotten son to die for me, I believe he cannot just throw me into the lake of fire and burned me cause I stole a piece of candy from your store or even smoke a piece of cigarette. I really do believe that he will put me in one of those glories mentioned in the bible which related to the bright of the Sun, moon and stars. It also mentioned about another place which called the Perdition. This is where I believe Satan and his followers will go to.
  • That is fine with me brother pedaling. To each his own.
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    Thanks for info. image 
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