Northwest what is your pick and prediction for the northwest seat in the FSM Congress

Wato mefiom me popun ke mefi pue epue ina
Mathias Kuor
Robson Romolou
Wiliander Jack


  • Does this Williander Jack have a close relation with the Wewant Williander?
  • Wewant is from Tol while Jack is from Paffeng residing in Seattle Washington. That's what I understand but we need to verify this from someone who knows better
  • This Adm. is supporting Mathias Kuor. The only problem is that he is kind of heading down.

    Williander is supported by the family of Innocenti, a very influential family in Northwest Region. Williader is a resident of Nomwin, Hall islands but he is originally from Weito by family line.

    Incummbent Robson Romolou is gonna win the El. because most of the mayors are supporting him in that each municipality leadership gets to designate the use of its public project, as deem needed. In other words the municipalities (NW) are pretty much satisfied with Robson work.

    Having say the above, Robson will come first, next will be Willie Williander and last but not least Mathias Kuor. The reason Kuor likes to hold with his two hands the projects, including the money for the polosuk airport, taking away from the Innocenti family. That's all the reasons, he likes to run, besides his ultimate objective is to hold some votes for Governor Elimo, nothing more. By his side, Willie Williander.

    The final analysis, it is likely that Incumbent Romolou and Williander are competitive. Mathias, I am sorry and my apology because based on the above, you are not going to win the race.
  • Williander is the first name of the candidate, Jack is the last name. No relationship with the Willianders on Tolensom. Right Punungaw?

  • That is correct, Sinbad.
  • Correction. By Kuor side, is Wiliplat Bisalen.
  • It is rumored that Wiliplat had a meeting with some of the NW mayors-not knowing that most of them are sided with Robson Romolow-and told them that he felt sorry for Mathias because he stand no chance of wining, he only put him there because he hate to see Robson Romolow run unopposed

    There is another guy whom Wilie pushed to run against Pattiw representative incumbent and many believed that this guy also doesn't have chance and his character will be in total mess. This guy is a minister and current principal of the Pattiw Junior High

    After ruining Setiro Paul political carrier and Arno Konny unsuccessful run against Tiwiter, Wilie realized that the analysts in the lagoon understand how he played his game. Now the poor and uneducated NW people have to deal with him
  • Mwaseppengeniii. Rumor a pwan ouwonnam me non om porous, Pepsi. Ika nge esap kunaien sangunum, iwe fan imoch kosap aporousa.
  • Kan omusano tipis pwipwi Sinbad for my comments above but all I ever wanted to do is helping those uninformed souls to know what is happening. Ngang men sinei pwu kei aramas ir men towaw seni center iwe kei info ir men rongorong chomong me neir esepwung. I, on the other hand, have reliable sources and care about the NW people as my family line came from there. I want them to make informed judgment and sound decision. Iwe non ach sipwe fonofonono ngeni metoch mingaw wewen we are part of it. Remember, commission is not the only thing that constitute a crime, omission mepwan pachonong non tipis and I owe it to them and can't forgive myself for not giving them heads up. I always want them to know that I am ready to be at their disposal

    Tirou sefan ngeni meinisin monun ach ei thread, pwan omusano ach tipisin chechengaw me uweiata ach kapas ikei. Merry Christmass and advanced happy new year to all, may the good Lord be with you during these holidays.....cheers!!
  • You all should get a life. Why is it that you people love to start false rumors about people? If you can prove what you say, then with all due respect PROVE IT! This is to you Punungaw.

    " The reason Kuor likes to hold with his two hands the projects, including the money for the polosuk airport, taking away from the Innocenti family. That's all the reasons, he likes to run, besides his ultimate objective is to hold some votes for Governor Elimo, nothing more. "

    Can you prove what you have said?!
  • PepsiCola - who are these uneducated people from Northwest you are alluding to? If you look back in history, you will realize the first President of the federation was a boy from the Northwest, the first Chuukese to fight in an active foreign war post world war II and on to be becoming the Speaker of the Chuuk House of Rep was aa boy from the Northwest, the first Micronesian to head a regional organization (SPREP) was a boy from the Northwest. I can go on and on with the accomplishments of these people you call 'uneducated', but that is enough for now. Mere fact that they are far away from the state center, does not make them 'uneducated'. Northwest boys and girls may be, in your term, "uneducated" or perhaps, as some other people say, "backwards", but we are surely and steadily moving forward".
  • PepsiCola, please dont say that the NW people are "uneducated" as you like to categorize them. Where were you when the first president of FSM is from NW? First Ambassador to UN from NW? Mr. Asterio Takesi? Dr. Vid Riator? Are these uneducated?! SMH

    And you Punungaw. Now you're coming back with your ridiculous political analysis. You forgot your wrong analysis and prediction on who would win the gubernatorial race in Chuuk? What happened? Were you righ? ABSOLUTELY WRONG!!
  • NorthWest Region, Please lets not change Robson Romolow, He is o.k now.. Lets give him two more terms then we wil decide who is going to replace him.. Please Vote for Romolow!!

    Kepwan Efich
    Kepwan Oput.
  • "he is ok for now", OK is not good enough!!!! He needs to get an A+ for the "uneducated" folks from Northwest. What has e done so far to improve things for the Northwesterners?
  • That's very noble of you ngaan to vouch for the wellbeing of the NW people. Just don't call them uneducated please. They may not know how to speak other languages but are very fluent in the language of nature, love, respect, culture, soy-safei, soy-San and the nowadays famous traditional navigation. Lucky the guy that represents NW in FSM congress because all the high cards are in his possession.
  • kinen, the Honorable one,

    I am only using a label coined by PepsiCola in his post above. I agree 200% with you, as I try to illustrate it in my post above as well.
  • Okay I could understand that, thank you.
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