The US Dept of Interior which is responsible for our youths in the military just kept reporting who live and who die in the services, but then nothing else. No one is addressing the issue of "fighting terrorism" and its changing elements, giving our youths the best information to make further decisions. They only promoted the good stuff like funds to continue college and better jobs and housing after the services. Are our youths in the military been granted and given psychiatrist assistance especially for those aftermath mentally related incidences?

There is so many mothers now in US waiting for their husbands serving the military... and they're not granted extra services but to struggle along with everyone else.... while their husbands basically sacrifice themselves on the battle ground. Take a look at the rate of hate crimes in the US...and suicides rates of those who served and returned... and a lot more chaos than benefits, I think the government needed to assess the whole deal on recruitment and the purposes of sending our youths overseas to kill. STOP THE RECRUITMENT!!!!


  • Recruitment/Sector Grants, which is it that you want?
  • Service in the US military is all about volunteering.
  • What I want is to stop the recruitment... period! Stop sending our youths to a war that would never end and which is making wealthier US politicians becoming more wealthier while they decreased benefits for the veterans. We claimed that we're fighting terrorism and they claimed we're fighting extreme Islamists. Micronesians have nothing against Muslim... so let our youths stop killing them.
  • Utero, the few FSM citizens that volunteered to join the US Military Service find the benefits offered to them better than what is out there. it's all volunteer. they offer, you honor. no one is twisting no one's arms for the service. let's let the youth decide that for themselves.
  • Well next time they have a COFA convention (haha) be sure to tell your representative in FSM that they don't include our citizens to join the US military.

  • don't advocate that PawNStaR, that's an opportunity worth pursuing in these our days.
  • It wrote that response in jest Kinen. I signed up after graduation back in 2001. I'm glad I did and its one of the decisions that change my life for the better. Got to see the world, earned my US citizenship, got paid to go to college and was the first one in my family to graduate from college. If I didn't I would be now drinking sakau or alcohol and doing shit back in PNI.
  • Utero, what's your beef? As pointed out above, it is all voluntary? You stop recruitment, what do you have to offer to these brave young men and women?
  • There is nothing wrong with the service. As correctly pointed out, it is entirely a volunteer system. No one is allowing except the so-called youth.
  • I smell a LEFT wing or liberal idealist here. Do they actually live in Micronesia?! I am a former GI gal and am proud of my service. It's the best start I have in the US because very few Micro island families in the us will help you start of as fast the military. Just be smart about choosing your MOS. War is everywhere and people die everyday.
  • Two of the dead in the US military were my blood nephews, thus I'm speaking directly from my heart...and contemplating the US military or defense under this new administration.... no one stupid American really cared about our dead. Have you folks seen the recruitment, which you referred to as voluntary, in Pohnpei? It's no FREAKIN' voluntary... it's a plain bribery and whom do they send to wars.... national guards. Do you ever wonder why? Perhaps not because you're blind and idiotic! I have hundreds of nephews and nieces in the military.... bless their souls! Killing isn't an opportunity, but a plain shitty sinful crap if you ask me and Uncle Sam is capitalizing on your blindness...!
  • why didn't you stop them, Utero?
    because it was their choices, NOT yours, right
  • Opportunities are everywhere you look. If someone can determine to join the US military service and commit to twenty years with all the body breaking demands that come with it, the same person can make an equally committed life to 4-6 years of study in college to earn a degree and get a good job.

    The difference is one demands so much on your mental health and physical health for the long haul, while the other is done in less time with less demands and sacrifice.

    Promoting the military service to the youth only serves to make them lazy to try to do well in high school and therefore make them ineligible for scholarships.
  • They recruit here in FSM but the decision to sign the the paper is up to that person who is being recruited. They don't force them. And bonuses and the G.I bill are incentives and perks that comes with the job same like every job.
  • why not? it has been the best way to pay back u.s. for protecting our islands.
  • The USA is protecting the Pacific for its own self interests, its own national security. And it should pay the islands more than it is giving them each year.
  • Speak for yourself! Learn some grammar and don't generalize the "WE". I despite the idea of public assistance and charity cases. Have some pride and work like an adult. Too much whining and not enough actions.... all you non-working tax money suckers should be deported. I pay taxes during filing almost every year after my service ended almost a decade ago. DO NOT bring that garbage into the GI section.
  • Oh I read your posts and I have a problem with you and the fact that you use a Mwoakillese word as your screen name. I'm Mwoakillese and from Danpei. I do not appreciate your condescending views and lack of interest in helping our developing country. I came back home because of this forum to proof that BRAIN DRAIN can be reversed. What do you have to contribute to FSM. You need to shut up and do something about our country's needs. For crying out loud, just shut up would do us all a favor.

    Maristella Jack, another Mwoakillese is running for Congress. We are a proud small group and refuse to fall into the lazy category you and all the others are stuck in. Take my word as a challenge and STEP UP or shut up go wallow in your hermit hole or WhereTF you come from.

    Lahsbehia - English 101 will tell you to add " " to things you copy and paste into your posts or you're plagiarizing. Another new vocabulary lesson free of charge. Now you use the wrong analogy for "tunnel vision". You can use people throwing rocks from a glass house, you can also say hypocrite but that mostly refer to religious folks not doing what they preach. Contradiction would be a good one too. Those posts are from 8 years ago when I was in my 20's. Even then, I still write way way better than you considering I was born and raised in Danpei.
  • Utero, I am sorry for your loss but what you're asking for is out of the question and you know that. The compact of free association has a lot of benefits and that opens the gate for US military recruitment. If you want this to stop, ask your FSM lobbyist to kill the compact and remove the $20+ million dollar funding. Your family didn't die for nothing, they died because they took an oath and signed a contract. The Compact will stay whether or not they joined. It's a voluntary choice and it's up to the families to find the truth and educate the youth.

    I don't know how to help you settle your emotional conflict with the military recruitment. In Berkley, California, the community harassed the military to move their recruiting station away from the city. They weren't really successful because US Gov't is the real bully here. Now you can take this piece of information and go out and do something about your loss. I wish you best of luck.
  • How about brushing your teeth twice a day and wash hands before meals and after restroom visits?!
  • There's a speech impediment.
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