So Jesus was born into this sinful world to a human woman but not by natural means of conception. He died a premature death according to man's perspective and his tomb was empty three days after placing Him in the sepulcher.

Please share your understanding of His coming as a babe and what it means to you personally.


  • Start with you TruthIsThat. Share it away. Be not afraid He goes before you always.
  • www.evangelicaloutreach.org/why-did-jesus-come-to-earth.htm
  • kinen,

    Do I understand it correctly that both of you are not Christians?
  • pekalong,

    Please share what it means to you personally, not what someone else thinks or believe.
  • Your understanding, TruthIsThat, is way way off base. Neither Utero nor kinen mentioned christian in their posts. Where in hell did you find that word?
    You, dear TruthIsThat, what does it mean to you personally? Please don't wait to copy and paste my answers.
  • Excuse me TT? I thought that's the kind of sharing you like which is to share others views of the bible
    and the gospel. Do you really think everyone has different views of why Jesus Christ came to this earth? That fact is that I believe everyone will say or shared John 3:16 is the main purpose of Jesus Christ coming to this earth.
  • If you do not want to share, that is fine with me. There might be others who would want to. But it not, that is okay too.
  • You started the thread TruthIsThat so logically, you have the burden to share your thoughts before you involve others. That way, we could be guided/led properly by your sharing. I would share if I find the issue worthwhile.
  • Please do not feel obligated to share if you are not comfortable to do so. The invitation is there for anyone and everyone who is inspired to share their personal view and belief. The guidance should come from the Holy Spirit, rather than a man, or woman for that matter.

    Thank you. God bless you.
  • tan four and out.
  • I don't know much about kinen, but Utero is indeed an atheist, probably the 1st one in all of the FSM. Anyway the issue here is "why did Jesus come to this world?". Why not?.. We've broken all the ten (10) commandments which He sent us through Moses ~ therefore the last option was for Him to send us something or someone that would make the biggest difference and that was His 'only begotten' son. His son came down and shared with us His (the father's) compacted and final commandment which consolidated all the ten commandment into one and that was to "LOVE THY NEIGHBORS!"


    Have you noticed that should you comply with this single commandment or one simple rule, you would've obeyed all the ten (10) commandments easily? He got pissed because even with only 10 commandments to memorize, obey and follow, we screwed up all of them.... thus through His ingenuity, He sent us LOVE. And in 1 John 4:8, John said, "He that does not love has not come to know God, because God is love." Somewhere in this book, it says, "Love is God!". Thus this Love is beyond nobility or even honesty... it is sacred because it is Him... the creator.

    Okay now that I've shared my opinions.. let's hear the rest of your opinions or feeling and what exactly do you mean by "not natural means of conception" because I remember somewhere it mentioned that Gabriel came along and acted as a watchdog or guardian by the door... NO?
  • LempweiRoiie, Jesus consolidated the 10 into 2 not one.
  • Love is life and everyone who believes in Him will allow the miracle of change within to be revealed in their actions. To shortened it, because He could not stand to see all of his creation perished with sin in the end. God bless.
  • kinen... do share with us the 2, if you don't mind. It sure would continue this dialogue nicely... I'm sure!
  • 1)Love your God with all your heart...........
    2)Love thy neighbor............

  • Amen kinen. in fact uttering of these two commandments came out not from the mouth of anyone but Jesus himself. We all know what Jesus meant. He was summarizing His Ten Commandments all into two.

    If you really love God wouldn't it matter our loyalty toward Him?

    If you really love your neighbor (another person aside from yourself), wouldn't matter how we treat and think of another person?

    Q. How or what is this loyalty to God really mean?

    Q. How or what is this to love your neighbor?
  • I can see that some of you will think that these questions are elementary in terms of biblical concept. But, if we really think of it, it is larger than anything we can imagine we can put in action daily in our walk with the Lord.
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    I believe there is nothing such as elementary in terms of biblical concepts. To add my one cent to your questions is that if we really have faith in God we will have all the blessings that will come from him. That includes our everlasting lives. Also I believe that if we love our neighbors we will love them as we love ourselves and treat them well so they can become like us. Speaking about like us means we served our neighbors so that they can have all the same things or rather benefits/blessing we have. This is what loving our neighbors is all about. My friend ssearcher1, this what I understand about your questions. Happy weekend my friend.
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