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  • Ouch! Great thread going. I had this issue while trying to send my kid here ages ago. The passport application went on for months and got lost. I send the second one to my family to hand deliver it. That was completed about 3 weeks after it was turned. I'm curious if they even have a database to pull information on or is it data entry as you go type of operation. Anyone with solid facts?? Please advise.
  • Well the Chief of Immigration is an ex-cop with no Immigration or managerial experience. So there you, the problem is from the top.
  • Mr. Sandman. Any idea if they have good staff working the operations under the chief? A group of people can accomplish something without leadership. Just a person we can all turn to for these very important and time sensitive documents?
  • The clash started sandwiching between Ex-Cop Rick-Falc.(Currently Decorated Chief of Immigration?) vs Veteran Dav-WolPh. Imm. Officer III? Performing prematurely going WWF on the Job.... H.E. Pres. of FSM put em both on Holdup without paid.....

    Ex-Cop came back but veteran didnt....The Passport printing Machine operated by password...(Who have the PassWord?) Veteran there's a court hearing goin on....whos fault it is? UpSide Down FSM Immigration...
  • Yes, like I said, the staff can be good, but if the top is no good, it trickles down.
  • I really can't understand Lady_PNI. So it's the Veteran (Can you type out the full name) that has the keys and didn't come back to work so the machine can't be operated. Has anyone heard of a recovery key? Every system has it, the manufacturer of every machine with a password have a backdoor key in. I believe in this case, they can look for the source of the machine. Wow... Now I'm glad I naturalized to a US citizen. We can throw the dual citizenship out the window... JUST JKing!
  • no the ex- cop...ever since he's reinstatement or first to be acting until now there are bout 8 veterans decorated one who just resigned due to his lack of knowledge in this field...
    i mean why accept it in the first place? that place is messed up....the new thinks he is something....

    resign from the post so the once respected place can be operated fully within themselves...a cop just skyrocket up to be the chief of the international immigration of FSM..who does that?
  • how could PC let such petty nonsense put hardship on the lives of the FSM people? where is his sense of fiduciary responsibilities? come on people, please be real for once.
  • as I heard, the vet told in those national police who were sent to the jail house to get the password for the Passport machine, if you can crack my head, then you can get the password out. But, I'm not going to just llay down without busting some heads first while you trying to get my head open.:
  • for goodness sake PC, please intervene. keep the service rolling like it should be.
  • Put the veteran under hypnosis and extract the password from him, and lastly inject him with some hydro chloric Acid so next time around he will be quick in responding to the need of the fsmers.
  • unfair treatment is the result of this!!!! the veteran or the system administrator a decorated immigration staff was in odds against too many...there was a brawl resulting both of them to be terminated. cop came back and vet didn't..there was no due process!
  • The solution to the password problem is very simple and easy. Contact the maker or company that sold the equipment.
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    Better yet the company that designed the software that he used to lock the system down with.
  • holy molly this is something from a Korean drama movie. let me get a chair and start the popcorn. lol... seriously?!! How can this happen in our beloved country. Oh my goodness. I am just speechless. Don't say this much but getting a brain fart over this mess.
  • what the vet did was not right for making it difficult to resolve a situation does link or need leverage toward those who are now could not get on with their travel plans and so forth. however, I think this is a lesson was meant to televise around the nation how our government leaders do business. To pick on person because we may not like his style of ensuring and safe guarding his work integrity should not be tolerated at any time while serving the people of this nation. My source may not be legitimate to get all to agree, but I can feel my toes if I were the veteran I might want to do the same just to get some attention and just as a revenge but to tell in their face what I think of their decision so everyone can know why I am doing that. This government as the norm will always protect the top but leave the lower ranks staff bewildered and suffered mentally because of their unfairness decisions. If they want a control governance, they leaders must show the right way without any personal stings attached. That's my own view folks.
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