VA services in FSM



  • Awesome update! Kudos to everyone and thanks for the useful information. I hope all the Vets coming home can feel comfortable trusting the current organization and pitch in their support and give us feedbacks.

    Give my regards to everyone. I'll come check it out in 2 weeks when I come back home.
  • i hope so too and the only way to gain anyone's trust is to perform!

    i am confident that in the days and months to come, we'll see actual work accomplished in our communities. having a representative from each municipality lead his or her own area of responsibility. This will enhance our readiness to help out during times of emergencies such as natural disasters.

  • @biz e, can you share the center location and a contact number if they already have one at the location. I'm sharing this on social media and among the few I come across. Thanks!
  • Update:

    We've secured office space at the Lt governors office, a 7x12' area to start us off.
    Funding for office partition, telephone line and other office needs have been granted by Honorable Senator Esmond Moses - in the amount of $3,000.

    We will be meeting on the 7th to go over our goals and timeline, to include but not limited to securing volunteers to man the office, creating a natural disaster contingency plan in cooperation with the DCO (disaster control office). And last but not least, plan for a community engagement activity whereby we provide some volunteers to help with sports programs in the communities.

    Thank you and see you on May 7th at President Eugene Kohler's residence.
  • Thank you. I've shared this through FB and text it out. Two confirmed and I'll try to drag 3 more if I can find them.
  • Any updates? I saw the's the little office in town project going people?
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