Do we have the basic infrastructure in Faichuk/Tol?

I think we have spent lots of time discussing the issues affecting Faichuk/Tol, mostly for elections. What about the basic infrastructure? Does Tol have what its suppose to have within the past 40 years? If your answer is yes, please lead further discussion. If your answer is no,please explain Why there is none. Offer possible solutions if you can.
Lets work out a list first of the needed basic infrastructure.
Please understand that I am not trying to offend anyone, rather I would like to encourage a group to discuss positively to help promote development in our areas.


  • Even up to date, there is still a misconception of the term "Infrastructure", and people still referring to it as "school and dispensary facilities". And of course if a bridge or a segment of a road severely prevented accesses to the school and/or the dispensary, then "bridge and road should also be added to the list of infrastructure. Based on how OIA/JEMCO defined this term.... every considerations and plans for such defined facilities are taken into action.

    Some years ago, Faichuk schools lost over 117 teachers who failed the teachers certificate tests as required by the FSM Teacher Certificate Policy at the national government levels. My poor old pal Director Gardenia was stuck with the issue, while the State of Chuuk DOE suffered the consequences and of course the students were abandoned temporarily and the nation actually committed an unconstitutional move. Our FSM constitution mandates that school age students should be in classes, yet the teacher certificate policy had kept them out because of the non-passing teachers. Ultimately the government should provide along with their policies the means and resources for teachers to be trained rigorously to pass the test and prevent students from being abandoned.

    By then, Chuuk DOE had all the justified reasons to use part of its $4-6M infrastructure COFA funds to provide training... but then no one dare to challenge both the OIA/JEMCO and the National DOE... thus the problem prevailed and evolved into all sorts of setbacks and intellectual pollution, if not corruption. This policy in effect is now forcing most of the states to turn their teaching work-forces into contractual services. If you ask me, I'd say any state government in the FSM should kept all their teachers under their respective departments as full-time teachers and turn all others into contractual services. Education instill knowledge into the minds of the future population of the state(s), thus the state governments ought to focus largely on education and save the future generations.

    Faichuk could still use parts of its infrastructure funds under the COFA to train its teachers and repeal the issue of turning teachers into contractual workers... because it's unconstitutional!!!
  • Thank you esananap and Utero for starting such a very important discussion, not only for Tol, but all the regions in Chuuk.
  • Not only in Chuuk, but in all of the FSM. Yap DOE actually turned their teachers into contract labors basically to avoid the certificate requirements and also to give them chance to fire lazy teachers. Chuuk followed deed and so as Kosrae. Pohnpei is still fighting this issue, but I'm here and I will make sure that ALL Pohnpeian teachers remain on full-time status under our public services system. Perhaps all other states should also do likewise...
  • jemco extended arms of hypocrisy.
  • An appropriate fact?to spend time talking about and not on less important matters such who among the candidates will win and who would give you money or food or plane tickets to travel to Guam/Hawaii/Mainaland. Isn't that nerve breaking to hear for our supposed to be "beloved Faichuk"? Wake guys, talk about how to solve those 117 teachers being fired?
  • I must stick to the requirement instead of the contractual one!
  • If I may, may I ask some one to enlighten me as to the purpose of the certification test? Was it to scale the out come of teacher training programs available or to identify the needs to improve the teachers and to find skill teachers to help the improvement of the education system? How much development programs made available for the teachers? Was it done on the teachers own infinitive to develop them self or was there establish training programs for their use?
    I believe that teacher development is the door of success for the students. Good educations provide for better developments in so many areas. Let me not educate you my friends, but I think this is one of the reasons along with good health, better economy, community cooperation, and the love of the country needs to be put on the top list of our priorities.
    If we can identify the obstacles and know how to tackle our problems, I am sure that we can achieve the dream goals. Without knowing the problems on the top we may be unable to fix the basics of the foundations. If there is a problem on top see to it that the base needs to be work upon first. If the "Nouwis" are the problem don't bother to raise lots of complains. Just educate the constituents. Let them solve the problems. How do we do that? Get into discussion but not distributions.
    Today is one of the best chance to do it. Thanks.
  • No one among the members of the Faichuuk Leadership ita sipwe ura nge e ekieki Faichuk. Men pwaano non nonnomun Faichuuk ikanai. Mwaken? Ika nge ke ura mwaken, wata ew example epwe prove nge ese pwung na statement.

    Vote SINBAD
  • sisap puan menemenemang ngeni nouch kei kamwen nouis. I'm sure they desire the same for our Faichuk like all of us. their/our limitations are great nge netipach fokun maiseno. anean sipue seres pwetete pun sisap nonöföu ikä sise tour.
  • Sisapw i "anginimwönei" ach sinenap, wewe me tufich. Ami kei re-Tol me re-Faichuk won ei forum ami nipwakéch. Ouwe ngeni kana "kamwen nouis" ami kana ekiek mei saram repwe aea me emweni kich.
  • Ewer ko kii, kinen kii. Sia seres pwetete seres pwetete, pwan seres pwetete chok seni nanew tori ikenai. Nge inet sipwe tikeri fonu sia peen morounen fan akkar, kinifasen wan mataw ren ei akkannif. lol

    Mwanna sia menemenemmang pwun a inet ei fakkun cheri chok Weno pwun ese naf ach infra won Faichuk. Pwat o?

  • Oukan omusano tipisi semei kana nouwis Faichuk. Oupwe rong pwun oupwe sinei nge sia chopwa iwe oupwene mwo siwini ami course of action. Mwanna i pwan uttikemi chok ngang pwun ma' iei rese wechenong kanan ir men tipachem re kan ura nge ir tipachem.

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  • Mwa pwata ngang uw mochen namanam tekia ai upwe tungor ngeni ei mine an ei topic epwe saro emweni ekiekich ika ifa wesewesen auchean an wanong ei kapas eis. esananap kose mochen kopwe anisi kich ren om kopwe ngeni kich popun om ei kapas eis ren ika mei wor ika ese wor kewe pekin angangen afefeitai fonu me aramas non Faichuk/Tol?
    Tirow wom.
  • Ngang upwe watiw ekis mefiei.
    Chommong neni me non neniach kei rese tongnei sisiwin ika fefeita pokiten nouwis rese kuna pwan mefi osukosuken chommong nei me aramas pwe ir kewe nouwis rese osupwang nge rese pwan nom non kewe neni ar repwe mefi me kuna kewe osupwang me kewe weires.
    Chommong nouch kei nouwis rese mefi pwe ikkei ekkoch an aramas osupwang ikenai me non Tol.
    1. Osupwangen Pekin School, nenien school, pisekin school, me chon angangen school.
    2. Osupwangen pekin safei, nenien safei, pisekin safei, me chon angangenm safeni aramas.
    3. Osupwangen pekin tumunu aramas, pisek, fonu me masowan meinisin.
    4. Osupwangen pekin Business ren kamo mongo me pisekin aramas.
    5. Osupwangen awora angangen ataw me atake.
    6. Osupwangen nenien fatanin wa me ororen fonu.
    7. Osupwangen anen non fonu ren an aramas nenien fatan me uwei pisek.
    8. Osupwangen konik mei nimenimoch ren an aramas resap samw.
    9. Osupwangen Tengki an epwe mecheres chommong mettoch ra aea seni fifi.
    10. Osupwangen nimengawen fonu ren kiten mongo ren an ese wor nenien ioni pincho an fonu esap nimengaw ren.
    11. Osupwangen pekin esinesin poraus nefinen muun me aramas ika fen pwan aramas me aramas,(Post office).
    12. Osupwangen kinamwein narama me non fonu.
    13. Me pwan ekkoch sakopaten aninisin fonu me aramas.
  • Last,
    Kinisou ren faten ach ekiek ren kei awewe ka anisi ngeni kich. Kei meinisin mei auchea ar repwe wor non neni me neni. Menip esapw non ach kinikin chok ese wor kei metoch nge ipwal non ekkewe ekkoch kinikin. Nge epwe seni met?
    Sipwe nengeni échu; eni esapw pokiten an tupwuch kewe rese ekieki kei metoch mi namot, wesewesen nukuei iei met ar étures! kéútàn ika kaworen ekkoch ekei metoch mei involveini 2 kinikinin aramas ika 2 metoch: #1. Mwoni (gov't). #2. Neni (sou-fonu). Use sinei ika mei wor mwoni; ika mei wor use sinei ifa/fite inetin ew me ew kinikin. Ikanai sia rong pwe a wor kewe neni gov't a fen fonuweni ika ménano; sou-fonu ra osukosuka. Sia pwal sinei pwe gov't a mochen menono kewe fonu; esapw lease nge sou-fonu rese muuttata. Men fen éch epwe or àwewe-fengen me angang-fengen nefinen kei 2 kinikin; kich ngeni nouch kei àmàfen.
    A mwo iei pun a pe nei ei men...
  • isong, mei fakkun enlet om kei kapas. use fakun amwani mo ekis.
    Iwe nge ai rongorong pwe ren pekin pioing me sukun a fen wor aninisin me non nouch na compact II agreements. Iwe nge mei pung pwe sia pwan rong pwe na waten osukosuk iwe fonuwen non Chuuk ren an kana mettoch repwe nom won.
    Ika sipwe nengeni sefaani porausen fonuwen non Chuuk, iwe sipwe kunba ese wesewesen wor fonuwen govewrnment pwe meinisin fonu, me murin an nouch kewe framers of our government, ra fori chommong mettoch iwe fonu meinisin a fat pwe fonuwen aramas.
    Nge murin na fansoun, a fen wor kewe fonuwen aramas ach muun a fern akaea ren pekin schook, pioing, roads and many others.
    Iwe met ewe mistake non ewe fansoun a poputa ch ei new government, under the compact, ewe ofesin fonu non Chuuk ese awora angang won kewe fonu government mei need ren kewe piuoing, schook, aan, me pwan ekkoch. A fen chok angei iwe eniwini ngnei sou fonu nge ese wor och mettoch ir mei fori pwe soufonu me muun repwe ekekiek fengen ren nenien kei angasng mei auchea.
    Ese pwan wor plans an epwe afata ia ew me ew kei tufichin aramas epwe nom ia. Awewe ren school, pioing me pwan kewe ekkoch. Ita ai nukuw pwe me mwen an soufonu repwe tonong non fonuwer iwe government epwe identify met mei need non ewe fasnsoun iwe a turn over kewe nusun meinisin. Nge kewe government mei need iwe epwe moni.
    Iwe ikenai, Merika a awora ototen moni fon u faniten kei angang. Nge na ofesin tumunu fonuwen aramas ese tawe an angang an epwe fat fonuwen emon me emon nika ew choo me ew choo non Chuuk.
    Iei mine ei compact epwe muchuno nge esap wokor mo ekis mettoch mei watte epwe fis non Chuuk pwe Chuuk ese pusin anganga.
    Met ei sia mwochutiw chok ren non Weno ren ekkei mettoch meinisin?
    Pwat sise ne omokutu ekkoch kei angang ngnei kewe ekkoch fonu non Chuuk, kewe epwe mecheres an aramas repwe mutata fonuwer?
    Ai nukuw ika school epwe move ngeni Faichuuk, iwe esap osukosuk pwe unusen kana neni non Tol ra fen iioch ren kana angang. Nge ew chok ese wes sokurio won.
    Faichuuk High schook mei tongeni winiti ew College. Faithwalk, pwan Netutu are same.
    Ew waten Prision mei tongeni tota won na Chuuk Winimor pwe repwe niw ne escape ren nepokun na achaw. Pekin Fisheries a fen poputa Tonoas, Farming mei tongnei nom Machew. Na Legislature mei tonmgnei nom Nomissafo. Tourism mei tongnei nom Northwest, Mortlock, me kana ekkoch kukun fonu. Nge met Hotel? Use F\loading Hotel for now.
    Omusano isonge ren kei dream, nge sia jok watiw ekkoch kei ekiek pwe sia chok nomotiw nomotiw non ekis fetekanin fonu non Nepukos, Iras, me Mechitiw nge sise mo nge tou Sapuk, Wichap mw Pwitiw. What about Fono? Expand the visions to whole State of Chuuk.
  • edited December 2016
    Kinisou last94.
  • Kinisou safan Last! Ikkei sokkun fôös si mochen epwe fat ngeni kich. Mei wesewesen pwûng; ngang 110% tipeew ngonuk. Amo repwe anisi-kich nge kich sipwe anisiir.
  • Mwa Last, en emon kewe ka pin nus me non ach ei legislature ika fen en emon chon angangen ewe Think Thank? How could you know all these?
    Meet me someday. I may enjoy a face to face conversation about the pass. Are you in Hilo or Saipan? Thanks pwipwi.
  • Pwipwi ia sipwe chu ia? Ese wor epwe pwan ukuwom pisekin efeiengaw. Sipwe chok free fight non fos. Amo sinbad esap pwan komoch. lol
  • Iwe ikei mefiei ren kunaeom kei. Kei meinisin mei tongnei ponuweta ika Chuuk epwe tipeew ren sopweno ach kei mettoch

    Last, kei osupwang meinisin mei fis me non fonuwen Chuuk meinisin. Non Weno nukun Weno nono chok. Ekkei chok sopwe mei kanengeni pioing me won Weno ir mei ekis kinamwe. Pwan ren pekin konik, ai nukuw pwe Nantaku area, part nepukos, part mechitiw, part of mwean, part of Neauo. The rest are yet to be available.
    Ren pekin tengki iwe only part of Wichap to Sapuk. The rest still need the services. The sewer system is only for the cental villages and down to Neauo.
    The road system put in in Tonoas, Fefan, Tol and Udot still needs to be inprove. The rest of the municipality are not serve with public services with none.
    Nge iei mo pwan I engi ngeni mo 4 years pwe murin 4 years. Meinisin fonuwen non Chuuk ouopwene kuna met ouse kukuna.
    Unusen Weno, Tonoas, Fefan, me unusen Faichuk epwe ne pave, epwe tin tengki, epwe wor public watersystem, Sewer system me unusen kana neni epwe wor major dock system on each islands.
    Ikkei ukukun met kich mei sinei me kuna non kei ototen met epwe fis.

    Ngang mei sinei pwe en mwa na kopwe ura pwe mwakenei ren ai kei kapas. Pokiten ke oput ai mkei mkapas ina mine kopwe ura pwe mwaken. Nge kose fen anisi kana chon wis pwe repwe tongnei fori kei mettoch pwe epwe tawe. Iwe kene pwan esita ei! lol

  • Tirow wom pwi sinbad. Omusano pwe upwe ekis pwarata ai tipengaw ngnei om ei fos.

    "sinbad Message sinbad
    17 days ago
    No one among the members of the Faichuuk Leadership ita sipwe ura nge e ekieki Faichuk. Men pwaano non nonnomun Faichuuk ikanai. Mwaken? Ika nge ke ura mwaken, wata ew example epwe prove nge ese pwung na statement.

    Vote SINBAD "

    Recently. kich meinisin sia fen sinei, pwan kuna, mine Bingaw e fori non ar we last meeting fan kewe maram. E wesewesen anganga ukukun an tongeni ren an ewe annuk e no ngeni an we committee epwe pass pokiten i mei sinei pwe iei ew mettoch kich mei need ika osupweangan me non unusen Faichuuk ika fen nunusen Chuuk.
    Iwe omusano pwe upwe tongeni ura pwe ngang uwa sinei pwan kuna pwe Bingaw epwe except ika tiwou me non om ei statement. Tirow pwan kan omusano ai tipis.
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