Are there any atheists in Pohnpei? If so...tell me about it.

Pohnpei, much like the rest of Micronesia, has been widely indoctrinated by the Christian faith. I grew up there and has only recently moved away. I have no problem with anyone having any sort of faith, don;t get me wrong. You have the right to the freedom of religion. But for those of you who do not identify with the religious community, especially those of you who are open about your disagreements, how are you treated in Pohnpei? Do people accept you? Are they friendly after they discover you're not a Christian? I am no longer a Christian, and I am wondering if I should mention that when I go back home without getting my ass beat.


  • Being the capital of FSM, Pohnpei State hosts all kinds of people besides the Pohnpeians. From what I can tell, nobody really cares about anybody's religion or belief or whether you are a Christian, a Moslem or atheist. Everybody do their own thing.
  • no one should try to control other person choice what to believe and not. I don't know what atheist have in their mind, but for Christian, it should not be a problem to find or know another person reject to believe in Christianity. All I know is that I am been given by my creator a gift that no man can take that away from me to have the sense of freedom to choose what I want to believe. I love atheist because they chose what they want to believe even if I don't agree with their choice. God bless.
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